AAE Fanfic: Endless Love by KY

I don’t know who the author is. it’s a wonderful story. if u are the creator of this fanfic let me get your permission for broadcasting this wonderful story. i’m waiting and looking for the next chapter. if u are unwilling your story posted here. u can always contact me. i’ll immediately delete it from my blog.

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The story continues from the last chapter of AAE


XZ : Yin XiangZe
SM : Zhen ShanMei
YM : Xu YingMei
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei’s father)
XD : Xian Da (XiangZe’s senior)

Chapter 1

XZ and SM soon realize they are in the middle of intersection kissing. Her face slowly turns red. XZ grabs SM hand and pull her towards the car. In the car, SM looks at XZ shyly. She recalls of what XZ told her, XZ asked her to stay and his face expression when he said “I Love You”. It will be an unforgettable moment to both of them.

SM doesn’t really want to go to England for special correspondent, but how would other people think of her when they realize she sudden changed of mind. Also XD announced in the morning show that she will be leaving.

XZ: SM… SM, what are you thinking. You look like lost in space. Are you worrying how others will think when you show up at work tomorrow?

SM: Yes, I am a bit worry, but will the other directors approve of me not going?

XZ: We will worry about the issue tomorrow. I better take you home. Your dad will be worrying sick about you. It’s past midnight.

GC looks at the clock and starts to worry if anything happened to SM and XZ. It is very unusual for SM not to call home if she will be home late. As he opens the front door, XZ’s car approaches the driveway and SM is getting out of the car. XZ gets out of the car and greets GC with a bow. GC is so happy to see them got home safely.

GC: XZ, why don’t you come in for a drink? Where have you two been? I am worried that something might have happened. SM, don’t you have to fly to England tomorrow? (Before SM could answer he asks about YM) How is YM? Is she ok?

When they got into the house, GC and XZ sit in the living room and talking about YM. SM is in the kitchen busy making snacks for the men to eat with their drinks.

XZ: YM is fine. She is at the orphanage. She is very happy there. She lost her memory and she can’t remember anything except for the years before she turned 6. Hopefully she will remember us one day. This is the address where she is at.

Again, SM starts to worry about XZ drinking too much.

SM: (Coming out from the kitchen) XZ, please don’t drink too much. You still need to drive home tonight.

Both of the men give her a look and start laughing.

GC: Sometime I am worried if any men want to marry you if you keep on nagging so much. (SM puts the tray on the coffee table and GC notices something sprinkling on the ring finger that was not there before.)

SM: Daddy…..

GC: (With a serious look) Uhh I don’t think I need to worry much about you getting married. Do you two have something else to tell me besides about YM? Something like SM where did you get the beautiful ring on your finger?

XZ and SM both look at each other and don’t know what to say. SM sits next to GC.

XZ: I want to ask for your daughter’s hand.

GC: Hmm.. I feel sorry the person who have to marry you. You alwaz get into trouble and nags like crazy

SM: (with a pout face) Daddy….

XZ: That is true. Might need to rethink about this issue then.

SM pretends to be mad and gets up to leave the men alone. She walks pass XZ. XZ pulls SM down next to him and does not let her go no matter how she struggles.

XZ: Is ok, I will have to be patient with her.

XZ & GC starts to laugh.

XZ ends up staying a night at SM’s house. When XZ is up in her room, XZ hugs SM tightly.

XZ: What am I going to do without you if you still end up going to England? One year will be like forever.

SM: I am not sure what will happen until tomorrow. I need to find someone to replace me. I can only delay this for three more days.

XZ gives SM a peck on the lips before she heads out of the door. GC sees SM coming out of the room.

GC: SM, where are you going? I thought you will be sleeping in the room with XZ tonight. (J/K)

SM: No, I want to stay up with you for a chat. Tomorrow I will find out if I need to go to England or stay in Korea. I am very worried.

SM got up early to cook breakfast for her dad and XZ. XZ also got up 30 minutes later. He calls the flower’s shop and orders 100 roses, he asks them to deliver the roses to the station at 10:30 am for Sun Mi. He can’t imagine how she will look when she receive the flowers. The first time when she received flowers from her dad her team members were teasing her because they thought it was from XZ. SM went to his office with the flowers and an expression he could not forget. XZ and GC especially surprised. SM got up early to cook breakfast. They can smell the food, fry eggs, ham, and sausages from upstairs.

GC: XZ, you need to come over to sleep more often. Then I will be able to have breakfast.

Both of them laugh. SM doesn’t even bother to pay attention to them. She keeps thinking how I got myself into these messes. After breakfast, XZ drives SM back to his house so he can get a shower and change before heading back to the office. His secretary must be wondering where he is for he is not usually late for work. That is not one of his fewer worries. He is more worry about if SM needs to go to England. How is he going to find someone to replace her? He can’t use his personal reason to the board for her to stay. He will have to try a different approach.


When XZ and SM have arrived MBS station, XZ is trying to hold SM’s hand when they enter the building. But SM refuses to let him hold her hand. SM wants XZ to go in first and she will go after him and he doesn’t like the idea. He makes a compromise with her. XZ will not hold her hand, but they will enter the building together. When they enter the building, the others wonder why she is still here.

SM: (She enters the team office) Good Morning.

Everyone look at her with questions marks on their faces.

XD: Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be on the plane flying to England?

SM: Things might change a little.

Deliver guy: Is there someone call SM?

SM: (With a shocking face) Uhhh.. I am.

Deliver Guy: There are some flowers for you. (He starts to carry the flowers into the office.) Ok that is all.

SM looks for the card and wonders who send the flowers. She finally sees the card.

To My Sweet SM,

Hope you like the flowers I sent. I planned to propose to you on the night of the restaurant after we attended XD’s wedding. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to stop the chance of you going to England as special correspondent. I know one year will be fast, but I will miss you terribly.

Love Your Truly,


Tears start coming down from her eyes. Her team members look at her strangely and know exactly who send the roses. She blushes as her team members stare at her crying. SM is so touch by the card. She excuses herself from them and goes to see XZ. XZ is not at his office. His secretary tells her he is at a very important meeting. She then remembers the issue of the special correspondent. She waits for XZ in his office…

Chapter 2

XZ comes out from the meeting looking unhappy. Unfortunately, XZ was not able to convince the other directors for SM not to go to England. Director Jin was the first one who objected the idea. Director Jin and XZ always have conflicts against each other. He said t would be a good opportunity and help the company in the future Of course when he said that, the other directors also agreed with him.

He does not know how to break the news to SM. XZ opens the door to his office and sees SM is curling up on his chair sleeping. XZ walks up to SM and think it will be nice to wake up next to SM. Now that she needs to go to England for a year, the marriage will need to be postponed. He bends down and gives her a peek on her cheeks. SM eyes open slowly and see XZ next to her. She quickly sits up and fixes her hair.

SM: You didn’t even wake me up!!!!! How long have you been here?

XZ: (With a teasing voice) Hmmm… about an hour or so. (laughing)

SM: (Giving him a look)

XZ pulls SM up from the chair and sits down, then pulls SM down on his lap. SM refuses because she is worried someone may come into the office.

XZ: Don’t worry! No one is going to come in. They usually knock first.

SM is not going to take the risk of someone coming in with out knocking. Before they even could finish their conversation, XD rushes into XZ office.

XD (Xian Da): What is going on? Why is SM still……? Hi SM, I didn’t know you are here.

SM: (Her face blushes) I am just about to leave. I will leave you guys alone.

XZ & XD: Don’t go! It is ok.

XZ: Ok, both of you can have a sit. First, SM I need to tell you…uh…..the directors decline the proposal that you not attend for the special correspondent. (SM face darkens and doesn’t say a word.) Second, XD can you call for a press conference for late afternoon. I need to announce SM and I will be getting married. The date has not been decided but will be within a year.

XD: Ok, I will call for a press conference.

SM: How are we going to plan a wedding within a year while I am in England? Having a press conference is not necessary. I…..

XZ: SM, I have my reason for doing this. Please don’t ask any further questions. I will explain to you later. I will call you later for lunch. XD, I need to speak to you privately.

(SM leaves XZ office with a miserable face. XZ looks at SM and hopes she will be alright.)

XZ: XD, I will be flying between England and Korea from now on. For the time when I am in England, you will be in charge of making decision for programsplanning, also keep an eye on Dir. Jin. I am not sure what he will do when I am gone. Please keep me inform.

XD: Ok, I understand. (J/K) What had happen last night? Did you and SM???

XZ: Last night, I asked her to marry me and not to go to England. Ande(smiling cheekily)

XD: What? What did you guys do? You talk nonsense, boy! What had happen? (anxiously asking)

XZ: Nothing. That all (smiling naughtily). What were you thinking, man? (flashes his eyelashes innocently)

XD: You! You nearly made me have a heart attack!! Err…are you sure nothing ELSE happened? (smiling)

XZ gives him a look and crushes a piece of paper to throw it at him.


Outside of MBS

XZ is at the front of MBS waiting for SM for lunch.

SM: Sorry, I am late. I was talking to senior.

XZ: Don’t worry, dear. I have waited for more than 5 years. Couple of minutes is fine (smiling adoringly).

They go to the restaurant and order their food. SM didn’t say much in the car. When the food is on the table she doesn’t touch the food and stirring her fork around the plate.

XZ: Even though you are not hungry, you don have to play with your food. Is something bothering you?

SM: Why do you need to hold a conference? I don’t feel too comfortable standing in front of everyone and announce our wedding.

XZ: (XZ holds SM hands and presses his lips on her hand. He lifts his head up and looks into her eyes) Sweet SM, I know you feel uncomfortable about the conference, but I have told the press that our organization would be announcing our marriage.

SM: You need to promise me you will not make jokes.

XZ: I will try my best not to.


Press Conference

The press conference host is XD. XZ thought since SM is acquainted with XD she will be relaxed during the interview. The room is filled with people who are interested in seeing the lovely couple. SM is a bit tensed looking at the anxiously waiting reporters, however the sight of XD cools her off a bit, knowing that he will make sure that the programme will go on smoothly. XZ and SM enter the room holding hands. Looking at XZ eyes, SM feels more relaxed with his hand holding hers assumingly and lovingly, she assures herself that she will be alright through out this conference. XZ is not wearing a suit today. He dresses casually with a knitted shirt fitted loosely, beige jacket and khaki pants. The jacket sleeves are pulled up to his elbow. His hair has a little gel with some bangs covering his forehead (not his usually look to work). SM is wearing a sleeveless white blouse and beige short skirt. The couple matching color outfits catches the audiences attention besides adoringly looking as a lovely couple.

XD: Congratulations! (They gives each other a hug before sitting down).

XZ & SM: Thank you

XD: Ok, I know that all of you (looking at the reporters) are anxious to ask questions, but please let me have the pleasure to be the first one to congratulate these two wonderful people and great friends of mine for their decisions. And also, please let me have the honour to ask the first question. XZ, I have known you for such a long time with all the girls around you, and you chose SM. SM must be a treasure to you. Why did your choose her? (Laughing) I heard you met her at Cambridge University during your studies.

XZ: Yes, that is true. SM was in London to study English for couple of months. I actually saw SM at the library of Cambridge University, but she didn’t see me. Our real first encounter was when I hit her with my car. She was busy thinking and on her dreamland instead of watching where she was going. Why did choose her? (Laughing sweetly while looking straight into SM eyes) Simply, because she brings laughter, care, and love back to my life. Her kind heart towards other people and sweet smile warms my heart. She also brings back faith to me on how love is really a beautiful thing.
(At this point, SM was near to tears looking lovingly at XZ)

XD: Alright, now first question. (Looking at all the hands shove up in the air). Alright, you. Question please.

Reporter 1: Director Yin, how did you confess your love to Miss Jin?

XZ: (Laughing) hmm actually told her I like her on the roof of MBS. (The whole hall roars with laughter)

XD: What? You told her on the roof of MBS. Man, you could choose a better place.

XZ: Hey, what can I do? I really wanted to tell her how I feel earlier, but I was not brave enough. I remember there was one night, I waited for her appearance outside of her house but she didn’t show up. And I didn’t know what to do, so I left a rose for her on the gate.

XD: (Laughing) XZ, the way you told SM, I am surprised seeing her chose you as a boyfriend. SM, this is not like you. Usually you are a chatterbox, why are you so quiet today. Alright, now let us hear you speak. Question for Miss Jin, anyone? Alright, you over there.

Reporter 2: We were informed that you are supposed to go to England today. But then, you are still here.
Did Director Yin try to stop you from going to England by proposing to you?

SM: (Blushing) I am still going to England. I will be leaving in two days. As for the proposal

XZ: (Helps her answer the rest of the question) I proposed to SM because I don’t want to lose her. I treasure her like a precious jewel. I don’t want to see someone else take her away from me when she is in England. It took me years to win her heart. (Holds SM hand tightly. Tears start to fill her eyes.)

XD: Have you decide the date for the wedding?

XZ: The wedding will be within a year. The date has not been set.

XD: Alright then, I think that is enough for now. Thank you all for coming today. I think all of you should be satisfied as Director Yin has fulfilled you by keeping his promise to announce his wedding to all of you. And also, thank you XZ and SM for interview. We all wish both of you happiness in the future.

Chapter 3

After the Press Conference

XZ and SM decide to take the rest of the day off to spend some quiet time together.

SM: XZ why don’t I cook dinner for you tonight. I have not cook a meal for you before. It is always take-outs.

XZ: (Laughing) You cook!!! Haha…Are you sure you will not burn my apartment. Then I will be homeless (silence for a while, with his head frowning, pretending to think hard). But on the other hand, if my apartment is burnt, then there be a reason for me to move in your house!hehe..(SM pinches him on his arm). Alright, I’ll worry about getting food positioning then.

SM rushes down the hallway to XZ office. XZ follows SM toward his office and thinking what am I going to do with her. She is such a kid sometime.

(SM cell phone rings)

GC: Can Xiang Ze and you come home for dinner tonight? ZS and I went to visit YM and convince her to move in with auntie.

SM: Ok daddy, We’ll come home for dinner.. (SM Hangs up the phone and in her fantasy world)

XZ quietly enters his office, creep behind SM (she startles), wrap his arm around her around waist, and gives her a passionate kiss on her neck.

SM: (Struggling to escape from XZ tight hold while XZ refuses to release her) Hey what is that for..(We are still at work. What if someone comes in…(He turns her around and kisses her on the lips.)

XZ: (Big smile on his face) That is the revenge for punching me on the arm.

SM: Can believe you did that!!!! (Blushing)

(Knock on the door)

XD: (Looking at them naughtily b/c of SM blushing face) Forgive me for intruding..Want to know if you want to have dinner with my wife and I tonight.

XZ: No thanks we have plans. How about tomorrow?

XD: That will be great. Err…you may continue your unfinished business(smiling wickedly and winks)… Later !(door closed)

SM: (Looking embarrassed) Dir. Yin, what will other people think!!!!

XZ: Please don’t call me that.. When u do that, means you are mad at me.. (making a silly face).

SM: (Giggling) Don’t make that face at me…I will forgive you if you go to my place for dinner. Daddy called saying YM will be moving in with auntie ZS.

XZ: Next time when you get angry.. I will make this face…. Okay your place for dinner..

SM House

XZ and SM go to YM house to pack some of her belongings and bring it to auntie house before heading home. Dinner was ready to be served when they reached home. SM sees YM and gives her a big hug and XZ greets everyone with a bow. During dinner everyone chats merrily. XZ asks YM if she would like to continue working at MBS. YM likes the idea, but she is not ready to accept the offer. She wants to help Auntie ZS at the convenient store for a month or two. SM announces she needs to go to England for one year. The company wants her to do the attachment since it is such a short notice for them to find a replacement.

GC: (J/K) Then I will be able to keep my daughter a little longer.
(Everyone laughs)

After dinner XZ helps SM clear the table and wash the dishes. (Playfully) XZ blows foams into SM’s face and hair. (Laughing) SM splashes water back at him. It took them nearly an hour to finish washing the dishes. GC and ZS hearing laughing, giggling, and loud noises from the kitchen, they hope SM and Xiang Ze will not tear the kitchen apart…After washing the dishes, they start to mop the water on the kitchen floor. YM is looking at SM photo album, but she can remember anything. When they finish their task, the two love birds decide to take a short walk at the park.

