Summary DVD of Corazon Salvaje

This is another summary of Corazon Salvaje which is depicted from its DVD. Which is from the comments that i’ve found that the DVD version is very dissapointed for fan. Because it had been cut very deep. You can imagine from aproximately more than 60 episode daily in tv, it had been cut into only 2 disc of DVD. It is for DVD with english subtittle. But i’ve found in rarevcdshop there are dvd with uncut version which is the show that airing in US. But it had not been sub in english. Very dissapointed.

But if i think again that telenovela has very long episode, i think it will very good if they cut it with the interesting scene only. In that case we will not be boring. Maybe after you read the summary of the DVD you can change yourmind, it’s up to you.

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DVD summary of Corazon Salvaje (Eduardo Palomo, Edith Gonzales)

Corazon Salvaje

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CAMPO REAL…The peones are working in the hacienda’s fields as the overseer snaps the lash in the air. In his study, Don Francisco Alcázar y Valle (also played by Eduardo Palomo) master of Campo Real, is instructing Bautista, his foreman, to treat the peones better – he doesn’t like them to be abused. He will also contract for prison laborers to be used in the fields.

Bautista’s reply is interrupted by the arrival of Francisco’s son Andrés, who brings with him Don Noel Mancera, a lawyer by profession, Francisco’s friend and administrator of the hacienda. Don Noel comes in escorting a savage-looking, curly haired dirty boy, who he presents as ‘Juan”. Don Noel prompts Juan to say hello, but he just looks around, bewildered. Francisco pats Andrés affectionately on the head and assures Juan that it’s alright, he’ll soon learn, since the boy has been brought to the hacienda on Francisco’s orders to be company for his son. Andrés is quite content to have someone to play with, while Juan looks anything but pleased. Sofía, Francisco’s wife, comes into the study and Andrés excitedly tells her his father brought him a friend. Sofía takes one look at Juan and is horrified, although she exchanges pleasantries with Don Noel to cover her anger.

A few days later, alone in his study, Francisco dips his pen in the inkwell to write a letter to Don Noel, informing him that he has decided to recognize Juan as his natural son and give him his last name. He doesn’t care about any possible scandal – he wants to do this, although he knows his wife will oppose it. He finishes the letter as his wife Sofía comes in, complaining that he has brought his bastard to the house to play with her son – she won’t tolerate it, and won’t accept the humiliation of having his bastard under the same roof as her son. Francisco finishes sealing the envelope and tells her that she will accept it – because he has decided it will be so. He reminds her that Juan was born before they were married, although Sofía is still angry – they were already engaged when Juan was born, she can’t bear the shame of living there with his bastard – she and her son will go away! Francisco angrily tells her the matter is closed, she and their son will stay with him at Campo Real – and so will Juan.

Bautista and another worker watch a still-angry Francisco ride away – he was going to bring the letter to Noel, but from the way he’s riding, it looks like he’ll have an accident, which Bautista opines might just be a good thing.

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Francisco is snagged by a branch and thrown from his horse. Brought back to the house to die in his bed, Francisco tells Andrés to watch over his mother, and to take care of Juan. He insists that he is to love him like a brother. Andrés agrees, much to Sofia’s horror. During the wake, prayers are said for the repose of his soul by Don Noel, Sofía and her cousin, Catalina de Altamira (mother of Aimée and Mónica).

Upstairs in his bedroom, Andrés is getting dressed in his mourning clothes, commenting to Juan that now he also knows what it’s like to be an orphan. He tells Juan that his father asked him to take care of Juan. Juan scoffs – what, Andrés take care of him? Sofía, dressed in mourning, comes to fetch Andrés and angrily tells Juan to leave the property – he doesn’t belong there! Juan runs out the door, while Andrés protests that his father wanted Juan to stay, but Sofia replies that his father didn’t know what he was saying. Juan’s place is not with them…while Andrés’ place is with his mother, mourning his father.

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(Note: Bautista found the letter acknowledging Juan’s paternity and giving him part of Campo Real on Francisco’s body and gave it to Sofía, who kept it in a locked drawer in her room).

At her house in San Pedro, Catalina is reading a letter from her daughter Aimée in Mexico City, smiling, when her other daughter, Mónica comes in and asks to know what the letter says. Aimée’s letter describes her frivolous social life in Mexico City. Catalina wonders if she made a mistake sending Aimée away for so many years. Mónica comments that at least she’ll have a chance to find a husband there. Catalina and Mónica agree that Monica’s the lucky one – she’s going to marry Andrés de Alcázar.

In Mexico City, a uniform-wearing Andrés visits Aimée at her aunt’s house, bringing her chocolates. She informs him that her aunt and cousin are out, visiting the Archbishop. He’s a little disappointed – he wanted to ask her aunt’s permission to call on her formally, a request that surprises Aimée, since she’s known since childhood that he was to marry her sister.

Sofía is served tea in her Mexico City house as she nervously strips off her gloves, waiting for her son’s return. Andrés comes in and she is very moved to see how much he has grown while away in Europe studying. She came up on the train to be reunited with him. Andrés asks why didn’t she write and tell him – she replies that letters take longer to arrive than a person’s trip, so she just came. By the way, she saw Catalina’s other daughter, Aimée, as she arrived at the station. Aimée was going back to San Pedro for a visit, and she’s turned out to be very pretty, she notes. Andrés is very happy she’s seen her – he confesses that he is madly in love with Aimée, to Sofía’s great chagrin.

Having arrived at her mother’s house in San Pedro, Aimée, in camisole, is putting away her dresses while chatting with her sister Mónica, who tells her all about the love she feels for Andrés. Aimée’s skeptical – far from the eyes, far from the heart – how can she be sure she loves him if she’s hardly seen him in their lives? Mónica sighs dreamily and says that of course she loves him, so much that some nights she’s too excited to sleep, thinking of him. She can’t wait to see him, she tells her sister. Aimée’s surprised that Mónica would be so enthusiastic – being so “pure and chaste”. Mónica shyly admits that these are just her feelings about her future husband, the father of her future children – there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about him. Aimée’s mind focuses on something else entirely. She bets that Mónica can’t wait to taste his kisses, feel his body under the sheets…Mónica is horrified and outraged at such obscene ideas. Is that what she learned at her boarding school in the capital? No, replies Aimée, she learned that stuff OUTSIDE of school – at parties, chatting with her friends. Mónica decides to say goodnight and end the conversation right there. She goes to kiss her sister goodnight, but Aimée stops her. She wants her to admit that as women, what she said out loud is what Mónica doesn’t allow herself to think about – but they both want the same thing. Mónica frostily says goodnight and leaves the room, leaving Aimée shaking her head and calling her a hypocrite.

Aimée, dressed to the nines in white and carrying a parasol, goes for a walk on the beach. Shoes in hand, she sees a beach house high up on the hill and decides to climb up and see who lives there. Halfway up, she is shocked to see a man bathing himself on the terrace – the man stands up naked in the bath, calling for his servant, as Aimée’s big blue eyes get bigger and bigger, as she takes in her first look at Juan del Diablo.

Sofía informs Catalina that Andrés wants to break his engagement to Mónica and marry Aimée instead. Both women are very upset.

Juan’s servant Pedro informs him that the little countess is back again – the same one who was watching him the other day. They laugh together, and Juan goes to find Aimée, still dressed for the city, fanning herself on the beach, obviously hoping to catch a another look at him. Juan sneaks up on her and states that he’s there to satisfy her curiosity. Didn’t she want to meet him? Aimée pretends that nothing could be farther from her mind…but she eats him with her eyes, as he tells her that he’s never seen a more beautiful girl….and tells her who he is….He’s just a poor man…or the devil, in fact some people call him Juan del Diablo. Not likely company for a countess, right? He invites her to take a glass of wine with him up at his house, assuring her that despite his appearance, and his nickname, her he knows how to act with a lady. She says she doesn’t drink wine, but goes up with him anyway “to keep him company”.

As he sips his wine and she fans herself, they exchange names, and he confesses that he doesn’t have one – he’s simply Juan, called Juan del Diablo, since he had no father to give him his surname. He admits he likes his nickname. Aimée replies he must at least know who his parents were…Juan curtly answers that his origins aren’t of interest, and invites her to tell him about herself. She’s just back from the capital, isn’t she? Aimée informs him that she’s lived most of her life there, with an aunt. He looks at her hands, sees no rings, and asks if she’s married or engaged…she tells him neither is the case.

Catalina breaks the news of Andrés’ intentions to Mónica, explaining that Andrés was told of the engagement years ago, when he was only 8 years old, and when Sofía told him it was time they began to plan the wedding, he had forgotten all about it. Catalina gently tries to explain, but breaks into tears as Mónica realizes that Andres doesn’t want to marry her. Why? Catalina doesn’t know what to tell her – her godmother Sofía is also very upset with this situation. Mónica reminds her that for her entire life, she was told that she was to marry Andrés, so she spent her life dreaming of him. Why were they so cruel? Catalina begs her again to believe that she and her godmother are just as upset as she is – they didn’t know. Mónica sits rigid on the edge of her bed, with tears coursing down her cheeks, wondering what she will do now?

Aimée explains to Juan as they stroll on the beach how she found out so much about him. Her servant told her about him – and his penchant for occasionally taking higher-class ladies as lovers. Is that why she’s always looking for him? asks Juan. Aimée is insulted. How dare he? They stare at each other challengingly, then share a passionate kiss under a tree but Aimée runs away as Juan looks after her, puzzled.

Days later, Aimée is dressed in peasant blouse and skirt, lying on the beach sunning herself, when Juan comes out of the sea, sees her and goes to stand in front of her, looking down at her silently as the sea’s drops fall from his body onto hers. She looks up at him as he invites her to come swimming with him in a secluded cove. He helps her to her feet and they walk off. After playing with each other in the sea, Aimée comes out of the water and he follows her. Kissing her, he pushes her down into the sand and covers her body with his.

Sofía greets Andrés upon his return to Campo Real. He anticipated his return since he had no news from her – is the Mónica/Aimée situation resolved? His mother replies it has been – in part. The engagement with Mónica has been formally broken, but she hasn’t yet made the official request for Aimée to be his bride. Andrés wants to know why…and Sofía tells him that Mónica took it very badly – she’s now in a convent, preparing to take her vows as a nun!

Mónica, dressed in her novice’s habit, goes to her mother’s house in response to a summons from Catalina, to find that Andrés is already there. The servant Lupe comes out and greets Mónica and goes to fetch Catalina. Andrés and Mónica are left waiting for Catalina to join them. They are very awkward with each other – the embarrassment is obvious on both sides despite their formal politeness. Mónica is surprised to see Catalina come into the room, but Catalina’s even more surprised to see Andrés there. Andrés greets his “aunt” and informs her that he and his mother have just arrived in San Pedro, he came personally to invite her to dine with them that night. She agrees to come. He kisses her hand formally and takes his leave.

