Korean Drama “Don’t Go Away”

Don’t Go Away
Running time 30 min
Starring Hong Eun-hui, Kim Nam-jin, Kim Da-in, Jung Sung-un
Directer Baek Ho-min, Pak Su-cheol
Writer Lee Hong-gu
Episode 120 Eps

A story about the renewal of family bonds through forgiveness and harmony.
Revolving around a couple who were both divorced once before, the family members stick together through the hard times even though they unintentionally inflict pain on each other due to the family dynamics. This TV drama will make viewers reflect on the meaning of family.
Nobody can choose their parents or children while the bond between family members is very strong and special.
It is impossible to sever the links between the family members and equally hard to become a new member of another family.
The family lasts for one¡¯s entire life through all the sad and happy moments. In ¡°Don¡¯t Go Away,¡± a family is pushed to the brink of disintegration. But through love and strong bonds, they piece together the family and send an implicit message that love is what matters in a family.

It is a story that tells how the family is an institution that lays the foundation for love and success in life for all family members.

Lee Soo-hyun | actress Hong Eun-hee
Age: 28. Team Leader, Marketing and PR team, Nari Home Shopping. Yong-dae¡¯s daughter
Soo-hyun is a woman with two faces.
She¡¯s a perfectionist who wants to have a successful career.
Having an intensely competitive streak, she will be bothered all day if she feels that someone got an advantage at her expense. She has big ambitions and desires.
But behind her tough demeanor, there is one thing about her family that she wants to hide from everyone. It¡¯s the fact that she lives with her stepbrother and stepsister when her dad remarried 10 years ago.
As her wedding with Kang-pil, the son of Chairman Han, approaches, she is not happy that Min-jung recently returned from America to live with them.
Soo-hyun is determined to hide the fact that her dad was once divorced to ensure that her wedding proceeds as planned. She demands that her family lie that Min-jung and Dong-hyuk are not her stepsister or stepbrother.

Han Kang-pil | actor Kim Nam-jin
Age: 30. Director, Product development team, Nari Home Shopping
He is the only son of Chairman Han Jin-ho. Heir-apparent to Nari Home Shopping.
Kang-pil was a sensitive person since he was a young boy.
Although he wanted to pursue a music career, he was forced to enroll in an MBA program at one of the top graduate schools in America by his father. After returning to Korea, he joined Nari Home Shopping to acquiesce to his father¡¯s wishes.
But his passion for music never died down. He composes music whenever he can behind his father¡¯s back. He works at the company during the day and writes music at night, balancing his double lifestyle.
Kang-pil also got engaged to Soo-hyun as his father wished.
Kang-pil liked Soo-hyun. He somewhat agrees with his father that Soo-hyun is someone he needs in his life even though he¡¯s not sure if he truly loves her. But everything changed after he met Min-jung.

Park Min-jung | actress Kim Da-in
Age: 24. Songwriter. Young-mi¡¯s daughter
Min-jung is a lonely soul in her family.
She¡¯s a romanticist who believes that love means everything.
Even in her life, she has a tendency to seek romantic moments. She is an emotional person.
She still misses her late dad who went missing during an expedition to the Himalayas. It makes her sad when she thinks about her mother¡¯s second marriage because she thinks her mom did it for the sake of her children.
It makes herself swears to never be a burden to her mother.
During the loneliest period of her life she happens to fall for a man.
But her happiness was short-lived as she finds out that this man has a fiancée who was none other than her stepsister, Soo-hyun.

Choi Bo-guk | actor Jung Sung-woon
Age: 27. Team leader, Developing Team, Nari Cosmetics.
He can¡¯t help but feel attracted to Soo-hyun.
Raised by a single mother, Bo-guk grew up fast and became mature beyond his years. He supports his mother and sister, who also became a single mom.
He was given a fat salary at Nari Cosmetics and works harder than anyone else to prove his worth. When Nari Cosmetics suddenly began losing money, he single-handedly revived the company¡¯s fortunes and earned the trust of Chairman Han.
One day, he started to feel attracted to Soo-hyun.
People in the company called her the Ice Queen for her coldness.
He was aware that her fiancé was none other than the only son of Chairman Han.
But when he realized that he was in love with Soo-hyun.

source: http://content.mbc.co.kr/



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