At the Park

XZ: (Turns to SM and gazes into her eyes while holding her hand) SM, I know we have numerous misunderstanding because of lack of communication. Please try not to hide anything from me. I want us to share happy and sad moments together no matter where we are. You brought back love and laugh into my life… and I will miss you terribly SM.. I really wish you don need to go, but it definitely not my say I will find time to visit you when I have time.

SM: (smiling comfortingly and touched XZ cheek) One year will be very fast, dear. You will be busy in Korea planning for our wedding (smiling cheekily, n pinches his cheek softly). Don’t plan a big wedding and I will choose my wedding dress in England. I want to surprise you.

XZ: It better not be a dress that is too revealing. That means no strapless dress, low back and front dress(looking very serious)

SM: (Laughing) Marriage is one-in-a-lifetime event…Want to look stunning on my wedding day. Don’t want to wear a grown that has a high neckline and long sleeves…..not much adventure!!(smiling cheekily again, much to XZ annoyance)

XZ: Well my dear, THAT is a perfect dress. That will look nice. (With a serious look)Anyway SM, I will not be able to take you to the airport when you leave. I have an important meeting at Japan.

SM: (Looking unhappy)Err..oo.it ok. It alright.. Business is important. You can fly to England when you have time.

XZ and SM walk back home. XZ takes Auntie ZS home and YM stay over the SM house. The girls stay up late chatting like old friends about college years and working at the station. YM feels she will miss SM when she leaves. SM asks YM to be her maid of honor.


The two gals decide to go look for a wedding dress and dress for YM. SM and YM model for each other.

YM: SM, this dress looks ok, but it is too conservative. You should choose one that shows your shoulder. You have nice skin color.

SM: (Thinking about the conversation with XZ last night laughing) Is it really? Hmm.. XZ will love this one..

YM (looking confuse) What??

SM: He does not want me to wear anything that is strapless and no low in the front and back… nothing revealing! hehe..

YM: (hilarious laughing) I hope you are not going to listen to him…You will look like ewwww…

SM: No way.. This is one-in-a-lifetime.. Actually, I want a dress that has off-shoulder straps and flows down. The trail should not be too long, with embroidered flowers on the bottom of the skirt, spread across the bottom part of it. The top will just have a simple white satin lining across the chest. There will be a veil and…Don tell XZ about the dress design!!!!! I want to surprise him…

YM: Anything else you want to add to the list. Look like your dress needs to be tailor made. Don/t worry I will not tell him.. I don’t want him to get your grown.. I can’t imagine it (Laughing so hard that tears appear in her eyes)

SM: Why don you go try on this dress.. This should look nice on you.. (waiting for YM to try on the dress).. WOW!!!!! YM that dress looks stunning on you. It shows your perfect figure and the color looks great.

YM: We’ll don’t really like the material.. It is sort of rough

While looking over at the other dresses

SM : YM, are you sure you don’t want to come back to the station?

YM : (sighing) I don know, SM. Frankly, I’m a little bit afraid to go back. To face the reaction by all our colleagues. And also to face the challenge in working there.

SM : YM, you are the bravest woman I’ve known. You have gone through all sorts of challenges and mishaps in life, and you survive. And I’m sure you’re going to survive this one too. Because my dear, you are a survivor. And you are born to be a great tv presenter, that I know for sure. It’s in you. And don’t worry about other people. The most important thing is, in your heart. You know that you have us behind you to support you along the way.

YM : (tears filled her eyes) Oh SM. I don’t know what I do now..if hadn’t been for you coming over at the convent to visit me. From being alone, without a piece of memories, you’re given me a father, mother, sister and soon(chuckling) a brother in law!

SM : (pinching YM on her arm) you naughty girl! Anyway, I do hope you rethink your decision. I really hope you could work at the station soon. Please? Do it for me?

YM : (smiling) Alright, I’ll think about it, and if I do it, Il do it for you.

SM: Great!! Ok then.(Feeling her stomach growl then look at her watch) Wow, is 2!! No wonder I am starving… Lets go get something to eat…

YM: That is the best idea I have heard all day…How about the restaurant across from the street? Don’t have to walk that far.

After lunch YM decides to go to help auntie ZS at the convent store and SM goes home for a short nap.

SM phone rings

SM: Hello

XZ: Sweetie, are you ready for dinner?

SM: Oh my god.. I over slept.. I will be ready in 15 minute. Where are you?

XZ: In front of your house.

SM: Come in and wait for me..


At XD house.

Rings the door bell

XZ: XD, sorry that we are late. Sleeping beauty couldn’t wake up (laughing)


YX: Xiang Ze..SM.. (giving each other a hug) Dinner will be ready in couple of minutes.

XZ: YX when did you learn how to cook? (Jokingly)

YX: Been a while

SM: Senior YX let me help you in the kitchen.

YX: SM you don’t need to call me by senior. Call me by name.

SM: Senior YX no is alright, I don’t feel comfortable.

In the kitchen.

YX : Sometimes I feel so guilty..

SM : Senior! Why?

YX : If it’s not because of me, you two would have gotten married already!

SM : (smiling) Senior, actually, I’ve got to thank you. If it’s not because of all this, I won’t feel this much happiness.

YX : What are you talking about? You should be scolding me mad!

SM : (chuckling) No senior. If it not because of you, both XZ and I wouldn’t have experienced this much love in our life. Because of my journey to London, our love has growen stronger and our bond has strengthened. And also, that romantic proposal!! eheh..Tell me, how many women do you know got proposed in the middle of a busy street with cars going on at your side in the middle of the night?(smiling naughtily)

YX : (laughing) Oh dear! Well, you’re got that rite! It is special, alright!hehe..(both of them laughing)

During dinner

XZ: Wow YX this taste delicious. XD you are a lucky man. I am worrying if I will get a home cook meal when I get married (looking at SM smiling)

SM: Not to worry. You stay at the office late. You can eat the station cafeteria’s before you come home.

(Everyone laughs)

XY: Xiang Ze, SM will take good care of you; however, need to keep a watch on her. She can be a handful at times.

SM: (with a pouting face looking at XZ)

XD: Honey, you are right. Xiang Ze will be very tired looking after SM when they get married. (haha)

SM : Well, well. Director Yin, will see how youl survive without me! Senior XY, I’ll leave full responsibility and rights to you in order to monitor my dear fiancee here, so that he wouldn’t do anything naughty.

XY : I, XY solemnly swear will give my deadliest and most dangerous pinch to Director Yin if I found him looking at any other girls! And that goes to you too, my dear husband!(smiling wickedly)

XD : XZ!! Look what you’ve got me into!! (all roars into laughter)

After dinner

XZ: XY.. XD thank you for inviting us over for dinner. It was really great.

SM: Thank you

XY: Take care of yourself in England and best of luck.

They give each other a hug before leaving.

In front of SM’s House

XZ: Sweetie, I will not be able to take you to the airport, I will be taking a late flight for a meeting morning meeting. When you arrive in England give me a call on my cell. I want to make sure you are safe. I will give you a call every night. Love you. (giving her a kiss on her lips)

SM: Even if you forget to call, I will remember you (laughing). If you are tired don’t need to call. Take care of yourself.

XZ: Don’t want to let you go. Not sure when I will see you next time.

SM: You can come by anytime. I will save the couch for you (laughing).

XZ: We are not even married. You are kicking me out to sleep in the living room (j/k)

SM: (SM eyes widen and mouth pop open) Uh (hgiving him a look)

XZ lower his lip to SM’s lip before he could kiss SM.. She pushes him away and he pretends to fall back. She quickly pulls him back before he falls. He swiftly pulls her towards himself and hugs her tightly for 5 minutes before heading back house.


GC, Auntie ZS and YM take SM to the airport. SM recalled last time when she went to London, it was YM and YZ who took her to the airport. How she misses YZ..

SM: YM please help me take care of my daddy and Auntie ZS. When you are ready to work at MBS give Xiang Ze a call. He will take care of everything.

YM: SM, don’t worry about me. Please take care of yourself in England. No one is going to look after you. (She gives SM a hug).

GC: SM, time to go or you will miss the flight.

They give each a hug and SM head towards the gate. On the plane, she already misses XZ. She shares out the window and wishes XZ can be with her.

Chapter 4

On the air plane

XZ: (Trying to change his voice) Miss, is this seat taken.

SM: (Looking up at the gentleman and shouting loudly) OMG!!!!! (She jumps up from her seat to hug him) XZwhat are you doing here??? I mean I thought you are at the meeting in Japan.

XZ: (Looking around the plane and smiling) SHHHH!!!! Lower your voice… People are staring at us…

SM: My voice has always been loud. You just noticed???

XZ: (Shaking his head) What am I going to do with you?

Flight attendant: (To XZ and SM) Sorry, would you please take a seat. We are about to take off.

XZ: (Holding SM hands) I asked XD to attend the meeting. How can I resist letting you travel to London by yourself.

SM: No need to worry, Il be fine.

XZ: Hmmm (Laughing) Are you sure? I don want you to get hit by a car AGAIN while thinking of me.

SM : (Smiling cheekily) How can you be so sure that Il be thinking of YOU?

XZ : (Pretending to be hurt) Oh… if that the caserrriss! Miss Stewardess! Do you think you can open the plane door? I need to get off this plane. It seems that my fiancee doesn want me anymore. (Pretending to get up from his seat)

SM pulls his arm for him to sit back down and hits him with her fist. He tries to grab hold of her fist, then wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls her toward him. She leans her head on his shoulder.

SM : (Giggling hard) XZ, don you dare get off this planeever!!!

XZ: Gosh! SM, you were such a gentle person before. Look at you now, becoming violent. Can imagine how you will be when we are married!!!

SM: (She quickly lifts her head up) You want to change your mind??? There is still time!!!

XZ: Hmmm Actually… No!!!! But don’t want our kids to be brutal like you.

SM: You are planning to have kids??? Thought you don want to have any.

XZ: Well, of course I do, I want a girl look just like me(Laughing)

SM: Look like you???? Oh boy!!! I want a boy to be like you, but if it is a girlI prefer to be like me… She can give you a hard time like mekeke.

XZ: Like you??? Then there will be a second cry baby in the house. Not sure if I can handle it. (Making a frown on his forehead, then bursts out laughing) Don’t worry, I will stop you from crying first and you can stop the baby girl from crying. (Smiling cheekily)

SM: Are you sure you want kids? I am okay if you don want any.

XZ: (Pulling her toward him) SM, of course I want to have babies with you. Want to have a little SM.

Both of them look at each other with eyes fill with everlasting love, that’s not even an earthquake can break them apart, and smile satisfactorily as both of them are at least together alone without any acquaintances who can recognize them. As the journey goes on, SM soon falls asleep in XZ arms. He uses his other hand to tuck her hair behind her ear and looks into her face. He smiles and thinks how lucky it is to find her to be my future wife. How he wish she is always in his arms and he doesn’t need to let her go.

XZ: (Giving a light kiss on her forehead) SM, wake up. We are in London.

SM: Gosh, already here. (Stretching her arms) I feel recharge after my nap.

They both walk hand in hand to the baggage claim. For the first time, SM is not afraid of holding XZ hand in public. She doesn’t have to worry about the media or her co-workers seeing them.

XZ: Let take our luggage back to the apartment first. Then have dinner at your Auntie restaurant. Over the weekend we can drive around London. Since you start your special correspondent on Monday.

SM: Hmm…Don’t we need to check-in at the hotel first?

XZ: Who say I am staying at a hotel? Of course, I am going to stay with my fiancee. (Smiling naughtily while winking)

SM: (Surprised) What do you mean by staying with me? Where are you planning to sleep? The apartment has only one bedroom…. You’re really planning on sleeping on the couch?

XZ: (Waiting for the bags) Are you serious? (Smiling naughtily) I am sleeping on THE bed.

SM: (Blushing) WHAT??? There no way(Babbling while she is trying to get her bag and XZ helps her) wait… there is another bag… and also the blue one.

XZ: How many bags you bring? You can always buy things here.

SM: I know, but these aren just THINGS, it the cap you bought for me and the video you made for me.

XZ: My god!!! I cant believe you

(SM is smiling)



MBS already made previous arrangement for SM’s stay at London and XZ decided on the arrangement of the apartment and picked out the furniture for her. SM’s eyes nearly pop out when XZ opens the door of the apartment. The apartment looks lovely with simple design that fit for a single female to live by herself. On the coffee table and dinning table are fresh cut roses. They go into the kitchen and SM finds out that some cooking utensils are not in place. XZ doesn’t know if she will be cooking her meals at home or not. He will let her decide what the kitchen will need.

XZ: (Pulling her toward the bedroom) SM, look the bed is big enough for both of us to sleep here. I promise I will not push you off the bed. (Smiling naughtily again)

SM: But(Making a pouting face)

XZ: No more buts. (He heads out of the room)

SM: (She follows him to the living room)

XZ: (Giggling) I am only kidding. I will be sleeping on the sofa bed. (He moves the coffee table and pulls out the bed). You don’t have to worry about me…

SM: How can you joke things like this. It is not funny. (Pouting again)

XZ: You are so innocent. One thing I like about you. (Smiling victoriously and pinching her soft cheek)

SM: (Smiling sweetly and trying to sit comfortably on the sofa bed) Well, will you be smart enough to buy a sofa bed for our future home. Just in case I kick you out of the room, you know where to go to. (Winks naughtily)

XZ: Dear God! What have you put me into? Why have you made my mind gone crazy by choosing this little she-devil? (SM pulls XZ sit on the sofa bed and pinches his arm). Ok, ok! Gosh, I hope my future sweet wife will not treat me like this. If not Il be all blue and bruised by our wedding night! (Both of them laugh) Ok, let hurry up and unpack things before heading for dinner.

SM: Wait XZ!!! I need to call my daddy. (Calling her daddy) Daddy, this is SM. How are you? Do you miss me?

GC: You have arrived London safely??? I am ok. Don forget to give your aunt a call.

SM: We are going to give her a surprise visit.

GC: WE???

SM: Oh! XZ came along last minute. He surprised me on the plane. (Smiling) Send auntie and YM my regards. I gotta go, bye bye.



SM: (Joyfully yelling) Auntie!!!! (Giving her a big hug)

XZ: (Greets Auntie with his humble bow)

Auntie: Hi HC. How are you two doing? And SM, you look wonderful. You are getting more beautiful every time I see you.

SM: (Blushing) Thank you. Actually, I want to check if you are hiring a part-time employee while I am staying in London. Need some extra spending money. (Smiling cheekily)

Auntie: You wish… (Showing them to the table) Have a seat and I will be right back with you. (Heading towards the kitchen to order food for SM and HC) SM, you two must be tired from the long trip?? How long are you planning to stay in London?

SM: I am not tired. In fact, I will be staying in London for one year and the company already made accommodation arrangement for me. XZ will be going back to Korea after I settle down.

Auntie: Wow!!! The company you work for sure treats you marvelous. They ask the Director to accompany you to London. You must be very special at the company.

SM: (Laughing) Director Yin decided to join me in London in case I make a mistake so he can report to my seniors at work.

XZ: Hmmm… Then maybe I should get back on the next plane and leave you here and you don need to worry about someone watching over you. (Jokingly)

(Waiter brings the food being)

Auntie: Ok, I will let you two eat your dinner and I am going back to work.

Auntie gets up and heads back to the cashier desk. She looks at them, smiles and thinking our little SM has finally grown up, she hears the wedding bells will be coming soon. After dinner XZ and SM decide to buy some food, drinks, and household items for the apartment. They look like husband and wife’s grocery shopping, walking down each aisle looking for their items to purchase.



(XZ is unlocking the apartment door)

SM: We bought plenty of food. You better help me finish them all before you leave. I can finish these by myself.

XZ: Before I leave, we will shop one more time. I do not want you to carry the groceries home by yourself. SM, why don you go take your shower. I will put away the groceries. It is getting late.

SM: Ok…

XZ goes to the bedroom to unpack after put away with the groceries. He sees a video tape on her bed and knows right away it is the video tape he made for her. He can not believe she brought it with her (Put the video tape into the VCR) and thinking how silly of himself to make this video tape. (Rubbing his forehead) SM walks into her room with a towel wrap around her head and wonders what XZ is doing. She sees him watching the video tape.

SM: How could you dig into my things without my permission? (Running to turn off the TV)

XZ: Hey, I did not dig into your bags. It was lying on the bed. I can not believe I made that video tape for you. I look so silly in there. Let me finish watching it. Maybe I can become a reporter if I try.