Mónica, upset at seeing Andrés, demands to know why her mother sent her a note at the convent, telling her to come home quickly because she was ill…and Mónica came, only to find Andrés there, and her mother in good health, planning to go out that very night! Why did she lie and say she was ill? Catalina, upset, swears she didn’t know Andrés had arrived in San Pedro, and yes, she is ill – ill with worry, because she knows her daughter’s vocation is not a true one, she begs her to leave the convent and come back home.

That evening, Mónica has her coif off as Aimée prepares to accompany her mother to dinner at Sofía’s house, asking Mónica to tidy her room – she left her clothes a mess, as usual. Mónica goes up the stairs and begins to tidy up Aimee’s room, when Juan del Diablo comes in through the French window without warning, looking for Aimée, and grabs her arm in the semi-dark, scaring Mónica to death. He tells her to calm down, he’s not the devil!

They stare at each other – Mónica is fearful but willing to confront him, while he just looks amused and unconcerned. She asks him what he’s doing there and tells him to leave. He replies that she has nothing to fear, he came to see Aimée. Where is she? She tells him she has no intention of telling him anything about her sister and orders him to leave immediately. He asks her if all nuns are so rude – he’s never seen one angry. She tells him not to insult her. He tells her he did not know nuns could be so pretty. He tries to grab her arm as she retreats back in the room.
Outraged, she moves away from him and repeats her order. He inquiries if she decided to enter the convent because she couldn’t stand to have a man touch her? She threatens to shout the house down and bring the servants running. He’s not afraid – he knows they only have one servant! She’s totally taken aback by this man’s arrogance and continues to stare at him challengingly despite her fear.

Amused, he agrees to leave, but asks her to tell Aimée he was looking for her. He mockingly salutes her by saying “May God keep you safe, Saint Mónica.” He smiles at her, still amused, as he silently exits the same way he came. Mónica flees the room herself in her turn, as if she had just seen the devil himself!

At his house, Andrés is alone with Aimée in his study, explaining that he didn’t break the engagement – he never knew it existed. Aimée’s pleased when he tells her that he fell in love with her in Mexico City. He loves her and wants to marry her.

Mónica, home alone in her chaste bed, is having naughty dreams, of kissing Andrés. She wakes up, scared of her own emotions.

Aimée’s not wasting her night dreaming: she’s in bed with Juan at his beach house, kissing him under satin sheets. Later, as Mónica, woken by her dreams, stares out her window, she sees Juan kissing Aimée goodbye.

Aimée’s at her mirror, taking off a pearl necklace Juan gave her, when Mónica bangs on the door and demands to talk to her. She rushes in, accusing Aimée of having lost her mind – what was she doing with that man just now? Aimée denies it, and Mónica tells her she saw them outside her window. Aimée calmly tells her that she’s no saint to be telling anyone what to do – she may fool everybody, including Holy Mother Church, but Aimée thinks they are just the same. Mónica’s outraged at her sister’s talk. Aimée goes on to state that the only reason she’s in the convent is because Andrés rejected her. A charge Mónica hotly denies. Who told her such a thing? Aimée just looks at her sister, triumphant. Andrés told her that tonight – when he asked her to marry him!

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SECOND 30 MINUTES Episodes 7- 28
Andrés goes to see Don Noel to find out where Juan might be. He informs Noel about the deathbed promise he made to his father, to take care of Juan, and how he now wants to honor it. Noel tells him that Juan is a grown man and won’t like the idea of someone trying to help him. Andrés asks Noel if it is true what they say about Juan. Noel tells him that Juan does indeed smuggle, and is a fighter, since he always had to fend for himself. But he can also be very generous, and noble. The poor people of San Pedro love him. Andrés says perhaps he can offer Juan legitimate employment – he can make Juan the manager of the hacienda. Noel says Juan does not take orders from anybody – he doubts Juan would be interested in such a job. Andrés states he will try in any case. Noel tells him he can find Juan in El Tuerto’s tavern.

Andrés is waiting for Juan at El Tuerto’s tavern. Andrés greets him with friendship, but Juan is remote and seems irritated just seeing him. He immediately assumes Andrés came to get the money he borrowed when he ran off from Campo Real 15 years ago. He unceremoniously drops a bag of coins on the tavern table and tells Andrés it’s all there – with interest! He swaggers out of the tavern without letting Andrés talk further.

Juan goes to Noel’s office to discuss Andrés’ reappearance in his life. Noel tells him of Andrés’ intentions, and Juan isn’t interested. Noel calls him stubborn, but Juan is proud to admit that his stubbornness is what helped him survive.

Juan is in bed with Aimée – he tells her he’s going way on a trip that will make him rich. He will give her jewels, buy her a great house, or they can even live in Europe. He needs two months to make the trip, and asks her to wait for him. She promises that she will..

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Catalina and Aimée come to the convent to order some embroidery and find Mónica in the garden. Azucena is also there.

(Note: Azucena was previously rescued from a life of prostitution by Juan, who slept with her and then found out that she was an underage orphan. He took her from the whorehouse to the convent to keep her from returning to the streets. Of course Azucena fancies herself madly in love with Juan, and she had previously seen Aimée hanging around the beach house).
She tells Mónica that she’s sure she saw her sister there – and her sister is Juan’s “querida”. Mónica is stunned, but Catalina is absolutely frantic when Mónica tells her about her sister’s affair – what about Andrés? Catalina refuses to credit either Azucena’s story or Mónica’s, and calls her daughter hysterical and insane and prohibits her from ever speaking about this again to protect the good name of the Altamiras.

Some weeks later, Aimée goes to the beach house and asks Pedro for news of Juan. She’s shocked to find out that Pedro has heard a rumor that Juan’s been imprisoned in Santo Domingo, for smuggling. According to rumors, he’s been sentenced to 10 years at hard labor. Aimée’s stunned.

Juan’s friends are discussing the rumors at Tuerto’s tavern, when the soldiers come to get them. Azucena is taken by Guadalupe Cajiga to work in his whorehouse, and the others, including Don Noel, are left in jail. (Note: This plot was hatched by wellborn but poor Alberto de la Serna, Andrés’ best friend and houseguest (read: high-class moocher on the make), with his equally avaricious buddies, the corrupt and nasty Captain Espindola, in charge of the jail, and loathsome Guadalupe Cajiga, the brother owner who lusts after Azucena).

The reverend mother and the friar find Mónica on the floor of her cell – she’s fainted, and the friar decides that she’s not fit for the religious life. Time to send her home. Meanwhile, Juan sails into the harbor, dressed like a rich man, and is greeted by the poor people on the docks.

Don Noel is sick, soaking his feet in a tub of water when Juan bursts in, looking for his friends. Noel is surprised to see him – and tells him about the rumors. Noel had even gone to Santo Domingo himself to see what happened. Juan tells him nothing happened, he just had to change his itinerary a bit. So where are his friends?

That same day, Aimeé’s marriage to Andrés takes place at Campo Real. A sad Mónica (dressed in something undoubtedly inspired by Velazquez’ portrait, ‘Las Meninas”) is escorted by her friend Teresa. Andrés and Aimée take their vows. Juan goes looking for Aimée, still all dressed up, but their house is dark. In bed with a sleeping Andrés, Aimée wakes up and it’s obvious she’d rather have a different bed partner next to her.

Juan and Don Noel discuss his plans to settle down and legalize his various enterprises. He’s bought a horse, and with all his money, he can buy a great house and engage in commercial trade. Noel’s ready to give him the papers to sign so he can take the Mancera name, but Juan surprises him by asking about the Altamira family. Does he know them? Of course he does. Juan explains that he went to their house, but no one seemed to be home. Where are they? Noel asks why did he go there? To find Aimée, replies Juan.

Noel is stunned, then enraged when he realizes that the woman Juan wants to marry is Aimée de Altamira. Is he crazy? he spits out. She married Andrés Alcázar yesterday!! Noel can’t accept what Juan tells him – that Aimée swore she’d wait for him. Noel explains that he didn’t go to the wedding because he was sick, and confirms that Aimée was already engaged to Andrés before he left for his last trip! It’s Juan’s turn to be stunned and outraged now – he gallops off on his horse, deaf to Noel’s entreaties.

Arriving at Campo Real in a filthy temper, he meets up with a frantic Mónica who tries to prevent him from entering the house. Mónica begs him to leave things alone, the marriage has been celebrated, and all he would do is hurt Andrés’ honor and destroy his life. Juan angrily refuses, she promised him first – and said she swore on her life she’d marry him! No, he’s had too much taken from him in life. He’s determined to run away with Aimée and make her keep her promise to him. Although Mónica lies and tells him the newlyweds have already left on their honeymoon, her lie is exposed by the unknowing Andrés, who appears quite happy to see Juan at his hacienda, and invites him to come in and meet his wife.

In the living room, Aimée is talking to her mother when the three come in. Aimée faints when Andrés introduces his friend – and she turns and sees a sneering Juan in front of her. Andrés and Catalina take her to her bedroom to try to revive her. while Mónica tries to calm Juan. Later, Andrés meets with Juan in his study, while Mónica goes to see Aimée.

Andrés offers Juan the job of administrator at Campo Real. He accepts. Mónica scolds Aimée for giving herself to Juan – she heard the whole story directly from him! And he’s talking to Andrés right now – who knows what he’ll say or do! Aimée’s in a panic. Her sister has to do something! So is Mónica – she  can’t believe how her sister could do such a thing, and she says there’s no way to reason with Juan…She can’t do anything more!

Sofía is surprised to find Juan with Andrés in the study. Juan arrogantly tells Sofía before leaving that she hasn’t changed a bit. Sofía demands to know what he’s doing there. Andrés informs her he’s just given him the job of administrator. Sofía’s outraged. Andrés reminds her he’s just carrying out his father’s last wishes. Sofía wants Juan gone, but can’t give Andrés a valid reason for firing Juan as soon as he’s been hired.

Noel arrives in a coach and angrily confronts Juan outside the house. What has he done now? Juan tells him everything’s fine…and he’s accepted the job of administrator at the hacienda. Noel strongly disapproves of the idea – this will be the ruin of everyone. He can’t do this. Juan can, and he will.

Settled into his new rooms, Juan goes out to his study to find Aimée waiting for him. He’s enraged at seeing her – if she comes any closer, he’ll kill her, he tells her. His anger increases when he listens to her excuses for marrying Andrés. He refuses to believe any of it. She made him a promise, and she broke it. She tells him she still loves him. Unmoved, he replies that he doesn’t love her anymore. He calls her a whore, a hypocrite, and tells her to leave.

In the hallway, Catalina and Mónica discuss what Juan’s presence will mean for the family – and for Aimée in particular. His presence is a threat to everyone.

