Synopsis “New Heart” Korean Drama

Adikku bilang drama ini bagus. Katanya awalnya dia mengira film ini gak bagus, sedih, dsb, ternyata bagus, trus ada lucunya juga. Drama ini tentang dokter jantung. Dokter jantung yang gak disukai, karena tidak menguntungkan bagi rumah sakit. Bagian jantung, paling dihindari, dan dokter jantung jadi sedikit karena banyak yang takut jadi dokter jantung. tanggung jawabnya berat. kalau salah bedah, dan orangnya mati dia bisa dituntut, dan se sering menimbulkan kerugian bagi rumah sakit. Tapi dokter jantung juga paling banyak dicari pasien, karena banyak yang membutuhkan pertolongan. Suka dukanya dokter jantung kayaknya ada disini d. Aku baru nonton VOD episode 1 sih, kayaknya memang bagus. Kalau mau nonton potongan VOD episode 1 bisa didownload di widget box.netku nama filenya new_heart.eps1. Didapat dari MBC. Berikut Sinopsis selengkapnya :

Running time : 60 min
Starring :  Jee Sung, Joh Jae-hyun, Kim Min-jung
Directer : Baak Hohng-kyoon
Writer : Hwaang Eun-kyung
Episode : 23 Eps

Chest surgery is the most demanding field in medicine.
Chest surgery is the most difficult and dangerous type of surgery to perform but it is regrettably shunned by the medical community.Chest surgeons are bombarded daily with emergency calls to operate on patients. Not only are chest surgeons at a higher risk of losing a patient on the operating table but the life-saving open heart surgery they perform for hours with a team of doctors costs the same as a simple 30-minute eye-slit operation performed by a single plastic surgeon.Since it is nearly impossible for a chest surgeon to open his own private practice, less and less medical students are applying to become chest surgeons, causing the shutdown of entire chest surgery departments at general hospitals. Even general hospitals that are affiliated with prestigious medical schools suffer shortages of new chest surgeons. Chest surgery has become a field that is avoided by young doctors looking for a less stressful career.Because of this deteriorating situation, patients might have to go abroad in the near future if they need heart or lung surgery. But even in these difficult situations, a few young doctors are blazing new trails. Oblivious to the falling status of their profession and worsening circumstances, they swear by the Oath of Hippocrates and save precious lives. is a medical drama that will depict the lives of chest surgeons as close to reality as possible.

Their tears… Their joy… Their troubles… All of this and more will be intertwined in an engaging, heartwarming story. The courage they display will make you realize how precious a life is…

We would like to thank them for showing us that we are not alone in this world. They are the one who make a difference in our lives.

Lee Eun-seong | actor Ji-sung
A young doctor who graduated from a small town medical school. He took the high school equivalency exam and then made his way to medical school. (He was a low-achieving student in high school) He grew up in an all-boys orphanage and tries to hide this past. With a single-minded pursuit to become a doctor, he applied to the chest surgery department of a general hospital affiliated with a prestigious medical school after learning that there was a shortage of applicants. Doctor Choi Kang-guk deems him as a dunce but Eun-seong is unfazed as he tries to become a skilled doctor. Through hard work, deft hand coordination, and a heart full of compassion, he later gains the respect of Doctor Choi. He even joins a teddy bear-making club to improve his hand coordination where he ends up making several teddy bears. (He gets along with the ladies in the club) He favors a Swiss knife that he uses during surgery and sewing teddy bears. When he has free time, he improves his image recognition skills by looking over the shoulders of the experienced doctors.
Nam Hye-seok | actress Kim Min-jung
She scored a perfect score in the KSAT and entered medical school at the top of her class. She graduated from medical school with the highest honors and even though she was the most skilled doctor among her peers, she chose to become a chest surgeon, causing another sensation. When Professor Choi Kang-guk tells her that he cannot accept her because they do not have separate sleeping quarters for female doctors, she rails again gender inequality and threatens to file a complaint to the human rights organization. With strong principles, she will declare a patient dead if they do not respond to resuscitation efforts after 30 minutes. When she diagnoses a patient as having cancer, she¡¯ll immediately tell them they have cancer without any hesitation. Her mother is Park Joon-hee, a famous hanbok designer. Her actual father is the chairman of Hansung Textiles but since he was marred to another woman, her uncle adopted her. So in her family register, she is stated as being her mother¡¯s niece. She has strict morals and will pass over burn victims to other doctors if they had affairs at hotels before it caught on fire.
Choi Kang-guk | actor Jo Jae-hyun
He considers himself to be one of the best chest surgeons in the nation but laments the fact that hardly anyone applies to the chest surgery department while the few applicants they do receive are low-achievers. He is disturbed that his department is becoming stocked with doctors who graduated at the bottom of their class. In a conversation with his colleagues from the plastic surgery and ophthalmology department, his pride is bruised when he is chided for being picky about the applicants. They tell him he should actually be thankful that anyone would want to apply to the chest surgery department. After having this conversation, he deliberately rejects Lee Eun-seong, a young doctor who graduated from a small town medical school, and Nam Hye-seok, the most promising intern at the hospital who scored a perfect score on the KSAT. He will forge documents to lower the medical bills for patients who are poor and give tips on how to sneak out of the hospital without getting detected to patients who do not have any medical insurance. He is always busy with his work and medical research and thus, he hardly has any time to spend with his family. He is glad that his wife is not clamoring for a divorce.
Lee Dong-gwon | actor Lee Ji-hoon
While shooting a scene for a TV series on location at the hospital he develops an irregular heartbeat and receives an R.F surgical procedure from Nam Hye-seok. He learns that Nam Hye-seok was an old elementary school friend but he finds it awkward to be around her. He follows the doctor¡¯s orders to rest and stays as long as he can at the hospital where he tries to rekindle his friendship with Nam Hye-seok and take it one step further. But his relationship with Nam Hye-seok hits the gossip columns and entertainment news.


Coba lihat, salah satu aktornya ada Lee Ji Hoon dari Princess Hours bukan sih?


2 responses to “Synopsis “New Heart” Korean Drama

  1. Ada yang tahu gak, lagu apa yg dinyanyiin oleh Lee Eun-Seong buat Nam Hye-Seok, trus direkam oleh Hye-Sok di Hp-nya? Plizz ksi infonya donk,, aq lagi cri lagu itu soalnya.. Dtggu infonya!

  2. Judulnya I Choose to Love You (널 사랑하겠어), penyanyi-nya Hyorin (Sistar)

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