SM: Dir. Yin. You are already my boss and now you want to take my place as a reporter? What else do you want?

XZ: (Thinking very hard) Hmmm. You know that is such a good question. What do I want? I want you to become my wife.

SM: (Ignoring his response) Ok, go take your shower and let me finish unpacking.

SM almost finishes unpacking when XZ comes out of the shower. She stares at XZ. His hair is wet, wearing a t-shirt with knee length shorts, and glasses. SM suddenly burst out laughing. XZ runs to SM and tickles her until she surrender. Finally they decide it is time to sleep. XZ walks off to the living room to pull out the bed from the sofa and goes to sleep. SM tip toes to the living room to see if he is sleeping.

SM: XZ, are you asleep yet? I can’t sleep.

XZ: What is wrong with you silly girl? You are not tired after a long day?

SM: No, I am not.

XZ: Ok, come over here and have a seat.

SM: XZ, I have been actually thinking. When I first met you, why were you not planning to get marry and have kids. If you don’t want to answer my question it’s ok.

XZ: I guess I should tell you the truth since you are going to be my future wife. The thing is, life with my father had not been good. Truthfully, I felt there no life at all when I was with him. All I feel when I was with him was hatred and not a bit of love. And after looking at how he destroyed my mother life, the hatred had grown. And from my mom, I learned that love could only destroy you, not build you. That why Ie closed my heart from falling in love, let alone get married. And about not having children, I was afraid that my children would be experiencing the same thing as what I had. I dare not to torture my own flesh and blood like that. (Looking at SM who is listening quietly and attentively, without realizing that her tears have already welled up her eyes) However my dear sweet SM, you have changed that all. Not only Ie rekindled my relationship with my dad, Ie also learned to love another human being and I am a firm believer of how much love can bring life now. (Smiling adoringly at SM)

She understands why he didn’t want to be involved in a relationship and feels lucky to have found him as her future husband. XZ wipes away her tears on her face and puts his arms around her. SM soon falls asleep in his arms. XZ is thinking she is getting into a habit of sleeping in his arms. He slowly lifts her up from the couch and carries her to her room. He lays her on her bed and gets a blanket to cover her body from neck to toe. Looks at her sleeping in full serenity, kisses her forehead and whispers good night. He closes the door and goes back to his bed in the living room.

The next morning XZ goes out to jog for he had not exercise for awhile. When he got home SM is still sound asleep. He takes a shower and prepares lunch for both of them.

SM: (Wakes up with smell of food) XZ, the food looks appetizing. Can we stay home today?? I have not fully recharge from yesterday adventure.

XZ: Ok SM, you lazy girl. But we are going out tomorrow.

SM: Since you cooked lunch, I will make dinner. You don’t need to worry about me burning your apartment.

For the rest of the day, SM reads her book while XZ working on his paper work. SM starts preparing dinner early. To make a home made dinner is not easy because she is worried he will not like her cooking. She decides to make seaweed soup, kyujachae (mustard salad) for appetizer, and chap jae.

XZ: (Shock) You can actually cook. (Drinking the soup) This is really delicious. Maybe the morning show can add a cooking section. You can teach people how to cook…

SM: Oh no, thank you. I prefer the reporting job. It is more challenging…

The next day

XZ: (Goes to her room and lightly kisses her forehead) Wake up sleepy head, it is almost in the afternoon. You forgot we are going out.

SM: AlreadyLet me sleep for one more hour.

XZ: Come on. It a sunny day (shaking her).

SM: Ok..ok.. I am up..Give me 30 minutes to get ready.

XZ takes SM to the park for a picnic. He lays a blanket on a small grassy hill and they sit under a tree. From the basket, he takes out a single red rose and gives it to her. SM smiles happily.

XZ: You are so easy to be pleased. Anything will make you happy.

SM: I treasure everything that I have. The sandwich tastes excellent with full of love. How about desserts?

XZ: You ask for too much. (Takes out two cupcakes)

The two sit there watching the children running around the play ground, mommy trying to stop the kids from fighting, and girls in pig tails jumping ropes. SM wants to join the kids, but XZ doesn want to. SM snatches his hand and drags him toward the play ground. SM hopes on the swings and XZ pushes her lightly.

SM: (Happily swing and then a worry face)

XZ: SM, is something bothering you? (Trying to stop the swing and kneel down next to her with a concern face)

SM: Well… Iuhworry unable to handle the stress. Plus will be lonely here by myself without daddy and most importantly XZ. You changed my life even through you don’t realize it. When I was happy and sad you were always by my side. Now, I am afraid when I cry you are not here to let me borrow your shoulder to cry on.

XZ: (Use his hand to smooth the back of her hair and then holding her hand) SM, you are a bright and strong person. You don’t need to worry about anything. Remember the interview you did on the lady about donation. You used your heart to convince her for the interview. Lonely, nonsense!!! I will always be thinking about you in my heart. (Gentle kisses the palm of her hand) Don worry too much. I want to see your stunning smile.

SM manages to force a weak smile for XZ.

XZ: Give me a big smile… If you don then I will use my secret weapon. (Smiling naughtily)

SM stares at him and wonders what he will do. He tickles her and tears nearly come out from her eyes from laughing so hard.

Little boy: (Walks up to XZ) Sir, can you also push me on the swing?

XZ: Sure (and he carries the kid on the swing and pushes him, he laughs) Be careful and don let go.

SM looks at XZ, he is like a big kid himself. She starts to walk around the park where XZ can still see her. Later she joins some girls jumping rope and playing tag. They both have not have so much fun for a long time. XZ stands on the side watching SM play with the girls. Wondering when he will have his own children.

It is almost 4 pm when they leave the park. They go to the river side near Cambridge University for a boat ride. Sailing down the river allows her to remember the fun she had with XZ when she came to London last time. She was glad to had met him even through was in an accident. For dinner, they decide to have a candle light at a romantic restaurant before heading home.

After a long day outside, they finally got home. SM is exhausted from a day of adventure. She takes a shower and goes straight to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day for her.

Chapter 5

SM wakes up at 4 AM in the morning because she is too excited about her first day. She quietly tip toe into the living room to see if XZ is awake and hears him lightly snoring. Trying not to wake him up, she slowly climbs onto his bed, lies sideway, propping up her elbow for her head to rest on and stares at him. XZ turns his body and feels his arm wrap around something. SM hurries covering her mouth with her hands before she yells out. He opens his sleepy eyes and sees SM’s sweet, lovely face smiling at him.

SM: Opps, sorry, was I in your way? Next time I will sit on the floor and watch you. Go back to sleep and ignore me. I want to continue to take a picture of you with my mind, since I have some spare time before going to work.

XZ: (Pulling himself to sit) No, you didn’t wake me up. I was wondering what I was hugging. You know, I didn’t expect something or someone will be next to me. And how can I ignore my little princess? You silly girl…(lightly pinches her nose) What are you going to do when I go back to Korea and you can’t sleep?

SM: (Joins XZ sitting and smiling) Well, I can call you and you can keep me company on the phone.

XZ: (Pulling his arms around her) Come on, try to get some rest. Is it still early?

SM: But… don’t feel like going back to sleep.

XZ: Don’t worry, I am here next to you. Please, close your eyes and get some rest. And no more buts….

He starts to hum softly and lightly strokes her hair to ease her back to sleep. He does not want her to look unrest on her first day. Even an hour of sleep will help. SM slowly dozes off and XZ falls back to sleep.

SM wakes up with a slight headache, her neck feels a little stiff from sitting up sleeping and in blur. Her mind she is wondering where she is. She turns her head and sees XZ next to her. She feels (her face starting to burn) shy about sleeping next to XZ on the same bed. Then she realizes she used XZ’s arm as a pillow, hoping his arm is not num. She slowly edges away from him and massages his arm. XZ feels someone is rubbing him. He pretends to be sleeping, then put his other arm on her back and tries to hold on her. SM tries to move his arm, but his grip tightens.

XZ: (Laughing) This will teach you not to sleep on other’s bed.

SM: (Pouting) I hope you will remember what you told me today.

XZ: I mean other people’s bed, but you are free to join me anytime.

SM starts to poke him on the side so he will release her. After he loosens a little, SM starts her revenge by tickling him.

XZ: Okay, okay I surrender, my precious. What can I do to make you stop tickling me?

SM: (Smiling cheekily) Well, lets get up and make breakfast together and then you can take me to work… I’ll go wash up and join you when I am finish…

XZ: Finish!! Are you sure, we will be cooking together? I think I will be done when you come out.

SM: Senior!!!!!! Hey I am not that slow…(Heading to the bathroom. 30 minutes later she comes out from the bathroom) Yummm, the food smells fabulous. It is making my tummy growl. When can we eat??

XZ: (Laughing) What did I tell you? You actually expected me to finish cooking when you come out. I am almost done. You can finish cooking while I go freshen up.

SM finishes making the pancakes, then brews a pot of coffee (remembering once he said that don’t know when he can drink the coffee which made by her).

XZ: (Comes out from the bathroom) The coffee smell great. Sure wakes me up. I am surprise you didn’t burn the pancakes!!!

SM: Hey don’t under judge me. I am perfectly a great cook. Who do you think cooked for me when my dad is not at home? Better hurry up or I will be late.


XZ: (Waiting for her in the livingroom) SM!!! Hurry up or you will be late. No matter how early you get up, you are still not ready…

SM: Almost ready. Give me few more minutes.


In front of the station

SM: Do you have any plans for today? Are you sure, you will not be bored without me?

XZ: (Laughing) Need to start getting use to it now, if not what am I suppose to do when I get back to Korea? Actually, I am going to meet up with my old classmate for lunch. Ok, you better go in or you will be late. I will come and pick you up later.

SM: I will go home myself.

XZ: You don’t want others to know you have a fiancé!!!

SM: (Smiling) I don’t mind letting others know about my GORGEOUS, handsome fiancé. (Getting out of the car) Be careful and drive safely. Bye Bye

XZ drives off, rubbing his forehead and smiling to himself thinking about SM never complimented on him before. This is the first time. How he wish to hear it more often.

Chapter 6

SM knocks on Dir. Sun door and feeling nervous. She is worried about her ability of speaking and comprehending English language with others. Even though she had taken an English class a few years ago, it has been a while. She heard someone say ome in SM goes into the office and sees a man who looks in his early thirties sitting behind the desk. Mr. Sun stands up to greets SM.

Dir. Sun: Good Morning.

SM: Good Morning, Dir. Sun. I am SM.

Dir. Sun: SM, pleased to meet you. I heard so much about you from XY. You look more beautiful in person.

SM: Thank you..

Dir. Sun shows her to the team room and introduces her to the other members who are also working as special correspondent. There are 15 people in the team, Josie is Korean, but born in London and speaks a little Korean, Joe is from London, Soo Yee (SY) is also from Korea, and.. After going around the room, he announces a meeting at 10 in the conference room.



Dir: Kim: Good morning and welcome to our first meeting. I will be your instructor for this year. Everyday the meeting will start at 9 am. We will go over the daily assignment and the process of the projects. In front of you, is the outline of assignments. I will give you more instructions later about each assignment and will also assign courses for each individual to improve your weakest link. The first project is to interview each member and do a recording. Due date for this is in two weeks. If you have any questions, please come and ask me. You are all excuse from the meeting except for SM and SY. (Everyone leaving) SM and SY, I have registered both of you for an English class that starts on Monday from 4 p.m to 6 p.m at Cambridge University. This is to improve your English

SM and SY: Ok.

Dir Kim: If you have any problems on language barrier and questions, please ask me. You may leave.

SY & SM: Thank You

SY: SM, congratulation.

SM: (Looking at her surprisingly)

SY: You made a decision to come to London and your engagement to Dir. Yin. This is a great opportunity to learn from you. In Korea, I saw the programs you hosted and you did great. One evening when I watched the news, I saw how you expressed your feeling to the audience on kidnapping.

SM: Yes, I remember that incident (laughing). I do find it funny now, but I was rather upset that time on my action because it was just inappropriate.

SY : (Smiling) Don worry. We all make mistakes but the best thing is, mistakes will make us a better person. Hey, look where you are now! (Both of them laughs)

SM: Yes! Couldn agree with you more! I just hope Il be strong enough to make myself a better correspondent.

When SM and SY turn the corner, they see Josie talking to a man. From far away, the gentleman looks familiar. He stands with great posture, broad shoulders, tall, and the clothes look exactly like what Senior was wearing this morning. This can be him. He should be meeting up with his friend, unless his friend also works at this station.

Josie: (Sweet, attractive smile) Oh, you are looking for Dir. Sun. Go down this hallway and make a left turn. The first door on your right. Where are my manners? I forgot to intro myself. I am Josie.

XZ: Josie nice to meet you. I am Yin Xiang Ze

Josie: Yin Xiang Ze!!! Hmm Your name sounds familiar.. Are you from Korea???

Before he could answer Josie, SM walks pass by the gentleman and takes a peek to see if it is really Senior. Seeing it is Senior and how happy they are talking, her heart nearly crushed. SM wonders why she suddenly has this feeling, but trying not to show it on her face

Josie: SM!!!

SM: (Bowing with a weak smile) Yes Josie. Hi Senior, I didn expect to see you here.

XZ: Oh, I was looking for Dir. Sun office. (From her face, he can tell she is unhappy.)

Josie: Il be heading back to the office. SM will be able to help you. (Looking at SM) I will ask SM to give me your number later, if you don mind. You can be my tour guide when I visit Korea.

SM: (Stands there and smiles) I don mind giving Sen.. Dir. Yin number to you if it is ok with him.

XZ: (Giving Josie a smile). Josie, see you later. SM

SM: Senior, do you want me to show you to Dir. Sun office?

XZ: No, I can find it. Thank you. I will talk to you later.

SM: (Trying hard to smile) I will talk to you later. Bye

SY: SM, are you okay. You look unhappy.

SM: I am fine. Lets go to lunch.

SM and SY heads back to the team room to drop off the files before heading to lunch. Outside the doorway they over hears Josie and Joe conversation.

Josie: Dir. Yin is sooooo GOOD-LOOKING, if it was not for SM and SY I would have asked him out for lunch. I wonder if he has a girlfriend!!!

Joe: We are not here to look for a husband. WAIT!!! Were you trying to hitting on him in the hallway.

Josie: (Trying to change the topic) Did you see Dir. Sun eyes brighten when he saw SM??

Joe: Are you jealous of her???

Josie: ME!!! JEALOUS of her!!! I got my looks. Come on.. The only reason she is highly recognized of her success is because she has a backer at MBS. How else can she become successful in a short time period?

Joe: Don’t doubt to much. From what I heard, she is temporary correspondent for the morning show of MBS and selected for the 9 olock news. The truth will reveal on her ability.

They continue their conversation and didn’t notice SM, SY, Dir. Sun and XZ are at the door listening. SM does not want to listen anymore of the gossip and turns around to leave. She almost bumps into XZ not realizing he is behind her along with Dir. Sun. XZ stares into SM eyes and sees her eyes teary. XZ grabs hold of her arm before she walks off. He wants to ask her if she is ok, but is not a right moment. SM simply gives him a weak smile and told SY she will wait for her outside. XZ looks at her as she walks toward the end of the hallway.

Dir. Sun: Ok, stop all these nonsense. I don want to hear anymore. Do you understand???? Each of you has something to work on if you are not planning to go have lunch.. (Dir. Sun and XZ walks off.)

Joe asks SY if he can join them for lunch and both of them meets SM at the elevator and heads to the cafeteria for their lunch. The three sits there with out saying a word. SY is not sure how to comfort SM. Luckily Joe tries to start a conversation.

Joe: How do you two like London? Have you been here before?

SY: No this is my first time. It not bad.

SM: (Not paying attention)

Joe: SM

SM: Oh..Sorry. What were you saying?

Joe: Have you visited London before?

SM: I visited London 4 years ago to study English. (laughing) But was not too successful. My senior gave me a tour around London. It is very beautiful here. Thanks for treating me lunch guys. Lunch is great. Il treat you two out for lunch tomorrow? (sounding cheerful).

Joe & SY : (Smiling brightly) Great!!


Joe: It has been such a long day. Finally, we can go home. Anyone wants to go out for dinner? (asking as they walked out the door)

SY: Sorry, I need to go home to practice English.