Juan finds Mónica in the garden. Again she entreats him to please forget everything. He haughtily and angrily refuses – right now he’s got a devil riding on his shoulder and isn’t kindly disposed towards anyone who tricked him. Mónica beseeches him to be forgive, to be generous, to leave things as they are. Juan sneers. Only those who are happy can afford to be generous – and he’s very unhappy right now.

Catalina gets information on Juan from Noel, who defends him. Juan won’t destroy the family. He’ll keep quiet. Catalina also gets confirmation from Noel that Juan is Francisco’s son.

Mónica tries to get Juan to leave – he says he will, but he’ll take her sister with him. She begs him not to. He wants to know – is she doing it for her sister, or for Andrés? She went to the convent because Andrés left her for Aimée, right? So why does she care about a man who left her for

another woman?

Azucena and Meche (Note: Meche is from a peon family from Campo Real, and was “sold” to the bordello by the administrator, Bautista) make plans to escape the brothel. Azucena has managed to keep from “working” by refusing food, but is now sick and weak. The brother owner Cajiga comes in, sends Meche away, and tells Azucena she owes him for her food and clothes, he’s losing money on her – then he rapes her.

At Campo Real, Andrés, Aimée, Sofía, Alberto, Juan, Mónica and Catalina are dining by candlelight. Juan looks over at Aimée and realizes that she’s a vain, empty woman. How could he have ever thought he was in love with her? Then he looks over at Mónica – and wonders if she’s as innocent and decent as she seems, or is it just because she hasn’t had a chance to act like her sister has? Sofía watches Juan from across the table, struck by his resemblance to her dead husband – Juan’s father.

In her bedroom that night, Mónica and Catalina discuss what to do. Catalina wants to leave. Aimée’s crazy about Juan, she could do anything anytime, and there’s no reasoning with her. Also, Catalina’s afraid of him. Mónica tries to calm her mother down – so far Juan hasn’t said anything yet to anyone. Catalina swears her daughter to secrecy – and confesses Juan’s parentage. She also informs Mónica that Juan knows – and so does Sofía. But Andrés doesn’t!

A sick, hurt Azucena makes it to the gate of the hacienda, and faints. Mónica, reading in the garden, is attracted by the noise and finds her. Azucena is nursed by Mónica and Juan. Juan admires Mónica’s dedication to the sick girl and kisses her hands in a courtly gesture of appreciation, highly embarrassing Mónica.

Mónica confronts Aimée about Azucena’s revelations. Aimée decides she needs to tell Juan to keep Azucena quiet and goes to his office. Juan’s not there….instead, Sofía comes out of his bedroom into the study, with Azucena behind her. The girl recognizes her voice and wants to know if Aimée’s still looking for Juan. She explains to Sofía that Aimée was one of Juan’s lovers. Enraged and appalled, Sofía’s slap hits Aimée right in her lying face when she tries to deny it, and insists that Azucena tells her what she knows. Azucena, jealous of Aimée, is only too happy to comply.  

Catalina finds both girls shut up in the bedroom.(They’re been sent there by an outraged Sofía to await her decision on what will be done). Mónica tells her that Sofía now knows everything about Aimée and Juan.

Juan strides into Sofía’s rooms to discuss Azucena’s statements, and replies to Sofía’s arrogant affirmation that he took advantage of a decent young lady by  denying that he seduced Aimée – she was no lady, he only took what she offered, is how he puts it, staring back at her just as arrogantly. In fact, he’s no longer interested in her – she’s not worth it. However, he will take advantage of the situation to demand the Alcázar name as the price for his silence. Sofía agrees, because she doesn’t want Andrés to know what kind of a slut he married.

Mónica tells Catalina the only way to get Aimée away from Juan is for her to marry him. Catalina is aghast at the idea, but seeks out Sofía to discuss the marriage. Sofía approves, and they ask Noel to sound out Juan. Would he be willing to marry Mónica in exchange for his silence?

Noel explains the offer of marriage to a surprised Juan, who immediately accepts the well-born Mónica de Altamira as his future bride, surprising Noel with his sudden decision.

Andrés learns of Juan’s parentage from Noel as a nervous Sofía watches her son’s reactions. Andrés and Juan meet in the study to discuss their relationship. Andrés wants to know why Juan never told him – Juan lights a cigar and tells him that he didn’t want his pity, emphasizing that once he has his documents, he’ll leave and Andrés will never see him again.

At the Registry Office, Sofía and Noel act as witnesses and sign the papers giving Juan the Alcázar name. A solemn, well-dressed Juan signs his name “Juan de Alcázar” for the first time and receives his documents from the official.

Lupe and Aimée discuss Juan’s new situation. Aimée regrets marrying Andrés…she could have married Juan, after all, if she had just waited a little longer. Then she asks Lupe what her sister thinks of her upcoming marriage – Lupe replies that she didn’t get much out of Mónica, who doesn’t talk to her, but says that it seems Juan is happy.

Aimée asks Mónica where they will live once married. Mónica doesn’t know. Aimée asks if they’ll live on his ship, the Satan? Mónica is taken aback by the name of his ship and Aimée laughs at her innocence. It’s only a name, after all – although it does reflect its owner, since Juan is a devil…

Alone later with her sister in the gardens of Campo Real, Aimée again tries to convince Mónica that Juan still loves her madly. He won’t want Mónica after being with her. Very upset, Mónica shouts at her to leave her alone – why didn’t she stay with Juan and leave her Andrés? Mónica runs away from her sister, and Juan pursues her, demanding to know why she’s crying.
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DVD –  JUMP TO PARTE TERCERA, episode 23 resumes…..

Mónica won’t tell him what she and Aimée were fighting about – it’s a family problem. He replies that since he’s going to marry her and be part of the family, he wants to know. Is Aimée still trying to convince her not to marry him? Mónica just looks up at him. Juan kisses Mónica, and they embrace passionately on the grass until Mónica recovers her reason and bolts from him.

A few days later, he gives her engagement ring, which she accepts, very moved. He asks permission to kiss her… and vaya! que besazo!
Mónica is escorted by Andrés to the church, with a petulant Aimée leading off the wedding procession. Mónica and Juan exchange rings as Andrés, Catalina, Noel and Aimée look on with varying expressions, ranging from indifferent to unknowing, jealous to worried to pleased. All Juan and Mónica can see are each other. Juan lifts her veil and kisses a joyous Mónica in front of Fray Domingo and the whole church.

Later that night, Meche turns down the bed as Mónica waits for Juan in her camisole, standing by the bed and staring at it.. Meche leaves and Juan, still dressed in his wedding clothes, comes in and sees a very pretty but very nervous Mónica. He takes off his jacket and makes small talk. He asks her if she liked the party. Seeing how nervous she is, he comes closer and asks if she’s afraid…she admits she is, because she knows nothing of “this”. Neither does he, admits Juan…it’s the first time he’s ever gotten

married! He tells her not to be afraid, and plants kisses on her face while trying to reassure her and calm her fears. As he embraces her, he asks her to forget everything that has gone before, and start a new life with him from that moment on.

The next morning, Mónica presents Joaquín to Meche and Azucena in the kitchen. He’s the new servant…(Note: The new servant was planted by Alberto and Cajiga and Espindola to spy on Juan – they were able to blackmail him into spying because his brother is in Espindola’s jail).

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Before she can finish, Azucena arrogantly jumps in to point out that she’s not a servant. Mónica confirms that Azucena is a ‘guest” in the house. Once Mónica leaves, Azucena starts in on Joaquín – who sent him, is he a spy? He’s not one of Juan’s people. Joaquín insists that he merely was recommended by Mónica’s mother, he needs the job. Meche tries to calm her down, but Azucena makes it clear she’ll be watching his every move, just in case he was sent by someone to trap Juan del Diablo. She doesn’t trust Mónica not to betray him like her sister did.

Joaquín goes to Cajiga to report that it seems that Aimée had something going on with Juan del Diablo. Cajiga goes to Bautista with the rumor that Andrés’ wife is cheating on him with Juan.

Juan prepares to go on a short trip, and Mónica wishes she could go with him. Next time, promises Juan – this is a business trip, but next time he’ll take her on a trip just for them, with minimum crew. He tells her he loves her, and he’ll be back soon. She tells him she loves him and they share a goodbye kiss. Juan lingers at the door and they share a long look.

Andrés enters his study to find an anonymous letter on his desk. Incensed, he balls it up and runs up to Aimée’s room, knocks her back on the bed, choking her over Catalina’s screams for help. He swears that he will make her pay for betraying him and runs out of the room after Alberto manages to pull him off her. Sofía confronts Catalina and tells her that she and her daughters will pay if anything happens to her son. She tells Catalina to leave her house and sobs into her handkerchief.

Andrés goes to Juan and Mónica’s house and demands to see Juan. Meche tells him Juan left that morning on a boat trip – she doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Sofía alights from the coach that has taken her from Campo Real to San Pedro and Bautista and Alberto inform her that Juan’s away.

Frightened and upset, Mónica goes to Don Noel to advise him of what happened – Andrés knows that Juan and Aimée were lovers. Sofía tells Alberto that Andrés is locked in his room, drinking. Alberto tries to reassure her – by the time Juan comes back, he’ll be calmer. He’s got an idea of how to stop Andrés from challenging Juan to a duel…but she has to offer her economic and moral support. She immediately agrees – anything he wants, he’ll get. But not a word to Andrés, he insists. She agrees.

His idea is to fabricate evidence (which costs money) and frame Juan for a crime that lands him in jail. Alberto shares his idea with his crony Captain Espindola – since Juan has a warehouse for the goods he ships, they can plant contraband there and have him arrested, and confiscate all his assets. Espindola agrees…and adds that they should also plant a dead body in there, to accuse him of murder.

Juan presents himself at the telegraph office to receive a telegram – it’s from San Pedro, telling him not to come back. Of course, Juan immediately decides he needs to return there without delay.

Back in San Pedro, under cover of night, Juan returns home to Mónica, who runs to embrace him, crying that he shouldn’t have come back, Andrés wants to challenge him to a duel, or have him killed.

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Juan already knows – Noel and his friends were waiting for him outside town. Mónica begs him to leave – Andrés is crazy, he won’t listen to her, he won’t listen to Noel, he insists he wants revenge. Juan refuses. He isn’t guilty of anything and wants a chance to talk to Andrés and explain. Juan refuses to run, it’s against his way of thinking, and he’d regret it all his life. Mónica begs him again – if anything happened to him, she’d die. She loves him, he’s the most important thing in her life, she sobs as she embraces him.

Someone goes to tip off Espindola…Juan del Diablo is back! In their bedroom, Juan and Mónica hear scuffles at their gate…Juan goes to investigate. Noel and some of his friends are fighting with soldiers sent by Espindola to arrest him. Juan reaches the gate and is grazed by a bullet – his head begins to bleed as Mónica runs to him, still in her nightdress, cradling him in her arms, crying, as he loses consciousness.

