Lee Min Ho, Personal Taste, the novel

Personal Taste

Personal Taste is currently on air in korea. i’ve read the recap in dramabeans and it sounds interesting. i want to start watching it. and i’ve found out that dramabean is kindly enough translating the novel. yippi… (said my daughter…;))
i think translating novel made into drama is booming lately. first is min who is translating next stop happiness which is made into autumn concerto taiwanese drama. and then this. oh, i love it. thank u…. that’s all i can say. i’m very appreciate it. i’m as a non korean nor chinese nor taiwanese nor japanese who is in love in dorama/drama can enjoy it too. very helpfull. πŸ˜‰
Personal Taste the novel consists of 14 chapters and an epilogue. The novel is available only in korean. javabean will translate and post it into four part maybe five, she said. and there will be a key difference between the novel and the drama. For instance, the ages. The main characters are 29 and 31, but the drama may alter their ages to match the actors more closely (28 and 22). Another change in the drama is the creation of some main characters and altering of others.
and these are the links to Personal Taste Novel which is translated by javabean :
Personal Taste the novel part 1
Personal Taste the novel part 2
Personal Taste the novel part 3

i haven’t read it, yet. but i will, soon. but through my scanning, all i can say is lee min ho is really handsome. he3x….

ok, ok, seriously about the novel, i think maybe javabean is summarizing it. i don’t know, cause i think each chapter is very short for a novel. but let’s find out by reading it. πŸ˜‰


8 responses to “Lee Min Ho, Personal Taste, the novel

  1. is the novel only in korean? would you know when will java bean begin posting the translated part 4 of the novel?

  2. i don’t know. because javabean has a lot to cover, she recaps several drama too. so we have to wait, patiently. don’t rush her. give her time.
    and yes, the novel is only in korean.

  3. min ho ,,, i love you

  4. i miss lee minho .. min ho soOooOO verry hondsome guy and all the girls he is the ideal guy ..

  5. when will the part 4 will be published?????????

  6. I love you so much minho….

  7. where is the chapter 10 to 14 . I didn’t find it .

  8. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese publish the rest of the book, or juist tell me if i can buy it online or something

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