Joe: I don mind giving you some lesions.

SY: Really!!!! What are we waiting for, let go. (pulling on Joe’s arm) SM, are you coming???

SM: (She sees XZ car park outside of the station) Maybe next time, my senior is waiting for me. Bye. See you tomorrow.

SM walks to the car and with a smile on her face to show how she appreciates him to pick her up from work.

SM: Senior, how was lunch with Dir. Sun? You didn’t tell me you are going to meet up with him. I could have shown you to his office.

XZ: (Staring at her and have a smirk on his face) Are you feeling a little jealous when Josie was talking to me and asking for my number?

SM: You where asking for directions, why would I get jealous of such little issue, but I might need to buy a ring for you to wear, so that people know that you are aken and not available! (laughing) Tomorrow I will give your number to her, but will be your office number (Smiling).

XZ: You don mind other girls calling me?

SM: Nope.

XZ: Are you sure?

SM: If you keep on asking, I will be mad.

XZ: Ok. Then why do you want me to wear a ring? (looking on her fingers) Hey, what about the ring I got you? You are not wearing it.

SM: No, I just don’t trust the other ladies around you (Smiling Cheekily). I want to put the ring you gave me in a safe place. Is too precious to wear it!! Where are we going to eat dinner? I am starving.

XZ: I am going to take you to a special restaurant.

After driving for about 10 min. SM wants to ask XZ something but does not know where to start. So she sits in the passenger seat turning her head to look at XZ consciously.

SM: Senior, are we going home?? I thought we are going out to eat.

XZ: The special restaurant is home. I decided to cook dinner for you since you worked so hard today.


After dinner, they sat on the couch. XZ is reviewing the document XD send over and SM reading a book called ow to Improve Speaking English SM finally decides to put down her book and watches XZ. XZ looks up and sees her looking at him. He gets up and joins her on the love seat.

SM: Senior those people said at work about me having a backer to achieve where I am at MBS really made me feel awkward.

XZ: You don’t need to listen to them. You know is not true. (Giving her a hug) You better start learning to speak English or you will not be able to communicate with them and won’t able to show them your true skill.

SM: (sticking out her tongue at him). Don’t worry. Joe will tutor me and I will be going to night classes too.

XZ: Who is Joe?

SM: (Smiling)……


XZ is going back to Korea in the evening and SM is busy helping XZ pack his luggage. XZ stands in the doorway thinking how nice is it to have someone pack for him. He heads out to the living room to set up the web cam for SM. When he is done, SM is still in the bedroom and has not come out. He goes into the bedroom to see what is taking her so long. SM is trying to hide a gift for XZ in the luggage and hears foot steps heading to the bedroom. She quickly closes the suitcase and smiling with a satisfying look.

SM: I am done. Are you ready to go yet?

XZ: Are you trying to kick me out already? (Smiling)

SM: You got that right. You gave me so much trouble. Extra cleaning and cooking. (Smiling cheekily)

XZ: Ok if that is the case. I will not visit you. (Pulling her closer) How can I not stand seeing you for 11 months and 51 weeks.

SM: Are you staying??

XZ: (laughing) Unfortunately no, but if you will follow me, I will show you. (Pushing her to the living room) I set up a web cam and microphone. When we talk then I will be able to see what you are doing.

SM: (Laughing) That is the best idea. But you better come and visit. Seeing you from the web cam is different.

At the airport

XZ sees SM running to the gate and hands him three small packages.

SM: The gifts are for your parents and your brother. You need to buy them some souvenirs.

XZ: There are only three packages. Are you missing one?

SM: No, this is from you to themot unless you are planning to buy souvenirs for yourself.

XZ: I mean my gift!!!

SM: (Smiling) Oh, yours. If I give you something, then you will not come back to visit me. So, I will see you next time when you come.

XZ: (Laughing sweetly). Alright, Ie got to go now dear.(looking at SM straight in the eyes) Remember, SMI love you..(quickly giving her a sweet kiss on her forehead and hug)

SM : Me too, XZ..me too..

SM was looking at the airplane up in the sky with her eyes welled with tears..

SM : (saying softly) I love you to XZ love you so much

Chapter 7

SM reaches home after taking XZ to the airport and already, the feeling of loneliness creeps in her heart with XZ not being around. She drags herself to the kitchen cabinet to take out a bag of ramen to cook and found a note taped on the bag of noodle.


How can I guess, the first day when I leave, you want to be lazy and cook ramen for dinner. What are you going to do without having me around to cook for you? If you open the refrigerator, I have prepared dinner for you and in the freezer are some dumplings. The food will last you two to three days. Then you are on your own. I hope the next time when I see you; you will not loose any weight.

Love You Always,

SM smiles with happy tears in her eyes.

After dinner, she decides to call it a night, laying her head on the pillow she feels something hard and found a box. She slowly unwrap the gifts and found a digital picture album that could store couple of pictures and a button on the frame. She press the button and heard XZ voice, don’t forget to smile press it again, love to see your beautiful smile and press it again love you forever SM falls asleep hugging the picture frame like a child


Seoul, Korea

It is in the afternoon when XZ arrives in Korea and heads to the office. He wants to start catching up with his work. XZ calls XD to see if there is any new updates before the meeting.

XD: (Knocks on the door)

XZ: Come in.

XD: XZ how was the trip?

XZ: Nothing special, since I lived in London for years.

XD: This time you had your other half with you?

XZ: (Smiling) Everything went great. We did a lot of shopping for the apartment and tour around London, and made sure SM settled down before I left.

XD: Oh, did SM tell you that CS and ZD are getting married in 6 months? From ZD, she had email the news to SM.

XZ: They are going ahead of SM and me. Guess this is the biggest news since I came back and I only left for one week. If I leave for a month or two, the news could be, you will become a dad soon. (Laughing) I want someone to call me Uncle XZ.

XD: You will be the first to know, Uncle XZ. I will make you get jealous of me (jokingly). Ok, lets get into business. Actually nothing much had happen while you are left. The morning show rating dropped a little due to the new morning program in SBS. If the rating continues to drop, you should know Dir. Kim will start to criticized.

XZ: Ok then, make sure that this issue will be tackled in our meeting later. I want to make sure that everyone in the team knows that it the team responsibility to ensure the success of our show.

XD: How about if we ask YM to come back to host the morning show?

XZ: SM had already asked her if she wants to return working at the station. But said she wants to help out Auntie ZS for a while and at the same time, will think about returning to the station. We have to remember, she has lost her memory so she might need some time to cope with this new life. Apart from that, she may need some training, if she decides to return working at the station.

XD: Uncle GC called me up while you are away at London. He asked me if I can make copies of the shows YM were involved in to let her watch it. YX have been working with YM after she gets off from work. I hope she will consider returning. Don want to lose such a talented person.

XZ: That a good idea. In the mean time, YX can help hosting the morning show and we can change the title to Eve Couple or Morning Couple! (Laughing)

XD: (Laughing) For the sake of the stations, I will allow her, but I don want her to have pressure from work. If she gets too much pressure I will tell her to quit (smiling cheeky). You wouldn want me to do that, would you?

XZ: (Laughing) Alright, we will let YX decides on that.


After the meeting, he goes into his office and loosens his tie before starting to read the pile of documents on his desk. He looks at his watch, it is already 5. He sits back in his chair, closes his eyes, and soon falls asleep. ((((Ring, Ring, Ring)))) XZ is not even sure how long he has slept.

XZ: This is XZ.

SM: Senior, I am starting to worry about you since you have not called me. Sounds like you just woke up, did I wake you up?

XZ: Angel in my dream..tell me where am I?

SM: Senior! Wake up! It me SM! It not a dream!

XZ : (lauhing softly) I know silly..I not stupid! I don mind being awakened by your lovely voice.

SM: (Smiling) Must feel good sleeping all day.

XZ: I am still at work reading some documents. What time is it?

SM: Is 9 pm at Korea and 12 pm in London. You are at work!! You didn go home and rest?

XZ: No I have things to follow up at the office.

SM: Now you listen, go home, take a shower, and go straight to bed, do you understand!!!

XZ: (Laughing) Yes, madam. You are the boss. Young lady, don forget to eat.

SM: (Chuckling) Senior, thanks for the gift. When I want to hear your voice, I can press the button on the picture frame.

XZ: That is the reason I gave it to you. Then you don have to bother me. (saying it jokingly and gives her a kiss) Love you. Bye.

SM: Bye love you too.


XZ flumps himself on the bed and stares at the suitcase wishing SM is there to help him unpack. He finally gets up and opens his suit case and finds a box with a note written on Peter Rabbit stationary.


I thought Peter Rabbit would be bored sitting on your office desk all alone, so I decided to find a friend for him. Miss you with all my heart and love you.


Inside the box, he finds Flopsy, Rabbit and XZ starts to laugh. He quickly decides to call SM before her lunch is over.

SM: This is SM.

XZ: (Laughing)

SM: What is so funny?

XZ: Thanks for the gift. Peter Rabbit is not bored; he has me to accompany him 8 to 9 hours a day. Now that he has company he will not pay attention to me. What am I going to do? (asking cheekily)

SM: Well, you can always leave Flopsy at home or

XZ: ..or you can fly back here and keep me company.

SM : (laughing sweetly) Oh senior! I never knew we even think alike!

XZ : (laughing softly) Oh yes dear! We do now! Something new, huh? (continues laughing) I guess it kinda a preparation for us to lead our lives together one day (smiling cheekily)

SM: (laughing happily) I guess wee going into that direction, sir! (Sigh ) Senior, don worry, Il return when I have time. I gotta go. They are waiting for me. Be good and go to sleep early. Bye..



About 4 weeks later

SM is very nervous this morning because she needs to do an interview on one of her team members. Her English has improved during the past weeks with Joe help. Daily conversation with friends has also aided her in improving the language skill. She is confident enough to carry out day-to-day conversation, but interview will be a little difficult.


SM: SY, sorry, I can find my note cards for my interviewee and my interview for the recording this afternoon. I put it in this folder along with the other team memeber’s interview last night. How can the rest be here and the notes card disappear.

SY: SM, are you sure you didn take it out. Have a sit and I will look for your note cards. You look like you have been having restless nights. (looking through SM things) We will be interviewing each other so don worry too much.

SM had not been sleeping well for the past couple of days, busy writing and practicing for the interview every night. Plus, she is also worried about XZ since he has not called her for nearly two weeks.

SY: Here they are, in the trash can! All wet, words are all smeared, and smell like coffee!

SM: Oh God! How on earth did this happen?

Joise: Who would do such thing? (Smiling evilly, thinking on how she will pull this one off)

Dir. Sun: (Walks into the room) Ok everyone, I hope you are ready. Lets go to the recording room.

Everyone follows Dir. Sun to the recording room and SM wonders what she will do without her note cards. She wrote down words that she had a hard time to remember. SM only has little parts memorized.

Dir. Sun: SM and SY, why don you two go first.

SM and SY: Ok (sit down on the chair and SM trying to compose herself)

SY: SM, I am glad to have you as our guest speaker. Tell me a little about yourself.

SM: Hic up..(laughing) I uhWell grew up in a single parent family. My mom passed away when I was very young. My dad is both my mom and dad to me.

SY: So you have worked at MBS for about a year. What are your experiences?

SM: I had a short segment in the Morning with Eve program. (Laughing) Well, there was this incident, when I was emotionally inspired on the news, which should not have happened! (Everyone laughs) That was an experience I will remember. Then about a month ago, my senior recommended me to replace her for the special correspondent position. Hence, here I am.

SY: SM, this is interesting. Do you have any supporter behind your success?

SM: (Her eyes brighten) I have the greatest support from my dad, auntie, and brother YZ, which is no longer with us (eyes feel with tears as she mention his name). And of course, how can I forget my Senior. He is always there for me when I need help (Thinking of XZ brings a sweet smile to her face.). And not to forget, all the other seniors who had helped me into becoming who I am today.

At this cue, Dir. Sun is a bit curious by her dreamy smile and wonders what is her relation to the Senior.

SY: Thank you SM.

SM takes a deep breath and is glad her interview is over. She gives SY a relief smile and now is SM turn to interview SY.

SM: (Looking a little lost). SY, I am happy to have you on our program with such short notice. Why don you tell the audience a little bit about yourself?

SY: I grew up in a medical-related family. My sister and brother follow the same path as my parents. My parents disapproved on me joining the broadcasting field. They don see any future for me, but of course I didn listen to them or else I will not be here.

SM: I am happy that you are finally venturing into this field or I wouldn have met you. (Smiling nervously). Alright..umm.. What do.. ummm(starting to get nervous)

Dir. Sun: SM, why don you take your note cards out to look at.

Josie smiling.

SM: I.. aaaat ok, I can continue without my notes. SY, where do you see yourself mmn the future?

SY: I actually want to host a program that I enjoy and fit my personality.

SM: What kind of show will fit your personality?

SY: Hmmm (thinking) Hosting a children show. I love children.

SM: (Smiling, still nervous) That is great and we all wish you all the best in your future. Thanks for taking time from your busy to join us.

SY pats SM hands. SM lets out a big relief sigh.

Dir. Sun: SM next time please be prepared for the recording.

SY: Don worry you did a great job. It will be easier if this is in Korean. I think you did a great job.

SM: Thanks. But I still puzzled over who threw my cards in the trash can. I mean, not that I accusing anybody. It just that I remembered keeping it in the folder.

After the recording finishes, everyone is dismissed.

Dir. Sun: SM may I see you for a minute. I know you are an experience broadcaster, but I hope what I said wouldn offend you. This correspondent program can allow you to learn new things and the schedule is very tight. I hope you will be more prepared on the next project. I know YX didn choose the wrong person. (He feels little bad for telling SM)

SM: Yes, Dir. Sun.

She goes back to the team room to get her things and left the building. On her way home, she calls XZ, but he didn pick up the phone.

SM: (sounding like crying) Senior, this is SM. I guess you are busy. When you have time, please give me a call.

SM went home and goes to sleep crying.



YM decided to start work at MBS after being encouraged by auntie and uncle. Auntie does not want YM to waste her time working at the store with her; even through having YM around keeps her company and reduce the amount of work for her. The video copies motivated, encouraged her and with the help of YX she starts to build a little more confidence, but when she goes back to MBS she will be a trainee since she wants to start from the bottom and work up the ladder.

The first day returning to the station is not easy for YM. People are throwing out uneasy stares at her and this really makes her uncomfortable since she doesn remember her past at all. However, the incident of not going to YZ funeral for the fact they are close friends and pretending his death is not her fault is still clear in the minds of MBS staff and they seems unable to forget it.

YX sees YM crying in an empty classroom and walks in to see what is wrong.

YX: YM, are you ok?

YM: YX, I really want to know what kind of person I was before I lost my memory. I keep hearing about the death of YZ is my fault and I didn attend his funeral.

YX: YM, I know it has been hard for you but it better for you to let bygones be bygones. Don think much about what people think of you. As long as you work hard and show to them that you are capable of doing whatever you are doing, then they wouldn be able to criticize you. However, if you still want to know about YZ, I think it better you asked YZ mother. It is not appropriate for me to discuss this.

YM: Please don tell Dir. Yin you saw me crying, I don want him to tell SM and have her worry about me. SM has to take care of herself in London and without her family and Dir. Yin is hard for her. I don want to add my burden to her.

YX: Ok, I will not tell him, but if you have any problem come and look for me. (give her a pat on the shoulder) I will leave you alone.

YM: Thanks

As YX got up to walk out the door, she sees XZ at the door looking in.

XZ: YX, is YM ok. Is it ok if I talk to her?

YX: She is ok and needs some time to adjust to things around the station. Why don you talk to her later. It not very easy for her to hear rumors about her past. You think it was a good idea to ask her back to the station?

XZ: There is no right or wrong. She will have to face certain things. As you said, give her some time. Even though she doesn remember anything, she is a person who have a very strong-willed and diligent woman. Therefore, I know that she will surf through this. We just have to continue supporting and believing in her.