Juan wakes up with his head bandaged, in jail, along with Noel and his men. Noel’s raging against this abuse – they’ve been jailed and not even told of the charges. A jailer comes to free Noel, who demands to know why only he is being released. Juan tells him to go, and asks him to reassure Mónica that he will be released soon, and that he loves her.

Noel goes to Espindola and demands to know what the charges are, because this all stinks of a plot. Andrés is also there, and Noel accuses his mother of planning the trap. He refuses to believe that Andrés could be so dishonorable to stoop so low. Andrés interjects angrily that he believes his mother would do such a thing? Noel angrily retorts that not only does he believe it, he affirms it. Finally, Espindola blandly informs him that a dead body and contraband arms were found in Juan’s warehouse. Therefore, Juan is under arrest. Noel is incensed and insists it’s all a trap. Who is the dead man? Espindola tells him no one knows – yet.

Andrés is at Mónica’s house, where she is begging him to help Juan. Andrés refuses – he wanted to kill him in a duel, but if God or fate decided otherwise, well… Mónica jumps up, tears in her eyes, insisting yet again that Juan didn’t wrong him. Andrés refuses to believe it – instead, he states that Juan fooled all of them, including her, taking advantage of her innocence to make her think he’s a saint, while in reality he’s just a disgusting, vile… traitor.

Mónica reminds him that he said he wanted to be her friend – well, as a friend, she’s asking his help. Andrés explains that he is her friend – but even so, he won’t help her. What does she prefer, to see him dead or in jail? Anguished, Mónica turns on Andrés and shouts that she doesn’t want him either dead or in jail – she wants him home with her! Andrés, tight-lipped, informs her that Juan will never come back to her.

Noel and Mónica are at the jail, with Noel arguing with Espindola to let Mónica see Juan. The captain refuses absolutely to let her in to see her husband. Mónica then goes to the Mother Superior of the convent and begs her to help her get in to see her husband.

Dressed in her old novice’s habit, Mónica comes to the bars of the cell. Juan goes to meet her and they try to touch each other through the bars, and kiss. He thought she didn’t want to see him – she explains that she was prevented from seeing him. Does she think he’s guilty? She doesn’t. Does she know Andrés wants to take away his name? She doesn’t care, Andrés is completely off his head. And if he loses his name, the marriage will be annulled…and didn’t she marry him in the first place to protect Andrés? Monica covers his mouth with her fingers in a caress to stop his talk and calm him down. That was then. Now only Juan matters to her. He’s her life.

He tells her that he can stand anything, jail, beatings, even not seeing

her for years, but he couldn’t tolerate living if she should stop loving him. She sobs that of course she’ll always love him, no matter what, even if he’s condemned. He tells her that he will try to escape….and if he succeeds, will she come with him? Even to the end of the earth, she replies before leaving with the other nuns..

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DVD – parte tercera, episode 34-35 resumes…..GET READY TO JUMP BACK TO PARTE SEGUNDA

Noel is arguing with the judge, presenting papers to prove that Juan’s business is legitimate, there was no contraband, and that all this was just a trap to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit. The judge notes that the paperwork seems to be in order, but he needs concrete proof, because there are witnesses that swear that they saw the guns being unloaded at Juan’s warehouse – along with the dead man. Noel angrily wants to know how many witnesses – the judge replies, several. Noel is indignant – they’ve been paid off! The judge repeats he needs real proof to clear Juan of the charges.

Juan is alone in his cell when the old man responsible for doling out the food comes by and wonders where the others are. Juan tells him they’ve all been released, and asks him to help him escape. He’ll guarantee his safety, and give him money so he can go far away, if he helps him. The old man listens gravely to Juan’s proposition: go to El Tuerto’s tavern and follow his instructions.

Banging on the judge’s desk in fury, Espindola is angrily demanding that the judge sentence Juan that very day – he’s been cleared of the contraband charges thanks to Noel’s prompt intervention, but he wants Juan to be convicted of the arms smuggling and the murder of the dead man, immediately!

The judge explains that he can’t rush the sentencing – they have to respect the legal timelines. The captain is incensed: he won’t take no for an answer, if Juan isn’t sentenced that day, tomorrow the judge will wake up with a beating! No excuses!

A worried Noel visits Juan in jail – he’s inspected the army records, and it seems that everything was in order – unless of course Espindola falsified the log entries. A dejected but determined Juan tells him it doesn’t matter – he’s already been sentenced, Espindola himself showed him the papers. Noel’s outraged – they didn’t respect the terms for sentencing, this is illegal. Juan tells him it’s a trap. Noel says he’ll appeal, not to worry. Juan can’t wait any longer…he informs Don Noel that he’s going to escape that night. It’s all planned.

Pedro, Segundo and El Tuerto intercept a cart with several baskets on it,

and drive up to the jail. The old man asks the guard to help unload, while Pedro jumps off the cart and sneaks into the jail. Segundo tells the old man that one canister contains drugs from Tegua, the medicine woman, to put the guards to sleep…and a knife for Juan. The baskets are unloaded in front of the guard, who doesn’t realize a man has just sneaked into the jail.

Lupe, Aimée’s maid, goes to the jail with a letter for Espindola, who replies that he will receive Aimée anytime she wants. Lupe returns and tells Aimée, who prepares to go there and offer some of her jewels to the captain, warning Lupe not to tell her mother.

Captain Espindola is summoned by the guard on duty – all the other soldiers seem to be unconscious. The Captain is furious. He’ll deal with them tomorrow once they’re out of their stupor. He goes back to his office, asking if the lady arrived yet? The guard says no.

Mónica opens the door to her room at Catalina’s knock. Her mother wants to know why Monica locked herself in …and then she sees her suitcase on the bed. Mónica informs her mother that Juan will escape that night…and she’s going with him, over her mother’s immediate and loud protests.

Azucena, El Tuerto and Segundo are hiding in the bushes near the jail when they see Aimée go in with her maid. Now what? El Tuerto decides they have to go on with the plan anyway.

Captain Espindola greets Aimée and sends Lupe outside to wait. He offers Aimée some wine, which she nervously refuses as he tries to make gallant remarks on her beauty.

El Tuerto consults his pocket watch outside the jail…it’s time. Inside, Espindola tells Aimée about the plot that Alberto and Sofía hatched…that would see her and Juan del Diablo killed. (Note: Alberto took Sofía’s money and paid off the captain and Cajiga to kill Juan and Aimée during their “escape” which they had planned to effect the following night).

Aimée’s shocked, but the Captain assures her that he has a way to help her…and Juan. Of course, nobody does anything for free, so he expects payment…

Aimée offers him her jewels, but he prefers…her! He tries again to get her to accept a glass of wine, and this time, scared, she accepts. He goes out and tells the guard to bring a bottle of French wine, fast.
The guard goes into the storehouse where Segundo is hiding. Juan is in his cell, twirling the knife in his hand, waiting for action. Segundo comes out as the guard goes in, and sees Lupe and finds out Aimée is inside with Espindola. He tells El Tuerto and Pedro the news as they join him, sending Lupe off to the bushes with Azucena. It’s time to get Juan out, says El Tuerto. They tell Juan as they unlock the cell door that Aimée is there, too. Juan demands that they let all the prisoners out as he flees down a different passageway.

El Tuerto hits the guard who went to fetch the wine, while Aimée stares up at the stairs that Espindola’s pushing her to ascend, assuring her that he’s a gentleman and will take good care of her. Aimée’s almost paralyzed by fear, so he grabs her arms. At that moment, Juan bangs the door open, knife in hand, demanding that he unhand her. Espindola shoots Juan in the chest and is killed by El Tuerto, who shoots him from the doorway as Juan falls. Aimée runs to Juan, crying his name, with El Tuerto bending over him too, as Espindola’s dead body remains draped over the balustrade.(Episode 36)

(If you see a gorgeous shot of Juan telling Cajiga “estas jalando demasiado la cuerda”…you’ve gone too far).

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Mónica and Catalina are praying, reciting the “Our Father” in her living room when the guards knock on the door and invade the house over Mónica’s protests, telling her they’re looking for Juan, who escaped the jail that night. Mónica follows the guards through the house.

El Tuerto carries the wounded Juan to medicine woman Tegua’s house so she can tend to his wound. El Tuerto thinks he shouldn’t have moved him – it’s a nasty wound. Tegua calmly tells him to leave, bending over the inert Juan to inspect his wound. He shouldn’t come back until she sends for him. El Tuerto, sad, turns to go, but asks Tegua to do all she can for Juan – maybe she doesn’t know it, but he means a lot to the people of San Pedro. Tegua dismisses his words ..mystically saying she knew Juan before he was even born!

Noel goes to Mónica’s house once the soldiers have left, to tell her that Juan escaped, and that he’s safe. She has to stay calm. Noel explains that Juan thought it was too dangerous to come for her, but in a few days, they’ll find a way to reunite them. Mónica confides to Noel that she thought she was going crazy with fear when she heard the news. She asks Noel if it’s true the captain of the jail is dead? Noel confirms it, and also confirms, in response to her next question, that Juan did not shoot him. Mónica’s relieved. She’s glad he didn’t wait for her and left immediately, she’ll wait for him.

Tegua is bending over Juan trying to feed him some broth, when the door is pounded by an angry Aimée, demanding to be let in. Tegua lets her in and Aimee, now dressed in peasant clothes, demands to know how Juan is…She flings herself over Juan’s inert body as soon as she sees him. He can’t answer her pleas, says Tegua, can’t she see he’s almost dead? Aimée weeps over him, but Tegua is calm, and makes Aimée get up so she can resume her place beside Juan and continue trying to feed him.

Bautista comes rushing into Sofía’s San Pedro house to give her the news that Juan del Diablo broke out of jail last night and escaped.

Lupe and Catalina, at Mónica’s house, discuss Juan’s escape. Lupe informs Catalina that Aimee also escaped…with Juan. Catalina’s horrified.

Noel sneaks over to Tegua’s house to see Juan and see how he’s faring. He questions Tegua, who tells him Juan is still very weak and hasn’t regained consciousness. He studiously ignores Aimée, until she greets him, but after returning her “good day” he concentrates on Tegua’s words as he stares down at Juan.

(Note: the news that Juan escaped with Aimée is all over San Pedro by now – but nobody knows where they went, nor do they know Juan was wounded in the escape).

Some nights later, Mónica is crying in bed, when her mother comes in and tries to console her by telling her that Juan doesn’t deserve to be cried over – he was never worthy of her. Mónica asks her mother to leave, but Catalina wants her to talk, to release some of her suffering. Mónica resigns herself to talking – she loved him so much, and he betrayed her, by escaping with Aimée! After he swore he loved her, after everything….how can she forget him or what he did? He really seem to love her when she visited him in jail – he was so upset at the idea she would leave him. How can she stop loving him?

