My Fanfic Recommendation

I’m currently hooked by fanfiction. so i’m frantically searching for good and unforgettable story. it all started when i’m finished watching ISWAK 2. and i want more story about kotoko and naoki, especially their after married story. after that i love reading fanfic.

Now i would like to recommend these fanfic cause sometime fanfic is really to over the top with the way the story goes. but for these fanfic i find it really good in my own way.

  1. Itazura na kiss fanfic in this website is awesome, i love all of it so i’m not gonna split it one by one but i give you directly to the website which contain the list of itazura na kiss fanfic. unfortunately most of these fanfic are incomplete, that makes you craving for more. but u just can’t stop reading it. here is the link : .  i especially love reading Naoki’s Miracle. But I think the author is gone for hiatus. Sometimes I re read it for a couple of time.
  2. Next is Whispers to the Cloudless Sky by lualm@soompi. Featuring: Lee Shin and Shin Chae Gyoung with original story, but it is sooooo gooooood. At first u’ll question Shin why did he do it? Why oh why we thought u love her? Are you crazy? Have u lost your mind? But as time goes by u’ll be surprise in how much he loves her more than she can imagine.  I’ve read it more than twice. Here is the link:
  3. I thought this gonna be another cliché fanfic that I usually read, doesn’t really interest at first. But after 2nd chapter you just can’t stop reading it. Beautifully written  although a little bit easy to predict. It is an original fanfic and has completed. A year and A day by Black_wings@soompi and here is the link:

I think that is all for now. Oh yes, I’m currently reading I’ve fallen for you by flower_pot@soompi, it is a Jun Pyo Jan Di fanfiction that I think “very good” in a way. But it is not complete yet, so I haven’t put it on my list since I’m still in “grey” area. But u could try it, really good but flower_pot@soompi only update it twice a week to fulfill our hunger. Here is the link :


One response to “My Fanfic Recommendation

  1. Fascinating piece of writing. Many thanks for sharing

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