Chapter 8

SM decides to fly back to Korea for three days to surprise XZ and visit her dad. After arriving in Korea, SM took her luggage home and went shopping for groceries. Before heading to XZ’s house, she calls to make sure he is not home. She plans to prepare a special dinner for him. SM unlocks the door to XZ’s apartment and hears someone giggling. She steps into the apartment and sees XZ’s arm around a woman. SM is speechless and stunned. She drops the bag of groceries on the floor. XZ looks up when he heard the noise and finds SM standing there with disbelief. SM runs out the door and stumble on something. She suddenly wakes up with sweats on her forehead and shaking. She looks around her room and realizes it was only a nightmare. SM is so terrified she couldn’t go back to sleep so she calls XZ. He didn’t pick up his phone so she goes on to the internet to read some Korean news.

The title of a news article catches her attention immediately “Could the Heir of MBS have a Change of Heart with his Fiancé away in London?” SM’s eyes nearly popped out. She tries to scroll down the page to search for any related pictured but there were none. Her heart beats so fast that she could hear them out loud. Is her dream telling her something? Has he met someone new? Could that be the reason why he hasn’t been calling her? She quickly calls XZ again and the call goes to his voice mail. SM is too confused to go back to sleep. Slowly without realizing it, tears roll down her cheeks.


Seoul, Korea

XZ is in shock when he notices the article in the morning newspaper. He only went out to have dinner with a female friend. How could people assume he is interested in another woman? To the right is a picture of XZ holding her hand on the table. XD and YX immediately go to XZ’s office and started to question him.

XD: What is going on? I know you went to dinner with YM last night. Not necessary to put it on the head line of the paper.

XZ: I patted her hand to comfort her. The tabloid twisted the facts. Why are they so interested in who I date anyway?

XD: HELLO!! You are..or were the most eligible bachelor for nearly a decade but finally got engaged. Now they find you with another woman. How did you expect them not to create a story out of this?

YX: Does YM know about this?

XZ: I have not seen her this morning.

YM nearly chokes on her coffee when she sees the headline news. YX quickly run over to see if YM is ok.

Co-Worker: That lady is YM. I saw her getting into Dir. Yin’s car yesterday after work. Now that SM is not in Korea, she can make her move.

YX overhears the conversation and snaps a glare at the workers.

YX: YM is SM close friend. She will not hurt SM. Besides, she knows the relationship between SM and XZ. But you, who seems NOT to know anything, keep your mouth and your gossips to yourself.

Co-worker: (She quickly closes her mouth.)

YM: (Pull YX away from their colleagues) Senior YX, it’s ok. From what I’ve heard around the station, I was not appreciated here before. It’s good that I can’t recall my memory now. I can start fresh and maybe one day they will accept me. The talk with Dir. Yin last night cheered me up. Plus, I don’t want to let SM down. I know she wants the best for me. Somehow I have a feeling that I owe her a lot.
YX: (Smiles ) I’m glad to see you are not offended by the gossip. I’ve always believe in blessing in disguise. You’ve lost your memory, but in return, you’ve turn into a new and great person.

YM: (Smiles assumingly) Don’t worry, senior. I’ll try my best to be strong. But for now, I am going to call SM to explain things to her. I don’t want her to misunderstand the whole situation.

YX: Ok.


SM: (Cracking voice) This is SM.

YM: SM, are you ok? You sounded like you’ve been crying.

SM: (Trying to cover) Oh no, I had a nightmare and was not able to go back to sleep. Anyway, I heard from Senior YX that you are working at the station. She said you are performing well.

YM: I am waiting for you to come back to teach me too. I want us to host a program together one day (smiling). SM, I really want to ask someone, but….well I tried to ask Senior YX and she told me to ask Auntie ZS. I don’t know how to ask such a question. I know there are certain things I’m better off not knowing, but I have to find out the truth behind this. I’ve been hearing that the death of YZ was my fault. The glares people around here give me are so cold.

SM: Well, the death of YZ was not your fault or anyone’s. A car was coming your way and he pushed you aside and he got hit. He loved you too much to see you get hurt. YZ sacrificed himself to save you. He would not want you to think his death was caused by you and be unhappy. YM, I am not really sure what is going on at the station, but something tells me you are unhappy.

YM: I know when I left the orphanage; life would be different and challenging. But I told myself to be strong and face the challenges bravely. And then, there were all of you; with your never ending support, love and encouragement accompanying me in this new world I’m venturing into. So basically, I’m trying hard here to not disappoint all of you. It’s a hard work, but I’m still surviving.

SM: It’s good to know that you’re still motivated. Don’t ever forget that we are all behind you in this. Err, YM, I have to go now. I need to get ready for work. Send my love to my dad and auntie and uh…never mind. Take care.

YM: SM wait I have something to tell you…

SM: I will call you later.


YM: (knocking on Dir. Yin’s office)

XZ: Come in

YM: Dir. Yin, I called SM earlier. She sounded sad. I’m not sure if she saw the news.

XZ: (Drops his pen) OMG I forgot to call her. I have been too caught up with work today. I will call her later. (Smiling) If I tell you a secret, don’t tell SM ok? I plan to give her a surprise visit for Christmas.

YM: (Surprisingly) Really? Ok, if you need any help let me know. She will be so happy to see you. I will leave you alone to finish your work. Bye

After YM left, he quickly calls SM and hope the silly girl didn’t believe the article, but she didn’t answer her phone. He left a message for her to call him back as soon as she can.



It was a week before Christmas and the corresponding team is going to have one and half week off to spend with their family. SM made plans to fly back to Korea. To her surprise Josie is also going to Korea for one week, and SY is also returning to Korea, but SM is not flying with them. Josie asked for XZ’s number a week ago.

SM: Good morning everyone.

Josie: You look like a zombie. You stayed up all night thinking what happen to your note cards? (Sarcastically)

Delivery guy: Is Miss Zhen here?

SM: Yes

Delivery guy: The flowers are for you.

SM: Thank you

SM immediately forgets that she is unhappy and calls XZ. The call goes to his voice mail, which left SM being a bit frustrated but left a message saying the flowers looks lovely. When XZ hears the message, he is surprised. He’s trying to think, what flowers? Who send flowers to her.

SM’s cell phone rings.

SM: This is SM.


SM: Hold on (walks to the). Senior

XZ: Who sent you the flowers?

SM: Oh, the flowers are not from you? (Puzzled) Then who can it be from? Oh no, Senior, I need to go. I have a meeting in couple of minutes. I will call you back later? Bye

XZ: Bye (still puzzled)

She quickly goes back to her desk to see if there is a card somewhere. She sees one and opens it. As she reads, her eyes widens


I have been attracted to you since the first day you stepped into my office. I want to ask you to be my date for a Christmas dinner. I will be waiting for your reply.


SM’s eyes nearly pop put when she looked at the name written on the card.

SM : (in her heart) This can’t be! I mean..what in the world is he thinking? I mean..he’s so brave being so blunt! I’ve got to talk to him..have to!

After the meeting SM finds the courage to face Dir. Sun and decline his offer.

SM: Dir. Sun, Thank you for the flowers and the invitation for dinner. I am sorry I will not be able to have dinner with you. I made plans to visit my family and friends in Korea.

Dir. Sun: It’s ok. We can find another day. (Looks at SM while she walks away, sadly)

After work, SM goes shopping. Even though she is still puzzled over Dir. Sun’s interest in her, she is trying to put that feeling away and back to her jovial mood, thinking about home. She buys two wool sweaters for her dad and auntie, a charm bracelet for YM, a pair of matching cups for CS and ZD. She’s still trying to finish making XZ’s gift. The weather is cold and SM forgot to bring her jacket so she rushes home before she catches a cold. She started sneezing when she got home. She takes some medicine and goes to sleep.

Her cell phone rings.

SM: (with sniff noise voice) this is SM

XZ: SM, are you sick?

SM: (not realizing who it is) I am fine. I am sleeping. Can I call you back? Bye.

XZ starts to worry and calls SM’s auntie in London.

Auntie: Hello.

XZ: Hi Auntie, this is XZ. How are you doing?

Auntie: XZ! It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. I am fine here. Hope you are too.

XZ: Yes auntie, I’m great. Just that I’m worried about SM. She doesn’t sound well when I called her just now. She didn’t even want to talk to me! Which is kinda of weird! (giggles) Anyway, I’m sorry to bother you, but is it possible for you to go and check on her when you’re free? I’m a liltle bit worried here.

Auntie: Oh really? Actually, I’ve been busy myself so haven’t got the time to visit her. Don’t worry, I will give you a call when I get there.

XZ: Ok, I am going to take the next flight to London.

Auntie: (giggles) Oh dear XZ! Don’t worry too much. I’ll take care of her. After all, she is my precious angel.

XZ: (Smiles embarrassingly) Err, well, can’t help to get worried auntie. Anyway, thank you. See you later Bye

Auntie arrives at SM apartment and rings the door bell.

SM: (pick up her cell phone) this is SM. Hello

The door bell rings again. SM looks at her phone and put it down, drags herself off her bed to open the door. And wonder who it is.

SM: Auntie!! Hi, come in. You don’t need to work?

Auntie: I heard from a little birdie that you are sick.

SM: Me? Sick? Uhh… (Looking shocked, no one knows I am sick). Auntie, come in and have a seat.

She feels a little dizzy and uses the couch to support her.

Auntie: (holding her arm) SM, are you ok?

SM: I am ok, Auntie

Auntie guilds SM to her bedroom and tucks her into bed.

Auntie: SM, I am going to cook you rice porridge. You can eat then take your medicine. You get some rest.

SM: I …

Auntie: No more buts… (Leaves the room)

The next morning Auntie calls the station to tell them SM is sick and will not be able to come in. She left the message with Josie. Before Auntie left SM’s apartment, she left a note for her that she has called the station and will visit her later in the afternoon. SM wakes up and sees the note so she decided to go back to sleep since she won’t have to go to work.

At the station

Dir. Sun: Has anyone seen SM? How can she be so irresponsible?

Josie: No, I have not seen her all day.

SY: Josie, didn’t I hear you talking to SM’s auntie?

Josie: (trying to cover up) No, she was looking for SM.

SY: (for some reason she didn’t believe her) Let me give her a call. SM, where are you?

Dir. Sun: (Takes the phone from SY) SM, where are you? You know what time it is? What happen to your time management?

SM: (Coughing) I…Sorry, Dir. Sun I will be right in.

SM rushes back to the station. She thought her auntie already informed them she wasn’t coming in. SM goes straight to Dir. Sun’s office. Dir. Sun takes one look at SM and can see she is pale as a piece of paper.

SM: I am sorry Dir. Sun (coughing)

Dir. Sun: (looks at her) Are you feeling alright? If you are sick, you should call in and stay home.

SM: My Auntie called this morning and left a message with one of the team members.

Dir. Sun: I didn’t get the message.

Knock on the door

SY: Dir. Sun (looks at SM) SM, you look terrible. You should be in bed.
Dir. Sun: SY, can you take SM home?

SY: Yes, Dir. Sun (both of them leave the office) SM, I am not trying to say anything, but I think Josie picked up your aunt’s call this morning and didn’t give Dir. Sun the message.

SM: Don’t worry. It is not a big deal.

SY: Then your note card, could it be her?

SM: It could’ve been an accident.

SY: I am not sure why you’re protecting her.

SM : Am not protecting, but it’s just that we don’t have any proof against her. Besides, it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry. (smiles weakly).


At SM’s Apartment

SY: SM, are you sure you will be ok.

SM: I will be fine. My auntie will be coming in the afternoon to see me.

SY: Give me a call if you need anything.

SM: Thank you. Bye

SM goes straight to bed. When SM wakes up she sees XZ sitting next to her. Thinking she must be dreaming and closes her eyes and reopens them. He’s still there. She lightly pinches herself to make sure she is not dreaming then pinches XZ.

XZ: Hey what is that for?

SM: To make sure you are actually here (smiling cheekily then quickly pouts)

XZ: I thought you would be happy to see me?

SM: No, I thought you were having such a good time with your new girlfriend that you forgot about me.

XZ: (Laughing) Where did you get this idea?

SM: From my dream and then from the newspaper.

XZ: (Sits down on her bed and pulls her close to him) You silly girl, you still don’t know how I feel about you. How many times do I need to tell you?

SM: I… not that I don’t believe you, but… hey want you are doing in London? Don’t tell me you came to visit me because someone sends me flowers.

XZ: Do I look like I am such a person who has unsecured feelings like you? I came to make sure you are ok. I was so worried. When I called you, you sounded sick so I changed my plans to see you early. I was planning to make a surprise visit on Christmas Eve. I have been trying to work ahead of my schedule to spend time with you. It looks like this is going to be our first Christmas I will be taking care of you. What is this dream about?

SM: (Giggling) Well, I dreamed you had another girlfriend. You and her at your place sitting on the couch and you had your arms around her. I was very surprised and ran out of the house.

XZ: (Laughing) Taking care of you is already a handful! I don’t think I have time to look for another one.

SM: (Elbows him)

XZ: Ouch…get some rest and I will cook something for you to eat.

SM: Senior, thanks. How long are you staying?

XZ: Until Tuesday.

SM: Do you mind leaving a little early? I was planning fly back to Korea for couple of days. Maybe we can leave for Korea together.

XZ: Ok, I will call the travel agent tomorrow. Stop asking so many questions and get some rest.

SM: Alright. Oh yes, did auntie stop by? Isn’t she supposed to be working? I don’t want to bother her..she has so much to look after already! Are you taking emergency leaves or sick leave by coming here? Won’t your colleagues wonder where you’ve gone? Did you tell anybody you are coming? Senior XD? Senior…

XZ: (Put his hand on her mouth) Dear God!! You are supposed to be sick! Sick people are supposed to be quiet, resting! Not bombarding her “nurse” with questions!! Now, will you PLEASE lie down and rest my dear precious angel?

SM throws a pillow at XZ as he left the room.

After dinner, they snuggled in front of the television watching Bed of Roses and they fell asleep. SM woke up in the middle of the night and went to her room to finish XZ’s gift.

The next morning is Christmas Eve; XZ sees SM still sleeping like a baby so he let her sleep. He makes breakfast for SM in case she wakes up. Then left for the store to buy decorations for the apartment. When SM wakes up she was surprised to see a Christmas tree in the living room with presents and stockings hang on the wall. SM walks up to the tree, kneels down and looks through the gifts.

SM: I don’t see my name on any of the gifts. You got auntie ZC, YM, my dad, your parents, and your brother (looking surprise). You actually got something for them?

XZ: I am trying to build a relationship with them, but you have to give me sometime. I know how much you wanted me to rekindled our relationship, my step-mum and I. So let’s just say that this relationship-rekindling is my Xmas gift to you…(Smiles adoringly)

SM: Oh XZ! That will be the greatest gift. (Smiling) I want to see you become closer to them.

XZ: (Smiling cheekily) Gosh you are so easy to please!

That night both of them drove around London admiring the Christmas lights decoration around town. Afterward they stopped by the park walking hand in hand.

SM: (Coughs and sneezes)

XZ: (Wraps his arm around her waist) we better get in the car and head on home. I don’t want you to get worse or else when I go back to Korea Uncle GC will think I don’t know how to take care of his daughter and not allow me to marry you (laughing).

SM: My dad will be so happy to marry me off. Then he doesn’t have to worry about me as much. Unless you don’t want to marry me anymore (smiling cheekily).

XZ: Hmm… If I found someone better then you, but so far I have not (saying it jokingly).

SM: (Giving him a glare and pushes him away then ran off)

XZ: (Chasing after her) I am joking. You know you mean everything to me.

SM: How would I know if you don’t tell me?

It is almost mid-night when they got home. XZ purposely tells SM to open the door using the excuse he forgot his keys. She opens the door and hears barking sounds

SM: Senior, do you hear something?

XZ: No, I don’t.

She turns on the light and sees a little puppy with a red bow on its head wagging his tail at her. The puppy is a miniature pincher and is light brown. SM kneels down and scoops the puppy into her arms.

SM: She is so cute and little (Gives XZ a kiss on his lips)

XZ: That is all I get?

SM: Yep (carries the puppy to her room and puts it on her bed. She goes to the closet and takes out a box and hands it to XZ.)

XZ: (He opens the box and finds a beige sweater) SM, did you make this (looking surprise)?

SM: Yes, try it on to see if it fits. (She left the room)

XZ: (He tries the sweater on and goes outside to show her.) SM, it fits perfectly.

SM: Ok (without looking up at him)

XZ: I wish I didn’t get you the puppy. You pay more attention to her than me.

SM: (smiling cheekily) Are you jealous?

XZ: What happens when we have babies?

SM: My time will be devoted to them.