Catalina advises her to convert all that love into hate, so she can convince herself that he wasn’t worth it. She can forget him, just like she forgot Andrés. No, Mónica says sorrowfully, I only got over Andrés because of him. She starts crying again. Why did he trick her so cruelly? He seemed so desperately in love in jail, saying that he would prefer death to losing her love. Her mother insists that he deceived her. Why? asks Mónica. Why? Her mother replies that some people are just spawn of the devil and act that way…and there must be a reason why everyone called him Juan del Diablo, no?

Aimée, still dressed in peasant clothes, is asleep with her arms on Tegua’s table as the medicine woman tends to Juan.

Mónica can’t sleep – she paces around the room in her nightdress, finally taking one of Juan’s shirts out of the dresser and inhaling its fragrance. She puts it on and goes back to bed, hugging herself with his shirt on, crying.

Tegua is wrapping Juan in a blanket, telling Aimee that the fever’s going down. Aimée’s overjoyed, and calls his name, telling him who she is. Juan wakes, sees Aimée, and demands that she send for Mónica…he wants to see her. Aimée’s face is a mask of disappointment, but she doesn’t leave his side.

(Note: The story now circulating in San Pedro is that Juan and Aimée escaped on the Satan, and died when the boat was blown up and sank in the harbor, thanks to Cajiga and Alberto’s machinations. Therefore, everyone thinks Andrés is now a widower and Mónica a widow. Mónica rents out her house to the new judge, Marcelo Romero Barros (played by César Evora) and returns with Catalina to her old home, both women dressed in black mourning clothes).

Catalina and Mónica, in black mourning clothes, return to their San Pedro house. Catalina tries to cheer up Mónica, who is still devastated by Juan’s betrayal, and now, his death. She goes up to her old room, where her suitcases have been taken, opens a suitcase, takes out her wedding picture, and stares at it.

Juan is on the mend, still at Tegua’s house with Aimée, able to receive visits from Pedro who informs him that Mónica’s house is being watched, and so is Don Noel’s. Pedro thinks it’s the police, and they seem to do round-the-clock duty. That’s why Noel can’t risk coming to visit, nor can they send word to Mónica.

Mónica, in bed, dreams of making love with Juan. The dream’s so real, she

gets up. and puts her engagement ring back on. She refuses to believe he’s dead.

Juan, from his place on the hearth at Tegua’s house, asks Aimée what she’s going to do…will she go back to Andrés? Before Tegua leaves, Aimée dispiritedly informs him that she can’t ..Andrés will repudiate her. Or she’ll end up in jail for helping him escape. Tegua announces she has to collect some herbs, and leaves them alone.

Aimée takes advantage of her absence to tell Juan that if he wants her to leave, she’ll leave…but first, she asks him to make love to her one more time, she wants to take one last memory with her. Juan replies that there is no longer any love between them. Aimée acknowledges that, but says that they still desire each other…as she undresses, standing naked before him. Juan tells her that even if he wanted to, he’d be incapable of making love to her in his condition. Fine, says Aimée, then she’ll wait…tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow…she lies down next to him and caresses his chest, as she swears that after one last time, she’ll leave and he’ll never see her again. Juan stares off into space, and can’t form a reply to her words.

At night, Mónica, still dressed in widow’s weeds, goes to see Noel at his office, accompanied by Catalina. She asks him about Aimée…was she really with Juan that night, did they actually escape together? Noel replies that she was, but they didn’t exactly flee together…what happened was that Juan was badly wounded, that’s why he couldn’t come for her. So where are they now? Mónica asks. Noel confirms that they never left San Pedro.

A weakened and obviously sick Juan, dressed in peasant clothes to outwit the guards on Mónica’s house, is standing outside her bedroom balcony, as she comes in, arguing with her mother. After their visit to Noel’s office. Mónica thinks that Catalina would have preferred Aimée to be truly dead…Catalina retorts that’s not true. She’ll take her daughter back to her house, if Aimée returns, but she refuses to let Mónica return to Juan.

Why? her daughter demands. Why? Because he’s a bandit, an adventurer, he’s not the right man for her, replies Catalina, as Juan listens outside the window. Mónica tells her mother that he’s the man she loves, and she will follow him to the ends of the earth – if he asks her to! Catalina demands that she annul her marriage to Juan – Mónica refuses to even consider it.

Catalina leaves, and Juan finally manages to choke out her name as he comes through the door and they embrace, crying. Later, Mónica tends to his wounds. Only Meche knows he’s there. Mónica learns that Tegua took care of him, but he lost a lot of blood. Washing his wound, Mónica asserts that soon he’ll be well. He thinks he’s in paradise with the soft touch of her hands. He declares that she is the only thing that matters to him in life…he loves her. Mónica replies that they will never be separated again.

Aimée wakes the next morning at Tegua’s house to find that Juan left during the night. Aimée’s desperate…how could he do this to her? She goes back to her house, where Catalina receives her, crying at the sight of her daughter. All Aimée wants to know is…did Mónica already leave with Juan?

Catalina takes her into her old room, and puts her in bed. Crying and contrite, Aimée swears that nothing happened between her and Juan, although Catalina doesn’t know if she can believe her, after all her lies. Aimée’s terrified of what will happen to her next. Will she go to jail for her role in the escape? She begs her mother to send for Alberto, who’s the only one who can help her. (Note: Alberto told Aimée of “Sofía’s” plot to have her and Juan killed during the escape, but promised as long as they went far away, they wouldn’t be killed, their deaths would be faked with the ship being blown up. Aimée went along with the idea to ditch Andrés and escape with Juan).

Catalina gently asks if she’s really pregnant this time. Aimée swears she is, and tells her to call the doctor if she doesn’t trust her. She begs her mother to tell Andrés she’s very penitent – she asks him to forgive her, not for her sake, but for his child’s sake.

Catalina goes and bangs on Mónica’s door for help. Mónica makes excuses not to open the door, since Juan and Noel are inside. Catalina tells her that something very serious has happened.

Juan tells her to open the door, he’d rather be seen by Catalina than the guard at the gate. Catalina is horrified to see him and demands that he leave immediately. Mónica refuses – he’s ill, he needs rest. He’ll leave during the night. Catalina runs out of the room, but Mónica pursues her and stops her from warning the guard at the gate, telling her if she betrays Juan’s presence, she will never seen her daughter Mónica again…not even on the day of her death!

Back in her room with Juan, Mónica asks him not to leave her for long. He promises he won’t, and they embrace. He tells her to go to Don Noel. They embrace once more, and she gives him a bag with food and medicine in it. He thanks her gravely. When will she see him again? He says he’ll return one night. She tells him not to, it’s too dangerous. He insists that he will come, and kisses her passionately. She breaks away from his kiss, telling him not to forget that he’s taking her life with him. He replies that his life stays with her. She goes to the door and they exchange one last look of love.

At Andrés’ house in San Pedro, Sofía greets the doctor, who has arrived along with Catalina and Aimée to confirm Aimée’s pregnancy. Andrés comes in and greets Catalina, but ignores Aimée. Later, Sofía goes into his study and gives him the doctor’s diagnosis: Aimée’s showing all the classic symptoms of pregnancy. Andrés, cradling a drink in hand, takes the news badly. He’s devastated. He’ll never know for sure if the baby is his…or Juan’s. Sofía informs him that if it’s Juan’s baby, she’d chase Aimée away immediately. Let the baby grow up a bastard, just like Juan. But what if the baby’s his? Sofía suggests that they keep Aimée with them until she gives birth, and then decide what to do. Andrés loses control and tosses his glass at the wall. He’ll never know if the baby’s his or not. He needs to release some of this poison inside him. Sofía cries to see her son so unhappy.

Catalina tells Aimée she’ll go settle her things, and advises her to rest. Aimée, alone with Lupe, sits on her bed. Lupe asks what will happen next? Aimée informs her that she’ll stay there, a despised guest, until her baby is born. Then …who knows what will happen? Everything’s turned out so badly for her, she moans. Lupe tells her that at least her husband deigned to receive her back in his house. Aimée sniffs…why should she care about him, when it’s Juan she loves? She still can’t believe he preferred her sister to her. Lupe suggests that she should forget about Juan, and try to make Andrés fall in love with her again. Aimée doesn’t think it will happen…but Lupe says she can use the child to get him to love her again.

Andrés is at Noel’s demanding that he arrange a duel to the death with Juan. He’s already got his seconds, so Noel has to accept the challenge on

behalf of Juan and name his seconds. Noel refuses to consider a duel to the death – besides, why is he dueling with someone who’s inferior to him in status? He tries to get Andrés to see reason using various arguments, but Andrés is blinded by hate. It’s the only honorable way of killing him, he replies. Noel sighs when Andrés names his seconds, and the weapon: pistols. He tells him it won’t be a duel to the death, in any case. Andrés says that fate will decide then!
(Episode 48)
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Mónica and Juan are in her room, listening to Noel’s news of Andrés’ challenge. She begs him to refuse. He insists he has to have one last chance to talk to Andrés. He goes into Andrés’ San Pedro house through a window and enters the study, to find Andrés sprawled in a chair with a drink in his hand. Andrés calls out that he doesn’t want to be disturbed, as Juan advances and tells him he came to talk.

Andrés realizes who it is and sits up in shock. Juan’s got a gun on him – as a precaution. He tells him no one saw him come in, and tells him that he’s in no condition to fight a duel tomorrow. Andrés angrily asks him why he cares what condition he’s in? Juan replies that he doesn’t want to fight a duel over a supposed offense that isn’t even true. And even less with someone who shares his blood. Andrés roars that that’s what hurt him the worse…that a son of his father could do something so low. Now he’ll never know if the baby’s his or not, he’s tortured by doubts, all because of him. He’s lost his honor, his wife, his family, his life, even his mother…all because of Juan!

Juan impassively replies that he never had anything at all, that he was the unlucky one for a very long time, so he knows just how Andrés feels now. But now he has a reason to live – he has a wife he loves. He doesn’t want to risk his life – or Andrés’ life.

Andrés’ reply is brutal…does he think he will let him live to enjoy his life, his wife, when he’s sinking in this torment he created for him? Andrés gets up and advances on Juan, who backtracks and raises the pistol.

Andrés insists that he never disrespected Mónica, he extended the hand of friendship to Juan…and Juan paid him back by taking his wife! Juan swears that he hasn’t touched Aimée since before her wedding.
Andrés mocks him – who would believe the oath of a lowlife like him? Gently, Juan tells him it’s the truth. He swears it on what he holds most dear – Mónica. He has to believe him. He wants all this hate to be over, once and for all. He asks him in the name of their father to cease this madness. Andrés takes another drink and yells that it will only be over when one of them is dead – so go ahead and kill him now, take advantage of his opportunity – or he’ll kill him tomorrow for sure!
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Juan stares at him, puts up his pistol, and accepts Andrés’ last words. Let fate decide, then.