XZ: Hmm…Ok then…we’re not going to have any babies. (Sits down next to SM and together they play with the puppy.) What did you name her?

SM: Happy. Just like me always happy.

XZ pulls SM up from the floor and leads her to her bedroom. He stops at the door and points out the mistletoe and gives her a passionate kiss.

Chapter 9

SM feels something licking her cheeks in the morning and wakes up to see Happy wagging her tail at her. She pats the dog head and goes back to sleep, but Happy continues to lick her. She gives a soft groan and drags herself out of bed. And carries Happy to the living room and see XZ sleeping soundly. SM holds Happy close to XZ face and starts licking his cheeks. XZ opens his eyes seeing Happy and hearing SM laughing. SM laughs so hard that she drops Happy to the floor. He quickly grabs SM arms and pulls her down to the couch and tickles her.

XZ: (Looking at her) After days of restless nights, you wake me up this early.

SM: I didn wake you up. It was Happy.

XZ: (Acting curious) Is it? Are you sure it wasn’t you who did the licking just now? I thought it was a very creative way to wake me up. (Smiling mischievously and continues to tickle SM)

SM: (Laughing hard) Oh please! Dream on! Don’t you dare thinking me of being THAT creative! Ok , ok! Stop! You are killing me here! Ok, go back to sleep! Won’t bother you anymore!

XZ: No, since I am up, you better be a good girl and cook something for your future husband to eat or I am going to starve.

SM: WHAT? You are asking a sick person to cook breakfast (giving him a sympathetic smile) Have a heart dear!

XZ: Sick!!! Looks like you have the energy to climb a mountain.

SM: (Giggling, kisses him on the forehead before she gets up to the kitchen) By the way when are we leaving for Korea.

XZ: Sunday morning.

SM: That is good, then I can have lunch with the seniors and YM. I hope daddy will be home. I miss them so much. Auntie too. Then you can spend some time with your family for New Years, since you are here with me for Christmas.

XZ: SM, my gosh. What happen to you, you keep on blabbering.

SM: (Smiling cheekily) Because I thought you missed hearing my voice since we have not talked for so long.

XZ: Is this some sort of punishment? Ok tonight we will talk all night long and sleep at home tomorrow.

SM: That sounds great! Prepare for the ultimate punishment then! (both laugh) Ok I am going to cook now. Will leave you alone. Oh one more thing, can you walk Happy?

XZ: (Shaking his head) Yes madam.

SM: And (smiling) can we take some pictures. Want to show them my apartment and London.

XZ: Ok will do that later in the afternoon. Anything else madam?

SM: (giggling) Enough for now. Ok I will go make breakfast.

XZ: Yes sweetie, what ever you like. (Gives her a kiss on her forehead)

SM makes a big mess in the kitchen, covering the counter and floor with flour and smudges on her nose and cheeks. XZ comes to the kitchen and is speechless when he sees the mess that she created.

XZ: (Laughing) Wow, I.. What are you planning to make. Looks like a volcano erupted and cover everything with flour. Honey, you do realize that there are only 2 people and a dog are in this apartment which need feeding and you are not feeding the whole block occupants!

SM grabs a hand full of flour and throws it at XZ. Happy suddenly appear and got flour on her too. She got so scared and runs out of the kitchen leaving trails of small paw prints on the floor. They both chase after Happy to avoid her making a mess, but they forgot they are also covered with flour. SM stops abruptly and starts to laugh hysterically. XZ stops and look at SM.

XZ: What are you laughing at?

SM: (Trying to control laughing) Look at the mess we have made. (There is flour in the living room)

XZ: (Shaking his head) Hmm, since you made the mess so you can clean it up.


It took them nearly the whole morning to clean up the kitchen and the living room and they clasp on the couch. And of course, there goes their breakfast. XZ volunteers to prepare lunch instead and SM takes this advantage for a short nap. Happy quietly lay next to SM. He didn’t have the heart to wake SM up when he is done cooking and quietly sits next to her on the sofa bed to get some work done. SM wakes up in the evening and sees XZ busy working. She lightly yanks his sleeves. He looks down at her and gently kisses her on the lips.

SM: Senior, what time is it?

XZ: 7

SM: Oh my gosh. Have you eaten?

XZ: No, I am waiting for my sleeping beauty to wake up.

SM: (Pulling herself up) You silly. If you are hungry eat without me.

XZ: Right, then who going to serve me? (smiling) Besides, no fun eating without company (smiling cheekily).


XZ: SM, are you ready. We need to hurry or the plane will leave without us.

SM: I am ready. WAIT, forgot to bring Happy food.

XZ: I already put some in the cage along with water and toys. Have some dry foods in the luggage and can get the rest of his food supply in Korea.

SM: Ok, Wait! Did you pack the presents for your family, my dad, auntie, and YM.

XZ: Yes! Anything else, dear?

SM: Yes, you forgot one more thing (smiling)

XZ: What? (Confused)

SM: Me! (giggling naughtily)

XZ groans loudly and pulls SM out of the apartment and goes back in to make sure everything is turn off with both of them roar with laughter.



SM calls her dad when she got off the plane, but no one picks up the phone. She calls Auntie ZS

ZS: Hello

SM: Auntie ZS, how are you doing? This is SM.

ZS: SM, I am great. How are you?

SM: I am fine. Guess what? I am in Korea!

ZS: You are! Oh dear! This is a great Christmas surprise! You must come over for dinner tonight. But your dad will not be home until Wednesday. If you like, you can stay with me. Since YM and you will have lots to talk about.

SM: Daddy not home? (sounds disappointed but recovers after hearing the invitation by auntie) Oh alright. I will join you for dinner. I am going to see YM first. Talk to you later. Bye

SM walks into the team room and greets everyone with afternoon. Everyone turn their heads upon hearing SM voice and recognize the beautiful smile. YM the first one to jump from her chair to give her a big hug that SM hardly can breathe.

YM: SM, how are you doing? You look skinnier, must be the stress from working as special correspond. I am going to cook you big dinner every night and when you leave Korea you will gain some weight.

SM: (laughing happily) Thank you! Make sure you do that!

YX: SM, you look great. (Looking at her watch) Did XZ come back with you? Where did he disappear to. Lets check his office.

YM, YX, SM, and XD head to XZ office when they open the door, they see a young lady standing behind XZ and she is leaning forward, her arm rested on the back of the chair and pointing to his laptop screen.

Josie: Oh SM! It is so nice to see you here. I heard you are sick. Glad to see you have recovered from your cold so quickly. I have been calling XZ (sounding like they know each other for a long time) everyday since I have arrived in Korea but can get through him. Today I decide to look for him here and am surprised to find you are here too.

SM: I came to visit my friends and co-workers. (Looking uncomfortable and turn to the others) This is Josie, one of the correspondents I work with from London.

The others look at each other confusingly and uneasily over the unexpected visit and act by Josie.

Josie: (Looking at the clock) XZ..How about I treat you to lunch?

SM stands there and can even say another word and YM looks at SM.

YM: Since Dir. Yin is busy, why don’t we go to lunch.

XY: How can you leave me out from lunch? (Looking at SM) How can I bear not to have lunch with SM when she comes back to Korea. Josie, if you like, why don you join us?

Josie: (With an uneasy smile) I will love to join. How can I miss an offer from you.


At the restaurant Josie quickly grab a seat next to XZ and try to start a conversation with him ignoring the others. SM is about sit next to YX and YM, but YM lightly nudge SM to sit next to XZ. XZ looks at SM and smiles, but SM trying very hard not to show her emotions.

XZ: SM, what would you like to eat or do you want me to decide for you?

At this point, Josie is a little bit confused over the attention showed by XZ towards SM, but just forgoes her curiousness.

YX: SM, you must have not fully recovered. Order something light for her XZ.

SM: I am fine. I will have a salad.

XZ: You should not be eating cold food. How about chicken soup?

SM: That sounds fine.

Josie: (trying to get XZ attention) XZ, gosh all the food on this menu looks appetizing. Can you help me decide?

XZ: Um, what do you usually like to eat?

Josie: Beef

XZ: Then how about grilled beef. This restaurant serves it pretty good.

Josie: That is my favorite. How did you know? You can read my mind. (Looking at SM, curiously still)

SM: (Smiling, pretends to ignore the gesture by Josie) Josie, how long are you planning to stay at Korea?

Josie: I am leaving Wednesday morning.

YM: (Being Sarcastic) That soon..(stops her next sentence when SM kicks her foot under the table). Err..well, maybe next time youl stay longer so that I can show you around.

Josie: XZ will take me around. (She puts her hand around his arm)

XZ quickly reaches for his glass of water, avoiding Josie grasp. YM nearly stands up, planning to give a piece of her mind to Josie but quickly stopped by SM when SM pressed her arm down.

XD: (looking worried, and trying softened the situation) The food usually served pretty fast. Why is it taking so long today?

Josie: If you are busy, you can leave first.

XD: (Shocked to hear how rude Josie could be but is comforted by YX when she touched his arm) Err, no Josie. Just that I am worried that SM is tired and hungry, since she just arrived. Want her to finish eating and go home for a rest. XZ, why don’t you drop her off at home don’t want her to go home by herself.

XZ: I don’t have a problem if SM is not mad at me (looking at her)

SM: Why should I be mad at you. Senior takes such good care of me.

Josie: (not satisfied) XZ, do you mind taking me home too.

XZ: I am sorry Josie. After I drop SM home, I need to head back to the office for a meeting. (glanced at XD and gives him a secretive smile. XD returns it back with a quick smile before covering it with his hand)

Josie: How about dinner tonight?

XZ: Sorry, I have other plans. XD, we are supposed to discuss about the new segments for Eve tonight right?

YX : (puzzled) What new segments?

XD : Dear, you forgot about THAT new thing I told you? (widening his eyes)

YX : (Confused, but later gets the point) ooo!! THAT thing..yes, yes I remember! Oh yes, Josie. THAT thing needs LONG and LENGTHFUL discussion. We women would be bored.(smiling cheekily towards XZ and XD)

The waiter finally brings the food to the table.

After lunch XZ takes SM home. He walks into the house with her to make sure she is safe before leaving.

SM: Senior, I am ok. Don’t worry about me. You have spent a lot of time with me already. I will be fine.

XZ: How about I join you for dinner tonight?

SM: Go home and spend some time with your family and get some rest. You must be stressed out from the long flight.

XZ : SM..

SM : Yes, senior?

XZ : (Smiles adoringly) You know I love you right? And that nobody else matters in this world?

SM : (Smiles back) Yes, Senior. That why I said I am alright. And I love you too.

XZ kisses SM on the forehead and leaves. SM goes around the house looking for Happy and she is in her room sleeping. She picks her up and hugs her tightly and tears slowly falls from her eyes. Thinking today must be the worst lunch she has ever had and the fear of losing XZ comes back to her. However, the words of love from XZ comfort her a little. She curls on her bed with Happy and falls asleep. The phone rings.

SM: Hello

GC: SM, how are you doing? You should have told me you will be coming back! This is one surprise I am not happy with! Because I am not there!!

SM: (laughing) Oh Daddy! I am fine. I will make a big dinner waiting for you to come back. Don’t feel so bad about it.

GC: Ok. I am assuming your cooking has improved.

SM: (Chuckling) My cooking has always been the best.

GC: I know. I will see you Wednesday night. Bye. I love you honey!

SM: Bye. Love you too dad!

The phone rings.

SM: Daddy, we just hang up.

XZ: Daddy! Do I sound like your dad?

SM: Senior (laughing) sorry, thought my dad forgot to tell me something after we hang up.

XZ: SM, what are you doing? Let me guess sleeping!

SM: (Chuckling) Right, and now I am dreaming talking to you. How did you ever guess?

XZ: (Laughing) Anyway SM, as the Director of MBS, I want to invite you to be the special guest for Good Morning Eve. Please say yes or I will not be able to explain to the hosts of the show.

SM: (Thinking)..Hmmmm..wait, who is the female host?

XZ: I will leave you in suspense. Not unless you agree.

SM: Of course I will do it. I missed the whole show.

XZ: Hmm, does that include me?

SM: Of course not. You are not part of the crew. But I will always miss you when I couldn’t see you. Can you feel that?

XZ: Of course. You forgot we have telepathy

SM: Silly me. How can I forget? Talk to you later. I need to go to Auntie house. Bye

XZ: Bye.


At the Station

XD: Good Morning everyone. Welcome to Good Morning Eve. I am XD and my co-host YX. Today we have a special guest. See if you could guess who she is. She has a very beautiful smile and loved by all, especially the Eve audience! Still no clue? (Audience answered no) If you still don’t know who she is, she left us for London about couple months ago. Now you know? Please welcome SM!

SM first thing she notice is XZ standing behind the audience and makes her feels a little nervous and sees Josie sitting in the middle section as an audience. She wonders why she would come here. She walks out casually with her beautiful smile and greets the audience with a bow. When SM reaches the hosts, she gives them a hug.

YX: SM, looks like you have gotten more beautiful after coming back from London. There must be lots of guys chasing you. (Looking at XZ smiling)

SM: YX, you are so funny. I am lucky to have a guy to like me. (Trying to change the topic) I see this show is almost a couple show. XD and YX then QZ (Li Qing XI) and QX (Shen Qi Zong)

QZ: SM, don’t get us involve here. But since you got us started, (Looking at XD and hinted him for the surprise they have planned).

YX: Oh, SM, I almost forgot you are already engage. How can we not exclude you? (Looking at XZ) Would that guy in the grey suit standing behind the audience come down here to the stage. (The camera force on XZ)

XZ: (Looking around the recording area and pretending not to hear anything)

YX: You know I am talking to you, don’t pretend you can hear me. YM, would you please guide our guest to the floor.

YM: Yes, I will be happy to do so!

YM gets up from her chair and starts to approach XZ and Josie got up and grab YM.

Josie: Where are you going? You can’t be going to get XZ. He can’t be SM fiance!

YM: (Smiling smirkly) Josie, sometimes there are things which are hard to predict!

XD, seeing Josie is in the verge of anger, quickly signaled their producer to cut the programme to commercial. Josie runs down to the stage towards SM.

Josie: (Looking at SM and raise her tone of voice) SM! Is this true? How can you..So I see, the person who has been helping you is XZ which is directior of MBS. No wonder you are at the position you are now. Just from the interview recording, thinking you can memorize the interview outline and messing it up. If it was live on-air, I will not be able to think what will happen. I am surprised the station let you do live on-air for Good Morning Eve.

SM: Between you and me, you should know what happen to my note cards.

YX: (Stepping in) And how would you know she did a poor job on live on-air. You have never watched the live programmes she was in. I think we should know her ability since we have been working with her.

SM: (Pull YX aside) Please will you all stop all these. Senior YX, please stop this argument. There is no point in trying to reason with her.

Josie: SM, you don’t have to pretend to be all innocent. (Changing to topic to let XZ know another person is interested in SM) When you are in London, the way Dir. Sun looks at you. Don’t tell me you didn’t try to win his heart. The flowers you received, I can assume is not from Dir. Yin.

XZ glances at SM.

SM: (Raising her voice) I am not sure what you are talking about, but I had no intention of flirting with anyone. As for the flowers, I don’t think I owe you an explanation on who send it to me. I know one thing for sure my heart is with Senior. That is XZ.

XZ eyes widening when he heard SM said the last sentence. He is surprised to hear SM said that in the public. SM then realized what she had said in front of everyone and her cheeks flushed red. Josie is getting furious and almost slaps SM on the face, but is stopped by XZ grabbing Josie arm and pulls SM back behind him.

XZ: Josie, what do you think you are doing? (Looking at SM) Are you ok?

Josie : (Looking disbelieve) I can’t believe it. It all true then? She your fiancé?
(SM fells into silence) (Josie looks at XZ) I can’t believe you can fall for a girl like her! And I thought you have taste!

XZ : (Smiles) Well, I do. (Josie groans disbelievingly and left the set quickly) SM, are you alright?

SM: I fine senior. Oh my gosh was this broadcasted?

Crewman: Now only you asked that? After all the chaos? (giggles) Don’t worry, it on commercial. Thanks to XD!

Everyone sighs with relief.

XZ: SM, can you continue? If not, we can excuse you.

SM: I am a professional broadcaster, can’t let my emotions effect the show. (Smiling to the others) Besides, the audience will be perplexed when I am suddenly out from the show. Let continue please friends. I am alright.