The next morning the seconds are all there, and the doctor gives the command to fire. Andrés shoots first and misses, Juan shoots and deliberately misses, Andrés shoots again and misses.
Juan takes a long look at Andrés and shoots him…in his gun hand. The doctor and the seconds declare the duel over, although Andrés insists it go on, despite his bleeding hand. The duel is officially over, announces the doctor. Juan is congratulated by his friends, but there’s no joy in his thanks.

Andrés, arm in a sling, is visited by Sofía in his room – she wants to inspect his wounded hand. Sofía reminds him that only equals meet in duels…someone like Juan should be beaten to death. Andrés bitterly admits that’s true, he must be happily enjoying his triumph with his cohorts, while he, the injured party, suffering in body and mind, is dying of rage and anger. He tried to do the decent thing, but it didn’t work. He tells his mother that they have to find another way to deal with Juan.

Noel is explaining to the new judge, Marcelo Romero Barros, some details of the case. He can prove that the arms were stolen and planted in Juan’s warehouse, and that Juan shot Espindola after he shot him, so it’s legitimate self-defense. The judge listens, but appears unconvinced.

At their San Pedro house, a sad Juan explains to an incredulous Mónica that it would be better if he left her. His life just wasn’t meant to be shared by anyone. Mónica refuses to agree, she’d follow him anywhere. She won’t let him leave her!

Juan tells her she can ask for an annulment, if the new judge condemns him for Espindola’s murder…and even if he doesn’t go to jail, Andrés will still come after him, won’t he? Will he ever have any peace? Mónica begs him to take her away, for them to leave. Juan refuses to consider the idea. He doesn’t like to run – he won’t. Is that the life she wants for them, for their children? Always on the run, always being pursued? Mónica says she does – but he tells her no, he doesn’t want that for her. He made a mistake…thinking he could have a normal life, a wife, children…but that’s not his destiny, and he can’t share it with her.

Juan rises to leave, but Mónica begs him not to leave her, crying. He tells her he has to go, maybe the judge has already sent guards to her house. She entreats him again, and he tells her that he won’t change his mind. He leaves Mónica crying at the door.

(Note: Juan is still a fugitive right now: the sentence of 20 years for Espindola’s murder is still valid, so he’s in hiding while Noel tries to convince the new judge to accept his appeal).

The judge in Noel’s presence gives instructions for the exhumation of the body, who is probably Joaquín’s brother. All the other documents will be examined, but the accused has to turn himself in. Noel assures the judge that Juan will appear.

Juan and Pedro ride to Campo Real, and Juan sends Meche’s grandmother to Catalina with a message: meet him in the chapel to discuss Mónica, but tell no one.

Catalina goes to the chapel to meet Juan, angry at what he’s done to Mónica, with the life he leads – and he’s still facing trial and jail again. Juan admits that he never should have married Mónica or anyone – but reminds her that he’s the innocent party in all this, and she knows very well who caused all the trouble. In any case, he wants to separate from Mónica, just for a while.

Catalina refuses – she’ll only help him if the separation is permanent, not temporary. She’s willing to sell her house so that Mónica is forced to go with her (NOTE: Mónica and Juan’s house has been rented by the judge, so Mónica can’t move back there), but Catalina will only help if he agrees to leave Mónica permanently. She knows he wants to spare her the pain of seeing him in jail again, but she wants her daughter to be free of all this anguish and embarrassment once and for all.

Juan asks Catalina if she hates him – Catalina says she doesn’t but she regrets the marriage. Mónica’s had it very hard, coping with his life. Does he realize that none of her friends have received her since her marriage? Does he realize that he should have married another type of woman, someone who could cope better with life’s difficulties than her sheltered daughter?? She’s had nothing but pain since she married him.

Catalina announces she will return to San Pedro that very day. But Juan has to do more, she states. More? asks a surprised Juan. Hasn’t he done enough renouncing his wife? No, says Catalina, if he wants her to help him, he has to destroy her illusions, by telling Mónica that he doesn’t love her…that he never loved her! She bids him good day and leaves him in the chapel.

Aimée, assisted only by Lupe, suffers a miscarriage. She swears Lupe to secrecy and the maid stays by her side, frightened. Later, Aimée tells her she feels a bit better, but Lupe thinks she still has a fever. Aimée moans. Why did this have to happen? Lupe consoles her – maybe she can get pregnant again? Aimée says no – as soon as Sofía finds out, she’ll kick her out of the house. The maid replies that then they’ll just live with her mother in San Pedro. The idea doesn’t cheer up Aimée…who imagines her life being shut up inside four walls as worse than death.

At Noel’s office, Catalina signs the papers selling her house to Juan as part of their bargain. She informs Juan that she will first take Mónica to Campo Real and then tell her the house has been sold. Where does she plan to go next? he asks. She has decided that they will go stay with her sister-in-law Amalia in Mexico City until they can find a house to buy there.

Aimée seems fully recovered from the miscarriage, and tells Lupe she plans to have a horse saddled for her for a ride. The maid know she doesn’t know how to ride – why does she want to do that? Aimée’s decided she’ll fake a fall from the horse to justify the miscarriage. She has no other choice.

Catalina informs Mónica that she saw Juan at Noel’s office that morning. She spoke to him and he was happy to learn about the sale of the house, and that they were leaving San Pedro since he doesn’t want to see her anymore Mónica’s shocked.

The stable boy tells Bautista that Aimée’s asked for a horse to be saddled. Bautista decides to take care of it himself, hides a stone under the saddle, and helps Aimée onto the horse. She rides off into a field where Mónica is walking in a daze. Aimée’s horse suddenly rears and throws her. Blood drips from her mouth as Mónica goes to aid her sister.

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Mónica is at Aimée’s bedside, as her sister tries to convince her that Mónica scared the horse, something Mónica denies. Aimée goes on to tell her how unhappy she’s made her. She loved Juan so much…and she took him away from her. Mónica denies that too…she didn’t take Juan away from her. Aimée insists that she did, and she’ll never forgive her. Mónica asks her not to say such a thing. Aimée announces that now she’s going to die, while Mónica will continue to be happy. Mónica tells her no-she’ll never be happy again, so many things have happened to her, and Juan no longer wants her. Aimée tells her she’s lying, but Mónica swears it’s the truth. Their mother has already sold the house and wants them to move to the capital. Aimée insists that she’s deceiving her. Mónica tells her to ask their mother, then…as Catalina comes in with the priest for her final confession.
Outside the sickroom, the doctor is telling Andrés and Sofía that Aimée didn’t lose the baby in the accident…she appears to have suffered a miscarriage some days prior.
Mónica and Catalina are moaning Aimée’s sad fate. She had such an unhappy life. Catalina urges her surviving daughter to come away with her and leave all this behind.

Noel calls for Juan…he’s learned of Aimée’s death. Juan is stunned…Aimée dead? What happened? Noel tells him what Bautista told him – Aimée fell from her horse. During the death watch in her room, Lupe confesses to Mónica in front of Aimée’s corpse that Aimée had decided to throw herself from the horse, to justify losing the baby. Mónica realizes that she wasn’t responsible for Aimée’s accident after all.

After the funeral, Andrés and Sofía escort Catalina and Mónica, all dressed in heavy mourning, to the waiting coach. Andrés kisses Mónica’s hands and then her cheek, telling her he will come visit her in the capital. Mónica gets into the coach without replying.

Andrés and Sofía go inside the house, and Andrés invites his mother to accompany him to San Pedro the next day – he wants to take their last name away from Juan.

Meanwhile, El Tuerto shows up at Judge Romero Barros’ office. He’s come to turn himself in for the murder of Captain Espindola.
(Episode 57)

At the posada, Pedro informs Serafín that El Tuerto has turned himself in for Espindola’s murder. He’s sent someone to inform Segundo.

At the judge’s office, Noel escorts in Juan, who refuses to stand in the judge’s presence like any suspect, sits down and tells him that his name is Juan del Diablo. The judge asks if his real name isn’t Juan de Alcázar?

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Juan tells him it was, but not for much longer – his half-brother is busy trying to have his last name taken away from him. Why, asks the judge? When you have money and influence, you don’t need reasons, replies a bitter Noel. That’s not true, says the judge. Juan comments that the judge must live in another world if he thinks money and influence don’t count. Not in front of the law they don’t, answers the judge.

In jail again, Juan receives a document from Noel, who explains that his last name has been officially taken from him. It went very quickly, since neither Juan nor Noel opposed their petition, admits Noel. So now he’s back to being just Juan del Diablo, the pariah, the outcast, replies Juan. Not for long, says Noel – as soon as he’s out, he’ll do the papers to give him his name, although Mancera is not as noble as Alcázar, he admits. Juan grabs the bars of his cells and stares at this man who has been loyal to him all thorough his life, and states that it’s a good name, and noble name, and he’ll be proud to carry it. What would he ever have done if Noel hadn’t stayed by him all these years? Noel says he can say the same about Juan, but this isn’t the moment to get sentimental. They have other things to think about.

Juan wonders if someone will tell Mónica about losing his name…Andrés, for instance, might still want to take revenge…Noel shakes his head…they’ll find out soon enough.

Mónica and her mother, now living in Mexico City, but still dressed in mourning for Aimée, return from shopping to find cousin Dolores sitting tea in their small parlor.

(Note: 3 months have now gone by).

Juan is released from jail and greeted joyously by the townspeople as he wanders through San Pedro…obviously, the person he wants to see is no longer there..

Andrés calls Juan to his office to inform him that Mónica and her mother will be returning to San Pedro tomorrow. He will personally go to meet them at Veracruz. They are returning because Catalina’s in bad health. Juan wants to know why he’s going to meet them. Andrés coldly informs him that he has every right to meet them, and take care of them, because he’s their only male relation. The reason he’s called Juan there is to inform him that Mónica has already petitioned for an annulment of their marriage, and wants nothing to do with him. Therefore, he wants Juan to respect her wishes – and not seek her out. Otherwise, he will be forced to act to enforce her wishes.
Is that all? asks Juan coldly. Andrés says yes. Juan wishes him a good day and leaves. Later that night, he sighs, thinking of her in his hammock on his beach terrace.

The next day, he’s hidden behind a tree, watching Mónica arrive at the house Catalina’s rented, accompanied by Andrés.
Later, at his house (Note: which used to be Catalina’s house, now totally refurbished and redecorated),Noel confirms Mónica’s return. Juan comments that he saw her – and she seemed happy, smiling. Noel looks searchingly at Juan…now the moment of truth is at hand, and he’s going to have to face it.

Mónica, Dolores and Andrés are strolling through the market, inspecting some fabrics, when Juan sees Mónica and wishes her a good day. They stare at each other, and Juan asks how she’s been. Andrés answers for her – she doesn’t want to speak to him. Juan bitingly tells Andrés to let her speak for herself.
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Mónica informs him that Andrés is right – they have nothing to talk about. They file out with Mónica in the lead, and Andrés giving him a last supercilious look, as Juan stunned, watches her go.

Bautista is at the brothel, giving Cajiga a letter to keep for him, swearing that he’ll kill him if he breaks the seal. (Note: It’s Francisco’s old letter to Noel, recognizing Juan and leaving him part of Campo Real: Bautista stole it from Sofía).

After locking up the brothel for the night, Cajiga reads the letter in the company of the bartender. Cajiga realizes it’s addressed to Noel Mancera…from Francisco Alcázar. No wonder Sofía trembles at the very idea of this letter, no wonder Bautista thinks he can use it to keep his job. He reads it out…Francisco’s words state that he wishes to recognize Juan as his natural son, give him his name…The bartender interrupts…didn’t they already take his name away? Yes, says an excited Cajiga, but with this…he’d get it back! And there’s more …Francisco’s letter leaves part of Campo Real to Juan. What wouldn’t Juan del Diablo give for this letter? smirks a happy Cajiga.

Juan, meanwhile, lurks outside the house where Mónica is now living (which is Andrés’ San Pedro house) during the night. He finally decides to sneak his way in…through the window, in time-honored Juan del Diablo tradition of nocturnal visits.

Mónica is shocked to see him. He covers her mouth with his hand, to keep her from screaming, assuring her he doesn’t want to hurt her, just talk to her. Mónica looks over at the other houseguest, her cousin Dolores, sleeping in the bed next to her. This isn’t the place for them nor the time to talk. He has no respect for anyone, or anything! she whispers angrily.

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 He looks at her sadly – he was never allowed to do things the right way, he regrets. Can they please go outside and talk? He won’t leave until they do. Dolores is still sleeping…Mónica fusses that he always has to impose his will on people, but staring at his face, she decides to listen to what he wants to say. She tells him to wait for her outside, but he refuses. She tells him she has to put something on. He whispers back – is she afraid of him seeing her? She asks him to give her robe. He asks her to go into the study with him so they can talk – he doesn’t want any servants to see them. Defiant and hostile, Mónica tells him everyone’s asleep…and she doubts that what he was to say will take until morning. They stop on the inside balcony of the house and stare each other down. Juan asks if she really doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore? Mónica hisses at him…she would be crazy and stupid to have anything after what he did to her…abandoning her, then buying her mother’s house so she didn’t even have a roof over her head, telling her mother she was a burden to him….Juan admits that he committed an error. He’s repentant. Mónica replies that his repentance has come too late…after all the humiliations she’s had to endure because of his treatment of her, how can he expect her to welcome him back?

After everything he did? Agitated, she starts down the stairs and Juan follows her, listening to her accusations. He admits he was wrong. He did it all so that she would be forced to seek him out, even if it was just to tell him she hated him. But he doesn’t hate her…he loves her, she’s his entire life, he says as he comes up behind her and starts kissing her neck. Mónica is torn – Juan demands to know why she isn’t responding to his kisses, when she loves him like she used to – or even more now. Mónica shakes her head…she can’t, not anymore, she just can’t. Juan demands to know why, while Andrés’ voice is heard from upstairs.

Mónica grabs him and pushes him away as Andrés comes down and demands to know what’s going on -he heard noises and voices. Is someone there? Mónica says no, but Juan comes out and faces Andrés. Mónica panics and tells Andrés she let him in, but Juan denies it – he came in through a window to talk to Mónica. Andrés is angry, how dare he violate his house? Mónica tries to separate them, but the two men grab each other and start to fight, rolling on the floor, while Mónica’s shouts attract Bautista, who comes charging in, with a gun. Mónica sees the gun and as the two men separate, throws herself on Juan, taking a bullet in her arm. Andrés yells at him to get out, but Juan demands that she get medical attention, barking at Bautista to go get a doctor. Bautista obeys, leaving them with Mónica as all the other occupants of the house come tearing down the stairs.
Juan takes Mónica in his arms and lies her on the couch, as Andrés repeats his order for him to leave. He doesn’t want to go, until Mónica begs him sobbing to leave, for the love of God. Juan, frustrated, leaves, and Andrés says one word: Bautista. Sofía’s look at her son shows she understands just what he means by that.

Mónica, arm in a sling, is talking with her mother, who insists that they need to stay in a house where there’s a man to protect them.
Mónica hates living at Andrés’ house – and Sofía hates them, too.
Mónica can’t stand living on their charity. Catalina argues that they’re not charity cases, they’re guests, and Sofía’s attitude would change in a minute if she were to marry Andrés.
Mónica angrily denies any intention of ever marrying him – and if her mother won’t come with her, she’ll leave by herself!

Juan and his crew are waiting for Noel to give them the news of El Tuerto’s sentencing. He got 4 years for Espindola’s murder, but was released on parole. El Tuerto is released and thanks Juan.

Mónica and Meche go to Doña Prudencia’s to inspect the room she has for rent. Mónica likes it – especially the patio – and decides she will move in, probably the same day – and without her mother!

Cajiga goes to Noel’s office and tells him about the letter in his possession. Noel runs to Juan’s house to tell him the great news. There’s a letter from his father, addressed to him, stating that he wanted Juan to have his name – and part of Campo Real. Juan’s not impressed by the land – he’s more impressed by the fact that if he gets his last name back, Mónica will still be married to him. What does Cajiga want, he asks? Money? Land, says Noel…and he wants to marry Azucena.
Cajiga is surprised to see Juan and Noel at the brothel…he has them sit down, and offers drinks, which they decline. Cajiga begins by saying they must be there for the letter…Juan wants to know how he got it. Lucky for him he got it from Bautista, right? Will he give him the lands? And Azucena? Juan’s reply is curt and affirmative. He’ll even give him his house, but he can’t give him the girl – she’s not his property to be bargained with. However, Juan advises him to take the properties and give him the letter…or he’ll make sure Cajiga doesn’t get anything…and he’ll find the letter. Cajiga laughs -he’s no fool, after showing Noel the letter, he gave it to someone worthy of trust to keep for him. If anything happens to him, they have been instructed to give the letter to Andrés Alcázar.

Mónica is making her bed at her new house when Doña Prudencia comes in…with Juan behind her, announcing a visitor. They stare at each other…Juan says he came to see if he could offer her any help. She says thank you, no. He’s seen Meche, and is glad that she has someone to help her. But why does she insist on living such a life of poverty? She tells him she’s got adequate for her needs, and doesn’t need anything else. She actually likes living on her own, to Juan’s great surprise. He’s totally contrite, but she doesn’t yield to the supplication in his eyes. He asks her if he got his last name back, would she come back to him? She

dismisses it – it won’t happen, so there’s no use discussing it.

Juan insists…would she come back to him, if by some miracle he managed to get his name back? Mónica gives him a long look and then asks if he would force her to go back to him? Juan returns her look and admits he loves her so much, he might just force her to return to him.
Mónica brusquely tells him she’s sorry, but she can’t entertain him right now, she’s got things to do. Juan meekly asks if he can return that afternoon. Mónica tells him she’ll be out. He doesn’t know what else to say, so he takes his leave. Mónica waits until the door closes and heaves a great sigh, telling herself she’s an idiot.
(Episode 71)

(Episode 71)

Juan goes to Cajiga’s brothel and demands the letter, warning him that he’s running out of patience. Unctuously Cajiga reminds him that he doesn’t have the letter. A most respectable and honorable man does, and he won’t read it…unless something happens to Cajiga, in which case the letter will be given to Andrés Alcázar. Juan has to be content with that answer for the moment, and strides out, leaving Cajiga smiling at his discomfort. Fray Domingo receives Cajiga in his study. Cajiga presents himself and asks the priest to safeguard a letter for him.

At night, Juan climbs a roof and descends to Mónica’s patio, jimmying the door open. Mónica’s asleep inside, as he undresses and gets in bed with her, she awakens and realizes it’s him. He asks her please not to speak, and kisses her as he makes love to her.

The next day, Noel is trying to figure out who the holder of the letter is …and if he’s an honorable man, he won’t hold on to such a letter once he knows the contents. In general, these types of men are either notaries, or priests…. Fray Domingo, says Juan…he must have given it to the priest!!!

Noel goes to speak with the priest, asking if Cajiga gave him a letter to keep. The priest replies affirmatively and listens as Noel describes the

contents of the letter that Francisco Alcázar addressed to him so many years ago. Fray Domingo asks him if he’s absolutely sure…Noel insists he is. Noel manages to convince the priest to give him the letter.

Noel and Juan appear at the Civil Registry in front of the official and present the letter so that Juan can receive his name back. The official protests – the name’s already been revoked by Andrés and Sofia, this is irregular. Noel explains that he found the letter in his papers, and shows him the letter and its contents – and asks him to compare it to samples of Francisco’s handwriting that must exist in his archives to prove its authenticity. Juan interrupts to ask the official to reinstate his marriage to Mónica de Altamira, since the marriage was annulled due to his loss of name, there shouldn’t be a problem with it once he recovers his rightful surname. The official agrees to prepare the papers.

Andrés tells Noel he’s lying when Noel explains that Fray Domingo had the letter. Andrés refuses to believe it. Noel sternly tells him to accept it as a given fact – and his father’s wish. Andrés angrily retorts that his father didn’t know what kind of a lowlife son he sired. Noel icily replies that if he’s talking about himself, he couldn’t agree more. Andrés calls him a traitor. Noel refuses to acknowledge the insult, and advises him to calm down and accept things – if he doesn’t want to end up going mad.

A drunken, disheveled Andrés invades Mónica’s room. Mónica’s in her nightdress and tries to calm him down when he tells her that Juan is about to recover his name, and therefore, their marriage. He doesn’t want her to go back to him. Mónica says he’s her husband. Andrés backs her up against an armoire, and notes that she looks quite nice without any clothes on. Mónica warns him not to be so vulgar. Andrés has her in a tight grip and tells her he just wants to even the score. He needs to get even with Juan, who offended him so badly. She screams out that he knows that’s not true, Juan isn’t guilty of what he’s accusing him of. Andrés refuses to listen to her. Since Juan took his wife, Andrés wants to take his. He drags her over to the bed, as Mónica struggles to break free of him.

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He throws her down on it and starts to touch her, but she struggles and screams out to leave her alone for the love of God. She can’t believe that Andrés could do such a thing to her!(Prudencia’s listening at the door). She tells him to get out – she won’t tell anyone what happened, if he just leaves. Andrés replies that’s fine with him…but if she goes back to Juan, he will tell him what happened between them, leaving Mónica gasping and staring after him.

The next day, Juan is met by Prudencia at the gate. She complains that she doesn’t know what to think – Mónica has too many gentleman callers. Juan wants to know – who? Prudencia doesn’t say who or how many, but admits that even Andrés Alcázar showed up late last night, disheveled and drunk, and stayed a while in her rooms.
Juan goes up to ask Mónica what Andrés was doing there last night. Mónica tries to make excuses, it wasn’t so late, he just came to talk, but her nervousness betrays her as Juan keeps asking for details. Finally, she tells him that he came to talk about her mother. Juan doesn’t believe a word of what she’s saying.