Crewman: Ok then. Get back into place in three, two, one.

XD: Welcome back. Dir. Yin is an honor to have you on our morning show. This is the first time you are here and should be thankful to SM or we will not be able to invite you.

XZ: (Laughing) You should have told me, I will be happy to be your guest anytime.

XD: You have anything to say to the audience, since you are the person who created this show.

XZ: Without the audience, crew, and this team this show will not be successful. Thank you everyone for your support.

YX: Thanks Dir. Yin. Let continue with the next segments of the show.

After the show

YM: SM are you ok.

SM: I am ok.

Chapter 10

New Year’s Eve

YM and SM wanted to cook a special dinner for ZS and GC, but had no idea what to cook. They spent part of the morning at the bookstore looking through recipes and decided on Italian food. The market is full of people pushing and rushing to buy groceries. It took them longer than they thought to get home.

YM and SM eyes nearly popped out when they see the mess Happy made. The newspaper on the coffee table was shred into pieces all over the floor. SM finds Happy hiding under the coffee table and giving her a sad puppy look.

SM: (scolding) Happy, look at the mess you made!!! (Happy giving her a sad puppy look) You and Senior are the same. Always giving me that look.

YM: SM, why don’t you take her to my room.

SM picks up Happy and carries her to the bedroom.

YM takes the groceries into the kitchen to chop the onions and marinate the meat while SM cleans the living room before Auntie ZS comes home. SM joins YM in the kitchen boiling the water for the pasta and the tomato and cream sauce for the lasagna. They hear the front door open and it is SM’s dad. He goes into the kitchen to see if the girls need any help.

GC: Yumm, smell delicious. Do you need any help?

YM: Uncle, no thank you. You can go to the living room and relax. We can handle it.

GC: Ok, by the way where is Happy?

SM: I lock her in YM’s room. She tore the newspaper.

GC: (Laughing) Just like you when you were little. I will bring her down to keep me company. (Leaves the kitchen)

About two hours later, ZS comes from work and find GC reading the newspaper on the couch and Happy on his lap sleeping. ZS pops her head into the kitchen and smell the aroma of tomato sauce and cheese in the air. YM busy chopping the vegetables for the salad and SM taking the lasagna out from the oven. ZS is shocked to notice the plates and bowls they used which are piled in the sink and counter. She goes over to the sink and starts to wash the dishes.

SM: (Looking at Auntie ZS) Auntie, what are you doing? We will clean up the mess. Why don’t you go chat with my father. Dinner will be served in a few minutes.

ZS leaves the kitchen.

YM yells out dinner is ready. GC and ZS walks to the dining room, and see how nicely the table is set up. As SM and YM carries the dishes to the table, GC and ZS look at the food and wonder if it is edible. ZS decides she will be the guinea pig and take the first bite. She looks at GC and gives him a nod indicating that it tastes ok. GC slowly put a piece of lasagna in his mouth.

GC: This is good.

SM: Are you doubting our cooking skills?

ZS: No, we are not. It is hard to imagine our little SM is growing up and will be married off soon. You do need to practice your cooking skill or how else will you be able to cook for your husband.

SM: (Smiling) Two words. Take out.

Everyone laughs

After dinner SM and YM hurry up to clean up the mess in the kitchen. Happy keep on walking in and out of the kitchen to get SM’s attention. SM almost trip over her when she brings the plates into the kitchen.

SM: (Picks up Happy) Girl, what am I going to do with you?

Happy: (softly) woof woof (rubbing her head on SM’s arm)

SM: (she realizes something) Oh my gosh, Happy, I forgot to feed you. I left your food at home.

YM: SM, do you want to feed her bread?

SM: Sure, that will do in the mean time. My dad can feed her again when he gets home.

SM’s cell rings and pulls it out from her pocket. YM feeds Happy.

SM: This is SM. Hi Senior.

XZ: How was dinner?

SM: It was great. Auntie and dad loved YM and my cooking. They almost finished the food.

XZ: Did you save me some food?

SM: I thought you had dinner with your family or did you stay at the office until now?

XZ: Hey, do not think I am a workaholic. The dinner with my parents was excellent. My step mom cooked my favorite dishes. I want to taste yours and YM’s cooking.

SM: You better watch it or else you will gain weight and have a tummy.

XZ: I am not worried about that. I am already off the market, so I do not need to impress other girls. Are you two ready to go?

SM: No, we need more time to finish washing the dishes and clean up. Why don’t you come over to Auntie’s place and talk to them.

XZ: Alright, then I will come over now. How big of a mess did you guys create? (jokingly)

SM: Not much. (Chuckling) Senior, I gotta go help YM. Bye


At the Bar

YX and XD purposely saved a matching cone hat for them. XZ refused to wear the hat stating it is not his style.

SM: Why not? It looks very nice. The color matches your outfit. 2004 is written in gold glitter and streamers coming down from the top of the hat. Now, be good and put it on. (SM puts the hat on him)
XD: SM, looks like XZ only listens to you.

SM: (Blushing and smiles)

At the strike of midnight, XZ pulls SM close to him and gave her a kiss and everyone looks at them. SM face turns bright red with embarrassment.


The next morning XZ meets up with SM, GC, YM, and ZS to pay a visit to YZ at his grave.

SM: YZ brother, we brought YM to visit you and she is very healthy. I will let her speak to you.

YM: YZ…I am not sure if they told you, I have lost my memory. I do not recall knowing SM, Uncle GC, and Auntie ZS, but they had given me great support after leaving the orphanage place. The only possession I have with me is my wallet with your picture in it. Every time I look at the picture I have a feeling I had known you before and you are not in this world. (Sniffing). (Composing herself) Currently, I am working at MBS, and a segment host for Good Morning Eve. And hoping when SM comes back from London, we will be able to work together. Don’t worry about your mom and me. GC is taking good care of us. As for SM, she will be getting married to XZ. And YZ, all of them have been saying that you are my guardian angel…so I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me another chance in life. I will not fail you. Thank you… (Trying to control her feelings)

SM: (Looking at YM and puts her arm around her)

ZS: YZ, do not worry about YM. I will take good care of her. She is like a daughter to me. (Chuckling) She’s even taking over your place in helping me out in the store! (Tears welling up in her eyes. YM holds her hand). I keep on telling her to go out with her friends or even date, but she refuses. Hopefully one day she will find someone special in her life.

They all bow to YZ. Afterwards, GC takes ZS back to the store. YM, SM, and XZ visit the orphanage and brings lots of presents for the children. They had a shopping spree the other night buying toys, clothing, and books for children. Everything they saw are cute and pretty and had a hard time deciding what to purchase. They ended up buying to the point they can not carry anymore bags and had to call XZ to pick them up from the stores. He concluded he will not let those two girls go shopping by themselves anymore.

Finally they arrived at the orphanage. YM quickly gets out of the car and looks for the Sisters. The children are so excited to see her. They miss the fairly tale she told them during story time. XZ and SM start to carry the packages into the house. The children gather around them as they pass out the gifts. XZ goes to talk to the Sister and SM and YM plays a game of blindfold with the kids.

Kid 1: Sister YM, I am right behind you.

YM quickly turns and swings her arm, but the kid already run to her side.

Kid2: Sister YM, I am here. (Quickly ducks)

Instead of catching the kid, YM got SM since she is standing behind the kid. SM blind folds herself and hears the kids screaming her name but is not able to catch them. XZ is standing on the sidewalk watching and laughing. He decides to go join them and motions to the kids to be quiet.

SM: (Suddenly she does not hear any noise) Where did everyone go? HELLO? ANYONE AROUND? (She continues walking and swings her arms.) Hello??

Kids: (Trying very hard not to laugh by covering their mouth.)

SM: When I catch anyone of you, I will give you a spanking. This includes YOU YM.

She hears the sound of the grass moving in front of her and quickly wraps her arm around that person.

SM: (Thinking this is strange, who can this person be. YM is skinny. OMG her face suddenly turns red and hoping she did not hug a male person. (She quickly removes the handkerchief from her eyes and sees XZ.) Ar.. When did you join the game?

XZ: Your face is red. (Smiling maliciously) I am waiting for the spanking. Where are you planning to spank me?


XZ: What? I thought you are going to spank the person you catch. I sacrifice myself for the kids and YM for the pain.

SM: I was only joking. I will not hit the adorable children.

Kid 1: He is not a kid. Then you can hit him.

SM looks at XZ. He gives her a puppy face look. How can she dare to hit him?

SM: I cannot hit someone who is giving me that look.

Kid 2: Then how about giving him a kiss?

SM: (Hesitating)

SM leans forward and kisses him on the cheek; XZ quickly turns his head and SM kisses him on his lips instead.

SM: (Blushing even more) Senior, why did you do that for?

XZ: You do not like surprises?

She hits him on his chest.

YM: (jokingly) SM, if you hit him earlier, then you do not have to kiss him.

SM: YM! (She runs to her and tickles her)

Sister: Come on children, it’s story time. YM had voluntarily to read during story time.

The children run into the house. YM chooses a fairly tale called “The Tortoise and the Hare”.


XZ arrives to the front of SM house. After dropping off YM, she had not said one word to XZ and stare out the window. He gets out of the car, walks over to the passenger side and gently pulls her out of the car.

XZ: Come on SM, (Holding her hand and leads her to the park and looks up into the sky.) I wonder if the stars are the same in London. (Pointing to the stars) You see those two bright shining stars? It represents you and me. Every time you think of me, look for the two stars next to each other, but in case you can’t find it (pulling a box out of his pocket and hands it to SM) Open it.

SM: (Opens the box and sees two crystal shapes like a star) This is…..
XZ: (Covers her lips with his finger) You do not have to say anything.

SM wraps her arm around his waist and leans her head against his chest and said thank you.



SM is exhausted after a long flight back to London and returns to an empty quiet apartment makes her feel lonely. SM stands there thinking, how she wishes she can go back to Korea to be with her family, friends, and Senior. She hears a soft bark and realizes Happy had been in the cage for hours. And opens the cage to let Happy out. Happy stuck her head out and looks around the room. SM picks up Happy and carries her to the bedroom. She takes out the stars that XZ gave from her purse and decides the best place will be putting it on her nightstand.

As SM logs on to yahoo messenger and sees XZ is online and immediately sends him a web cam invitation and puts on her headset.

XZ: SM, you must really miss me. Why else would you come on right away to look for me?

SM: (Blushing) Miss you?? You are the last person on the list that I will miss. Do not think so highly of yourself.

XZ: Really (Understanding that it takes a lot for her to admit it). Ok, since you do not miss me what brings you here looking for me after you just got home.

SM: Want to make sure you are up to have enough time to eat breakfast before heading to work.

XZ: Breakfast!! No one is here to cook for me. She’s gone for the next few months.

SM: Who will want to leave you for that long? She must feel secured. You are (giggling) the most gorgeous, handsome guy and…

XZ: (Smiling warmly) That is it? Gorgeous, handsome? Anything else??

SM: (Suddenly embarrassed to continue) AND I need to go to bed and Senior needs to go to work. Or people will think I had kidnapped you with me back to London (laughing)

XZ: You cannot let me hanging here and stop at the AND. Ok, I will let it go this time, but next time…

SM: Next time what?

XZ: You will find out next time.

SM: Really. Drive safely.

XZ: Good night and sweet dreams. Hmmm. Maybe in your dream, you will dream about me.

SM: BYE Senior

XZ: You need to stop calling me that. I hope you will not call me Senior after we get married. (Teasingly)

SM: (Not sure how to answer him) Senior, looks like this time you cannot stop talking. I am going. Bye

Chapter 11

At the station

SM: (Walking into the office) Good morning, everyone.

Everyone looks at her.

The stares from their eyes give SM a cold chill down her back.

SY: (Pulling SM aside and whispering to her) Josie has been talking about you since she stepped into the office this morning. What happened when she saw you at Korea?

Josie: (Interrupting their conversation) SM how was the rest of your trip after I left Korea? It was such a shame that I was unable to spend more time with you and your FRIENDS. I am sure we would have had a great time.

SM: (Smiling to Josie) Josie, there was less excitement after you left. You should have stayed for couple more days, all of us had a great time at the New Year Eve party.

Joe: (Walking into the room) Good morning. Josie and SM how was your trip to Korea?

Josie: I had fun. I got a chance to have dinner with Dir. Yin.

Joe: Good. And SM

SM: It was great.

Joe continues his conversation with SM. SY’s phone rang.

SY: This is SY. Good morning Dir. Sun.

Dir. Sun: Can SM and you please come to my office immediately?

SY: ok. (Hangs up the phone.) SM, Dir. Sun wants to see us.

SM: Ok

SY: (knocking on Dir. Sun¡¦s office door)

Dir Sun: Come in. Have a sit. SY and SM, how was your holiday?

SY: Great

SM: Good, thank you.

Dir. Sun: I am glad both of you had a wonderful holiday. I have a project for you two to work on. It is a promotion for France tourism. (Handing them a piece of paper) Here is list of places to be covered in the promotion. Both of you will be researching the history and attraction of these places. Apart from the places written on this list, feel free to add other interesting sightseeing places, museums, restaurants, etc. This project is not only reading from a script. I want you to put your own ideas and feeling into making this promotion livelier. But of course, in making it more lively, you have to have accurate and solid information and facts. Therefore, a live experience would definitely be helpful. So in about three weeks, you two will visit France. After returning from France, you have one week to write a report on your experience in France on the different place you visited. The recording plans to start in February and the date will be given later. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Walking out of the office.

SY: (Smiling broadly while clapping hands) I am so excited!! (Pulling SM on the wrist) Let’s go to the library and start on this.

SM: Slow down. Let¡¦s go to lunch first, then to the library.

SY: Good idea.

After lunch they headed to the library. SY and SM found a table at the corner of the library.

SY: This will be a great spot. We can talk softly and will not disturb others. I am going to look for some books. Be right back.

After 30 minutes, SY carries a stack of books towards the table.

SY: SM, look at all the books I found on France. (Opening the book) Hey, how about Paris. Look at the picture of the Eiffel Tower. It says here that “This towering was built for the World Fair of 1889, held to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. It stands 320m (1050ft) high and held the record as the world’s tallest structure until 1930.¨ It has a restaurant on the first floor. It will be so romantic to be having dinner and viewing the night sightings with loved ones.

SM: Look! You can also go on a cruise on the Seine River and able to see the bridges and monuments of Paris.

SM mind starts to wander off, thinking this is where she wants to go on her honeymoon. Sitting next to Senior and enjoying the beautiful lights while going down the river. Also drinking wine. SM¡¦s face brightens with a sweet smile as she continues daydreaming.

SY: (snapping her fingers) SM!!! What are you smiling about? You are drooling all over the book.

SM: What!!! (Her face blushes. Looking at the book and still dry.) No, I did not.

SY: You should look at yourself (laughing). You must by thinking about Dir. Yin.

SM: (Smiling)

SY: Ok, let’s go home. I am tired after looking through the books, while someone HERE is busy in her own world!

SM: (Chuckles) alright, alright. I am sorry but can not help it! You go ahead home. I want to borrow a few books on France. I will see you tomorrow. Bye

SY: Bye

SM flips through the pages of the book in front of her. Then she notices someone is standing beside her. She turns her head and sees Dir. Sun.

SM: Hi Dir. Sun

Dir. Sun: I can see you are a productive person. (Looking at his watch) Still working at this hour. (Knowing she has not ate dinner) Would you like to join me for dinner? I do not like to see you lose weight because of working.

SM: (Hesitates) Ammm

Dir. Sun: Not to worry, I do not bit.

SM: (Laughing) Sure I need to eat dinner too.

At the restaurant

When SM and Dir. Sun are being seated, Josie is sitting at the other side of the restaurant and she spotted them right away, but did not approach them. SM excuses herself to the ladies room after the order was taken. Josie follows SM.

Josie: (Entering the ladies room) SM, what a surprise to see you here with Dir. Sun. First is Dir. Yin at MBS when you are in Korea. Now in London, is Dir. Sun. You sure do know how to play your little tricks to reach the top.

SM: I am not sure what you are talking about. (Sarcastically) And you, if you also do not know what you are talking about, then do not bother talking. It is a waste of bucketful of saliva.

Josie: Playing Miss Innocent. Unlike you, I work hard to achieve my position and not flirt with the upper management.

SM: Josie, you better watch your language.

She walks out the door and goes back to the table.

SM: (Seeing Dir. Sun has not touched his meal) Dir. Sun, you do not have to wait for me to eat.

Dir. Sun: It is always polite to wait for the lady to come back before starting. (Look at SM face) You look unhappy. Did something happen?

SM: (Changes her facial expression) NonothingI am alright. Err.. Let’s eat. I am starving.

(After finishing their main course)

Dir. Sun: Are you full? Want to order dessert.

SM: I will pass. Thanks.

Dir. Sun: I will take you home. I can not bear to see you taking the bus home at this hour.

SM: (Hesitantly answers after thinking about Josie¡¦s remarks in the restroom before) Err, I do not think it is such a good idea

Dir. Sun: (Cuts in before SM finishes her sentence) Sending a young lady home in the middle of the night is not a good idea? If anything ever happens to you, what should I answer to your family? Please, I insist. Besides, it’s my fault that you have to go home this late. If it’s not because of my invitation, you would have been home now. So please, I insist.

SM hesitantly agrees.

Parking lot of SM’s apartment

SM: Thank you for dinner and the ride home. I will see you tomorrow. Bye

Dir. Sun: No, thank you for keeping me company. Maybe we can go out another time

SM: (Smiles) Bye

Dir. Sun: Bye (Follows SM¡¦s shadow lost in the dark and smiles quietly)

At the Station

SY: SM, we are in trouble. It has been almost two and half weeks. The research is not finished with unexpected projects being given simultaneously! I can not stay up another night or my eye bag will be getting darker and darker!

Josie: (Sarcastically) Even with enough sleep, your eye circle is dark.

SY: (Worries) Does anyone have a mirror?

SM: Ignore her, SY. Usually what comes out of Josie¡¦s mouth is sarcasm. Come over here and look at what I have just found on this internet site. (Pointing to the monitor) It has so many details about the history, culture, and attraction for France. This would be enough to complete our research (Interruption from yahoo message pop up).

XZ: Sweet heart, I miss you terribly. How are you doing?

SM stares at the monitor. “How can I forget to log off YM at work?” her heart chimes. It is usually the first thing she does when logging on at work with her laptop. SM quickly clicks on the web window to cover the message window, but SY already saw the pop up message from Dir. Yin. SY excuses herself to the lounge for something to drink allowing them to talk for a few minutes. SM continues her chat with XZ on messenger.

SM: Why are you still up at this late hour? Thought you will be in bed at this hour.

XZ: So you were not expecting me to be on line. Then why did you log on to yahoo messenger or you are waiting for someone else?

SM: What How

XZ: Sweet heart what are you trying to say. Gosh I wish I can see your speechless face (teasing her).

SM: Ok, I will chat with you for few more minutes. It is getting late and you need your rest. Senior, have you thought about where you want to go on your next trip?

XZ: Trip? Do you mean our honeymoon?

SM: Ummm, yes. Have you thought about it?

XZ: Well, yes. But I do not know where my lovely wife wants to go.

SM thought about the daydream she had two weeks ago. She smiles admiringly at the YM screen and quickly ducks behind her screen hoping no one saw her.

SM: (Smiling cheekily) Lets play a game here. I will let you guess which city.

XZ: You already thought about a romantic place. I thought so! But, SM! Do you know how many cities there are in this world? Can you at least give me a hint?

SM: Ok, is a city where we have not been before.

XZ: London is off the list. Anymore hints?

SM: Nope

XZ: That only narrows one city!

SM: Well, this is the chance to prove if we have telepathy. I gotta go. SY is back. Will talk to you later. Good night. Dream about me in your dreams (smiling).

XZ: I have been doing that since you returned to London. Muah Bye! good luck.

SM: (Smiling sweetly) Bye. (Quickly closes the messenger window)

SY: (Sitting besides SM) What site did you find?

SM: Take a look. Look at the foods.

SY: Hmm..(Suddenly remembers) Hey, have you eaten breakfast?

SM: (Chuckles) I have just shown you the food images and now you are thinking about meals again! And No, I have not eaten my breakfast.

SY: What? That is the most important meal of the day. (Gets up and pulls SM off her chair) Come on, we are going to finish this after you eat something.

SM: You just ate small snack. I can wait another 30 minutes for lunch.

SY: Like you said is snack. And have you heard of brunch?

SM: Gosh! What kind of stomach do you have? Flexi-stomach?! (Laughs)

As they walk out of the team room, they see Dir. Sun coming towards them.

SY and SM: Hi, Dir. Sun.

Dir. Sun: SY and SM good afternoon. I came to inform you, we will be flying to France tomorrow morning. Meet me at the station by 8 a.m. to leave for the airport. Today, you may leave when your work is finished.

SY and SM: (Looking at each other surprisingly, and then back to Dir. Sun) Thank you.

SY: SM, hurry up and eat something so we can finish our work early then go shopping.

They head off to the lounge to buy their lunch and ate at their desk. Around 4 P.M. SY finished her work.

SY: SM are you ready?

SM: I am not done. You can go to the mall first and I will meet up with you.

SY: That will be fine. I will wait for you at Debenham. Ok? (SM nods and SY leaves the office).

Around 6, Dir. Sun passes by SM team office and saw her still working.

Dir. Sun: SM, why are you still here? Everyone has left?

SM: I need to finish this before I can leave.

Dir. Sun: Are you finished?

SM: Yes, finished.

Dir. Sun: How about we go out for dinner and take you home afterwards?

SM: Umm.. Sorry, Dir. Sun. I have made plans with SY.

Dir. Sun: (A little frustrated) Oh, Ok then I will see you tomorrow. Bye

In Front of the building, SM is waiting for a taxi and Dir. Sun drives up to her.

Dir. Sun: SM, I will give you a ride.

SM: It’s ok Dir. Sun.

Dir. Sun: It is hard to get a taxi at this hour.

SM: (Hesitates at first, but worried that SY had been waiting for her for a long time, she gets into the car) Thank you. If it¡¦s not because SY had been waiting for me long, I would take the taxi. But thanks again, Dir. Sun.

Josie and Joe are exiting the building and sees SM getting into Dir. Sun’s car.

Josie: I see they are going out again. No wonder she gets the France promo project.

Joe: What does that supposed to mean? Do I sense jealousy from someone?

Josie: (Smacks Joe’s stomach)

Joe: Ouch! Okay. Sorry. (Pulling Josie’s wrist)

Josie: Where are you taking me?

Joe: To get a taxi. (Halting a taxi) Miss Josie, would you like me to take you home? (Opening the door for her) So that you won¡¦t be jealous that nobody is taking you home! (Chuckles)

Josie: (Smacks Joe’s stomach again)

In Front of the mall

SM meets up with SY at the mall¡¦s cafeteria and sees her with couple of bags. They decided to have dinner at the mall and head on home to pack. After going home, SM packs Happy daily supplies in a bag and brings her to Joe¡¦s place to watch over her when SM is at France. She kisses Happy on the head and tells her to be a good girl. By the time SM got home it is almost midnight. She quickly packs her luggage and checks it twice to make sure she did not forget anything. After packing, she called XZ, but the call went to his voice mail.

SM: Senior, I miss you. I wish you are with me. Bye. (hangs up the phone)

The next morning SM wakes up late and realizes she left a file on her desk that she needs to bring it with her to the trip. She rushes back to the office and realized that it’s only 7:30. She put the file in her computer bag and takes out her cell phone to text message XZ.

SM: (Text message asking “Have you thought about which city?” then send the message)

SM’s office phone rings.

SM: (Putting her cell on the desk and picks up the phone.) This is SM.

SY: SM, we are leaving. Hurry up and come down.

SM: Ok. (Takes her luggage and computer bag)

When SM is dashing out the door, she bumps into Josie.

SM: Josie, excuse me. Good morning. I got to go. Bye

In Front of the building

SM: Good morning, Dir. Sun and SY

As SM is putting her luggage in the car, she notices her cell phone is not in her pocket. She then remembers that she had left it on her desk. She goes upstairs to get her phone. SM’s cell phone rings.

Josie: (Looking at the caller id and picks up SM’s cell) Good evening, Dir. Yin.

XZ: Hi, (realizing it’s an unfamiliar voice). This is

Josie: Dir. Yin. You do not recognize me. This is Josie.

XZ: (Confused) Oh, Josie. How are you?

Josie: I am doing fine. Thank you. You must be looking for SM. She must have left her phone on her desk when she rushed out the office with her luggage.

XZ: (Thinking Luggage) Where is she going? She did not tell me she is traveling.

Josie: (Smiles evilly) Oh, Dir. Sun and SM are going to France. (Pretends to be shocked) She did not tell you? But I did not know what the trip is for. I saw them having dinner one time and yesterday he took her home. Maybe they were discussing about the trip. Maybe they have a project there. But as I said, I am not so sure what the trip is for. I just guessed (Smirking)

XZ: (Face expression changed with jealousy) Thank you Josie. If SM calls, tell her I called. Thanks (hangs up)

To be continued.

AAE: Endless Love
Chapter 12

XZ stares out the window while holding a glass of red wine waiting for SM’s phone call. He decides to pick up the phone and dial her number. Then he quickly ended the call because he does not want to bother her working. Instead, he calls up XD.

XD: (Reaching for his cell on the night table. Thinking it must be XZ calling at this hour.) Hello

XZ: Did I wake you?

XD: Is 2 in the morning, why are you still up?

YX: (Sleepy voice) Who is calling at this hour.

XD: (To XZ) Hold on. YX, is XZ. I think he is unable to sleep.

YX: Ok

XD: (Going to the livingroom) I hope you are planning to buy me coffee so I will not doze off at work.

XZ: Ok. That is not a problem.



SM, SY, and Dir. Sun check into the hotel.

SM and SY in their room. SY goes over to the window.

SY: SM, our room faces the Eiffel Tower and Seine River. I wonder if the night view will be the same as the picture in the book?

SM smiles to SY. SY walks off to unpack and SM stares out the window thinking of XZ.

SY: SM, SM. What is on your mind?

SM: (startle) Oh, nothing.

SY: Hurry and unpack then we can go to lunch.

SM: Alright. By the way, I can hear your stomach growling over here. (Giving her a smirk)

In Front of the hotel

SY: Dir. Sun, what would you like to for lunch?

Dir. Sun: Anything will be fine. (Looking at SM) SM, any suggestions.

SM: Anything is fine with me too.

SY: (Pulling SM’s arm) Then lets stroll down the streets and see what sort of restaurant is around this area. Dir. Sun is that ok?

Dir. Sun: Is fine.


After walking couple of blocks.

Dir. Sun: How about this restaurant?

SY: Lets go inside.

After they order their food, SM excuses herself to the restroom.

SY: SM, wait for me. I need to my hands before I eat. (Wraps her arm around SM’s arm and heads toward the restroom)

SM: You sure have good hygiene.

In the restroom, SM takes out her cell phone and SMS XZ. Telling XZ she is at Paris and will call him later. XZ receives the message in the middle of the meeting. Everyone sees his face brighten up with a smile and XD knows it must be a message from SM. Only SM can bring out such a smile.

SY: Oh my, let me guess, you are SMS Dir. Yin. You love birds cannot even bear not to talk to each other for one day.

SM: (Giving her a shy smile)

Heading back to the table

SY: (Sees the food on the table) I am glad the foods are served. I am so hungry I can eat a horse. SM, want some of my chicken pasta?

SM: Sure. Want some salmon?

Dir Sun sits there watching the two girls swapping foods and decides to join in with them.

Dir. Sun: Hey, are you leaving someone out here?

The two looks at each other and starts to giggle. SY slides his plate over. SM and SY both gave a portion of their food to him.

SY: (talking to Dir. Sun) You cannot leave without finishing the foods on your plate.

Dir. Sun: But are you two supposed to take some food off my plate?

Both girls shook their heads.

Dir. Sun finally finishes the food and put down his fork.

Dir. Sun: Next time if I decide to join in sharing foods. Please, one of you hit me. Tonight properly I will skip dinner. (Patting his stomach)

They burst out laughing.


After a long walk at the park to help digest their big lunch, they go back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. Dir. Sun was still full from dinner and decides to skip dinner. SM and SY order foods to bring back to the hotel to eat. After dinner, SM decides to visit the Eiffel Tower and SY stay back to get some rest.

SM arrives to the Eiffel Tower restaurant and orders a piece of moose cake with extra cream on top. The waiter brings her the piece of cake. Along with a voice saying be careful of gaining weight from the cream. Do you want me to share it with you? SM looks up and he asks if he can join her. She stands up and greets him.

SM: Have a sit. I do not mind sharing the piece of cake. (Starting to cut the piece of cake in half)

Dir. Sun: I am joking. I just wanted to keep you company. You know is not safe for a girl to be out by herself?

SM: I will be fine. Are you sure you do not want half of the cake. It is really delicious?

Dir. Sun: (He looks at her) You go ahead. I will order coffee.

They chatted happily. SM notice they are the only people left at the restaurant.

SM: Dir. Sun, we better leave. It is getting late.

Dir. Sun: (He looks at his watch) Oh yes. (He really does not want to leave and wants to spend sometime with SM.)

As SM walks down the two steps stairs, she trips and Dir. Sun rush to catch SM before she feel to the floor. He wraps his arm around SM and deeply looks into her eyes. SM quickly stands up and thanks him.

In front of SM’s room

SM: (Feeling awkward after how he looks into her eyes) Thank you Dir. Sun for taking me back Good Night. (Bows)

Dir. Sun: (looking at SM feeling uncomfortable) SM. I do not have any intension to scare you. If I did, I apologize.

SM: If you did not catch me in time, I would have fallen. And might break a bone or twist my angle. (Giving him a smile) Good Night Dir. Sun. (Bows)

Dir. Sun: Good Night

SM opens the door to the room.


The next couple of days they visited different tourist attraction places from museums, historical artifacts to family theme parks. For history, they wanted to cover Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris in the early Gothic Era. They jolted down notes, The Cathedral began construction in 1163 during the reign of Louis VII and finished in 1285. During the Commune of 1871, the Cathedral was nearly burned by the Communards. Starting from 1991, there was 10 year program of general maintenance and restoration. They take many pictures of the Cathedrale. They chose to introduce Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park where the children will be able to meet their favorite cartoon character and the family can enjoy great fun.


Finally was the last night at Paris

SY: After a long day of shopping, SY and SM went back to the hotel room.

SY: (Dropping all her shopping bags to the floor) SM, I am so exhausted. These couple of days we walked so much. We went to Aquarium Sea Life Paris, Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park and visited a few museums.

SM: (Looking at her) You forgot the most important place.

SY: Where?

SM: La Vallee Village where we shopped today. Hey, since we are tired, lets get some rest before dinner.

SY: No way. We are leaving tomorrow. Tonight will be last night to finish shopping.

SM: Shop!!! It looks more like you will be bringing Paris back to London.

SY: (Taking a pillow and throw it at SM) (As they continue to talk, SY slowly dozes off and mumbles) SM, look for a fancy restaurant and spoil ourselves…..

SM: (Looking around the room) You did spoil yourself already!

Soon SY falls asleep on her bed.


SY: (Suddenly wakes up and look at the time) SM!!! (she did not answer)

The room door opens.

SY: (Seeing SM with bags of boxes) Why you did not wake me up? You went to have dinner with Dir. Sun without me?

SM: I try to wake you up, but you ignored me and telling me to leave you alone. So, Dir. Sun and I decided to order to go. He will be over in couple of minutes. Hurry and freshen up. I will set up the table for dinner (taking out the boxes, plates, and utensils).

SY: (Yelling out the restroom door) What did you guys buy for dinner?

SM: You will find out when you eat. The foods are from three different restaurants.

SY: Why are you being so secretive?

SM is almost done taking out the foods from the bags when someone knocks at the door.

SM: Dir. Sun, please come in. Dinner will start when SY is ready.

SY: Coming! (Yelling and opening the door at the same time. Looking over to the table.) Wow, the table is full of food.

SM: Yes, and you better help finish it tonight.

Dir. Sun: (Bring out a bottle of wine)

SY: And wine. Lets have a toast. (heading towards the table)

Dir. Sun: (Pouring the wine into the glass)

They raise their glasses.

Dir. Sun: To our cooperation and able to spend time with each other. (Looking at SM).

SY: And a safe trip back to London.

To be continued

Taken from: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141192&page=87&pp=40


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