He has a right to know -he’s her husband. Mónica snaps back – are the papers ready then? He tells her they will be ready tomorrow, but it makes no difference, she’s his wife. Mónica angrily tells him that she hasn’t decided to return to him yet. He instructs her to gather up her things – they’re leaving immediately. She tells him she will decide when he brings her the papers, but he drags her back to his house anyway, escorting her to their bedroom. Telling her they’ll dine soon, he leaves her alone to cry.

Mónica comes down to find her mother in the house. Catalina’s been thrown out of Sofía’s house…she treated her horribly! She breaks off when she sees Juan, who tells the servants to prepare the guest room for her. Mónica thanks him.

Cajiga responds to the judge’s summons and presents himself at his office. He’s accused of kidnapping a girl named Azucena.

The next day, Juan shows up at the house and gives Mónica the papers she was waiting for. Now they’re legally married again, so he can move back in.

Serving him lunch, she thanks him for putting up with her mother, she knows very well it’s uncomfortable for him to have her in their house, but she doesn’t know what else to do, since Catalina refuses her offer of the smaller house. Juan offers to move there and leave her this house, but Mónica doesn’t agree. They’ll have to find some solution, soon. She gives Juan a long look, and asks him to grant her a favor as Juan listens attentively. Could they please agree not to discuss the past anymore? He leans over and takes her hand and agrees.

The judge is interrogating the guard regarding Sofía’s and Alberto’s role in Juan’s detention. The guard replies that he doesn’t know, but Espindola did get visited from Alberto. The guard admits that some of Espindola’s people removed arms from the shipment and brought them to Juan’s warehouse.

The judge goes to Sofía’s house and tells her he is there to arrest Alberto de la Serna and her foreman, Bautista.

That evening, Juan seats Mónica at the table and they chat a bit as Meche brings in the soup. Mónica asks him to put a table in her room, and he agrees. As she ladles the soup, he asks her where she’s planning to have him sleep. Without missing a beat, she tells him – with her. Later, they’re in the bedroom and Juan admits that’s she’s bewitched him, as she kisses him.

Alberto and Cajiga are now cellmates. The bartender brings him a letter from Dolores, who informs him that she is breaking off the engagement.

Fray Domingo informs Mónica that he has managed to convince Catalina to stay at the convent for some spiritual retreats…Mónica can’t believe it – her problems are solved for the moment.

Meche goes to visit her family at Campo Real, where Andrés runs into her and asks after Mónica. Meche tells her that she’s fine, Catalina’s fine, with the nuns, and Mónica’s at the San Pedro house. Andrés realizes the San Pedro house is Juan’s house…does that mean she’s back with her husband? Meche realizes she said too much.

Juan receives a message from Andrés, and tells the messenger that the answer is yes. Juan tells Mónica that Andrés wants to see him, right now. Mónica begs him not to go, please, please. Juan refuses to wait – although Mónica hangs all over him, he tells her he wants to see Andrés and get it over with, whatever it is.
Mónica’s terrified.
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Juan presents himself in Andrés’ study, where Andrés is waiting for him. Does he want a drink? He’s decided to cease hostilities. He’s sick of all this fighting. Besides, there’s no reason for it. Juan’s amazed. When did this happen? When he went to see Mónica at Prudencia’s house, smiles Andrés. She managed to convince him that continuing the feud was futile. Juan states that Monica never told him anything about this discussion. What did she say that managed to convince him? Andrés is almost sneering at him now – wasn’t he surprised when he was able to get his name back without any interference from him? Juan admits that he was surprised that Andres didn’t contest it. What could Mónica possibly have said for him to change his attitude so radically? Andrés smirks at him. It’s not what she said, he tells Juan…it’s what she did. Juan blinks…what is he saying? Andrés takes great pleasure in telling him that Mónica didn’t say anything, she gave herself to him in exchange for peace between them. Juan immediately goes for Andrés, and jumps him, but Andrés draws a pistol as they struggle, rolling on the floor.

A shot rings out, as the furniture starts to tremble and they continue to struggle. It’s an earthquake, that smashes everything in the room and traps Andrés under a beam. Once the temblor ceases, Juan tries desperately to free him, as Andrés sobs out that he’s so unhappy, so unworthy, and he merits death, for what he said. Juan, angry again, tells him to shut up unless he really wants to be dead, finishes digging him out, and tells the servants to attend to him while he lights out of the house, searching for Mónica.

Juan searches everywhere in the devastated town for her, without success, asking everyone he meets if they’ve seen her, and even going to inspect bodies at the cemetery.

An injured Andrés returns home to Sofía at Campo Real. She puts him to bed and listens to the story of how Juan saved his life – a favor he didn’t deserve after what he had just told him. He had hurt Juan in the deepest way possible, yet Juan didn’t hesitate to save him. He’s ashamed of himself. Juan should have killed him for what he said, and instead he saved him. Sofía hopes Juan won’t return to take vengeance. Andrés doesn’t think he will.
Now he finally admits to his mother what was the source of all his anger and resentment…Juan’s a better man than he is. He took Aimée from him, and Mónica preferred him too, but that was only right…he was the better man all along. Sofía tells him to hush, he shouldn’t even think such things. Andrés overrules her and keeps talking. Even when they were kids, Juan was still better than him, and his father knew it. Sofía protests that Francisco didn’t know that, but Andrés tearfully insists that he did. And if they didn’t grow up loving each other as brothers should, the fault is only of one person – Sofía! It’s all her fault for separating them, he accuses her. Sofía’s silent look answers him.

Catalina, in the convent, asks if anyone has found her daughter. The nun tries to console her by inviting her to pray in the chapel. Catalina feels so guilty about how she treated Mónica and Juan, she’s sure God won’t pay attention to her prayers, but allows the nun to convince her otherwise and lead her to the chapel.

Meanwhile, Mónica, in her torn nightdress, is walking to Juan’s old beach house. She doesn’t find him there, either, and returns to the beach.

Juan is walking on the beach too, going towards the house, and is spotted by Bautista, who’s roasting a chicken on a spit as they plan to escape to the capital. Bautista decides it’s finally time to get even with Juan del Diablo once and for all…there’s three of them, and one

As Juan walks along, he’s confronted by the first thug, then by the other thug and Bautista, who tells him his hour has come. Juan fights desperately, disarming one thug, as Mónica watches and begins to run up to the cliffs. Bautista manages to push him off a cliff into the sea. Juan swims. removing his boots, as Mónica dives in and swims near to where he fell in. They find each other in the water and embrace, swimming away from the cliffs to finally stretch out exhausted on the beach.

Bautista strides into Campo Real and proudly informs Sofía that he personally killed Juan del Diablo in a fight. Sofía’s horrified – was he coming to Campo Real? No, says her foreman, it happened in San Pedro. Won’t Andrés be happy to learn this news? Sofía threatens him – he’s to get off the property immediately, and never come back. Bautista protests – he did it for her, for the master! He’s been a faithful servant all these years. Sofia angrily dismisses him and refuses to accept complicity in the matter. If he doesn’t want to be delivered to the authorities, he better leave now! Sofía denies that anyone ordered him to kill. Bautista says that Andrés ordered it….Sofia tells him never to say it again. Bautista says he served them well, for years…he even got rid of Aimée and her bastard by startling the horse. Bautista goes for her throat, trying to choke Sofía, when the servants and Andrés come running. Andrés smashes his skull with a candelabra and kills him. Then he asks Sofía’s maid, Bautista’s niece, if he really did kill Aimée. The maid admits he put a stone under the saddle to startle the horse. Andrés doesn’t want to hear anything else – he tells the servants to remove this carrion from his house immediately.

A few days later, recovered from his injuries, Andrés prepares to leave Campo Real. His mother begs him not to leave her, not to go, but Andrés is implacable. After what she did, he can never live with her again. She promises that she will never interfere in his life again. Andrés tells her that’s not possible – it’s not in her character, or in her nature. He forgave Juan, she begs – can’t he forgive her? No, he can’t, he replies. He leaves her at the gate of Campo Real, hanging on to his carriage, begging him not to leave her. He’s totally insensitive to her pleas, and has the driver start the carriage. Sofía remains alone, crying his name, cursing the hacienda. Let Campo Real rot and die! She chases away the peones who are gaping at her.

Mónica is visiting Catalina at the convent. She asks Mónica to ask Juan to forgive her, and for her to forgive all the hurt she caused them. She’ll pray for their happiness.

Andrés goes to Juan’s house to speak to him and find him there with all his friends, but not Mónica, who’s upstairs. Juan asks his friends to leave and waits to hear what Andrés has to say to him. He thought he had already left for Europe. Andrés confirms that he’s leaving for Veracruz now, and will take ship to Europe. But first he has to tell him that he never abused Monica. And not for him, because at the time he hated him, but because of her. He just couldn’t do that to Mónica, despite all his anger. Juan picks up on the past tense and asks why he said “hated”? What does that mean? Andrés confesses that life has been very cruel to both of them. But in the end, Juan’s won. Because he’s the better man, he proved it by his valor despite his hard life. Deep down, he always knew that Juan was superior to him, but he didn’t want to admit it. Now he does. Juan stops him – we all make mistakes, he replies. The important thing is to rectify one’s mistakes. Andrés swallows and tells him that now he wants to set things right. That’s why he came today. He wants to ask pardon of …
he whispers brokenly… of his brother. Juan’s eyes fill with tears and he extends his hand to Andrés, which becomes an abrazo as the two cry in each other’s arms. Juan confesses that he had lost all hope of hearing Andrés call him that…he also committed many wrongs, but there is no place for rancor between brothers, he’s happy Andrés came to see him to tell him all this, he’s grateful. Andrés looks at him sadly…he needed to do this. Juan wipes away a tear and replies that he needed it, too.
Andrés wishes him happiness with Mónica, and Juan hopes with all his heart that he will find someone to make him happy in the future – because he deserves it. Andrés extends his hand to his brother.
There’s a watch in it…the same watch their father gave Andrés the day Juan was first brought to the house. Does he remember? Overcome, Juan stares at Andrés and as Andrés leaves, down at the watch in his palm.
Mónica comes into the room and asks what Andrés came for. Juan happily tells her, to say good-bye to his brother before leaving for Europe. His brother, you said? asks Mónica. His brother, Juan confirms.

Up on the cliffs, Juan and Mónica are staring at the sea…and each other. Juan tells her that even if Andrés hadn’t cleared up the misunderstanding, he would have still loved her and the baby just the same. Mónica replies that she already knew that, but walks away from him, standing on the edge of a cliff, letting the wind ruffle her white dress.
He goes to join her and takes her hand, then embraces her.
He promises that nothing and no one will ever come between them again. Not even death, replies Mónica, as he laughs with her and swings her down to gaze at the sea below them. They kiss.

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